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Thread: The Official System Shock 2 Soundtrack

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    The Official System Shock 2 Soundtrack

    After seeing so many fan interpretations of the SS2 soundtrack I figured I would upload the real soundtrack ... real as in "ripped from a CD that Eric Brosius burned."

    What differences are there from the existing SS2 Soundtrack versions out there?

    1) These are the real arrangements created by Eric himself, authored as full soundtrack songs and burned as an album. It's not a fan interpretation or anything else short of the real songs from the real composer.

    2) This was personally crafted by Eric Brosius from the original audio, meaning that unlike the 22khz audio files from the shipping game this release is CD quality.

    3) The audio quality is much higher than what's out there; I've ripped this from the original CD and have encoded it at 320 q0 mp3.

    Basically, this is not only the best quality version of the soundtrack, it's the version of the soundtrack that Eric Brosius himself created. It's not a fan compilation; this is the real deal.

    And in case you have any doubt, remember that I'm the one who also posted the real Thief: Deadly Shadows soundtrack here.


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    Hey, thanks man, download right now.

    But I'm curious, how did you get your hands over that CD?

    This stuff is fantastic! I'm listening to Ops2 as I type this and my ears are crying.
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    Excellent, thanks very much.

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    Ahhhh! Damn buggy Megaupload site. Twice I downloaded about 50% of the file before having it lock up. Now I've hit my download limit. Anyone want to torrent this?

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    I must have been very lucky, on the first try I got the whole file in less than 20 minutes. And my connection is less stable than uranium.

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    wow even has all the video clips

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    Wow, thanks a lot. This is truly golden stuff.

    A la Serenity: You really can't stop the signal.

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    Er.. Top draw, sir. Top draw!

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    Glad you guys are enjoying the music. I feel a little guilty, as I've had it for years. :-( But better late than never, I guess.

    If you're really feeling generous feel free to re-upload it and post links here (or host a torrent), as it'll only get wide exposure with the help of the fans.

    As you all know, SS2 is one of the greatest games of all time, so let's keep this integral part of it alive.

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    possibly a dumb question but perhaps one an a few ppl's minds...can you throw these into ss2 so they play instead of teh lower quality ones?

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    Not really. SS2 predates that sort of thing. There's probably some instances where you could cut slabs of the sounds and put them into the game. But mostly I beleive its like Thief; the 'music' is in bits that are triggered in the map and mixed as you play. You'll recall that, for example, depending on where you walk the beat in med sci doesn't always start right away. You can walk around with the intro loop playing only, and then sometimes even that peters out

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    Other mirror?

    Could anyone mirror this?
    I've been trying to leech it for hours now, but 'no slots'.

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    Yeah, these songs definitely won't "just play" in SS2. If you browse the .crf files you'll see that the soundtrack songs are actually cut up into tiny snippets that the game can play as needed. I once tried to extract all the sounds and build songs out of them, but there were so many songs and so many snippets that I quickly gave up. Needless to say, I was grateful when Eric made this CD.

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    Can I ask as to whether anyone got an error when extracting the "01 - Irrational Games Logo.mp3"

    If someone has it properly downloaded, I would be grateful. (File 01 that is)

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    Awesome \/

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    Awesome, thanks a lot!

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    Awesome indeed.

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    indeed \/

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    If you want to retain the quality, why not rip the CD to FLAC? Can't be much bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemebond View Post
    If you want to retain the quality, why not rip the CD to FLAC? Can't be much bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemebond View Post
    If you want to retain the quality, why not rip the CD to FLAC? Can't be much bigger.
    I barely hear a difference between 320 kbps mp3 and CD playback. Upping the filesize 4.7 - 5x seems like excessive for very little quality increase.

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