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Thread: Bookpack - 16 new book and scroll textures

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    Bookpack - 16 new book and scroll textures

    These were originally made for The Hammerite Imperium back in 2004. It's mostly WIPs and the image quality isn't exactly great, but someone might still find them usable. Modify and use as you like, but please mention me in the credits if you do .

    Download here


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    Oh yeahh!

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    Beautiful work

    I guess we'll never get to see it in the HI itself.
    Good that this is released for the community.

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    The Architect
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    Do you mind if some of these are assimilated, i.e. bits of the media use for other purposes rather than direct "drag and drop" use?

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    Sure, no problem.

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    Very nice !

    I'll be using these in my FM for sure .

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    Good to see a few more worn-looking books. I think I'll use some of these, thanks.

    Too bad the Hammerite Imperium is dead, though. I wish we had been able to see it.

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