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Thread: Blog: ShockCfg3 or german grammar in english!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ir0NiXdark View Post
    I hate germany! the people here are not christians, and they give a fuck on everything!
    in the ttlg here we gives no fucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by D'Arcy View Post
    Damn pagan/hacker german people
    Fear zee wrath of ODIN!

    Come to the dark side. We got naked heathen girls!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lansing View Post
    In some dimension this may make sense. Don't worry - try and get a good book on photoshop and the java code will start to become clear, I'm sure.
    hehe that is another interessting AND

    kolya, why do you talk about the dark side, if there is a white clothed girl standing there? are u wearing white shoes and playing to be the pope?

    ...for my shockcfg I would really appriciate if someone could host the executible file, so I only would host the source! - because, I can never say if I'm hacked or not! please pm me if you could do so! cheers! thats my paranoia!

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    I could do it for you... But I don't know if I could trust it... To not posess my computer... With an evil spirit... Or something...

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    Yes, possession does seem like a logical explanation at this point.

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    yes! thats it!
    I will load both up! and I would appriciate if so. could review the source and decompile the binary!
    kodan50: thanks! you could host a mirror! when its done I will pm you!

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    Yeah, sure, whatever. I guess I could store it in some unused location on my web site.

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    thank you kodan50, I have uploaded the latest release, as src and bat archives. I have reviewed the code a little, and I think, it is okay! you can get it from there.

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    Be careful,kodan!

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    Oh no. Someone went and revived this thread.

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    Oh wow, it must suck to be that guy. He's so emo people take photos.

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    I thought you were going to PM me? YOU MEAN I HAVE TO GO FIND IT? gggrrr.... I don't even have a copy of System Shock 2 to even see what this is all about

    This is for System Shock 2, right? I've gotten so lost on this... thread.

    Last edited by kodan50; 29th Aug 2008 at 13:48.

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    wow codan50 big thanx to you!
    Im sorry, but I will take some screenshots and add it!

    what of screenes? Im doing my walk again through shock 2. Im currently at the medical section(remember the apes)!

    what for files are this? .tar.tar ?

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    I have no idea. It downloaded a, and saved as a tar.tar file. I am just too lazy to rename it.
    ***WinRAR isn't able to properly open a tar.gz file, and is mistaking it for a tar file. I have no idea what the hell this means, but that is likely the problem I am having. The name of the files as been corrected. Note the following corrected links.


    On the other hand, what the hell would I do with this? Do I need to compile it? Can you release a compiled version, or something? Because the batch files keep deleting everything in the directory!
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    I think the bat archive is the compiled version and you need to run the Xerxes.bat file. I suspect the 'make.bat' batch file should only be in the src archive.

    It didn't work for me when I selected my system shock 2 directory as requested but the user interface did start up when I selected an incorrect directory for some reason.

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    PC Gamering Smartey Man
    I <3 consoles and gamepads

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    I believe that you need the Java Development Kit (JDK) installed. What a pain in the arse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolya View Post
    At least something in this thread that i am ok with. Everything else has been a confusing mess so far :/

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    Oh, I see. Actually, just the basic Java runtime stuff will work. I still don't own SS2, so it is still really pointless to me :-/

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    ....did I get redirected to 4chan while my back was turned?

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    How are we supposed to know what sites your back visits on the net?

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    Thread over. Koyla wins.

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    Okay, I'm in Germany right now. Where are all the naked heathen girls? I've been here for three days already and haven't seen any >:|

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    You're going to the wrong parties.
    Are you anywhere near Cologne?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolya View Post
    You're going to the wrong parties.
    Are you anywhere near Cologne?
    he was asking for naked girls, not naked men

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolya View Post
    Are you anywhere near Cologne?
    I'm in Mainz. Not that far from Köln, but also not very close. Are all the naked heathen girls in Köln then?

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