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Thread: Tutorial: ‘Bring Object To Location’ Objectives

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    Tutorial: ‘Bring Object To Location’ Objectives

    I thought I'd write this so that the next time someone asks about it, they can have a link.

    If anyone spots any errors, let me know, or if you're already registered on that site, you can fix them.

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    Very useful! I didn't know the Set QuestVariable thing, I always set the Effect to Frob object -> a button, then the button to the objeactive.

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    Receptrons are probably the most powerful yet underutilized aspect of Dromed. Nice tut, R!

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    I just did it the old-fashioned way: invisible rat, AIWatchObj from rat to object, frob a lever.

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    There's value in keeping it simple and not creating a custom stim but, unless I missed it, don't you want to warn about using an existing stim? I think you've put the stim on the object that the player will carry and drop/throw. Won't this effectively be a weapon, accidentally or on purpose, against undead?

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    I did mean to mention that but I forgot. I'll put that in now. Thanks for the reminder.

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    I know im digging out an old af thread, but the website linked doesn't work anymore, and i'm wondering how to do this type of objective. I like the idea of using invisible rat, it makes sense, but i don't know how to make a rat to frob the lever when he sees an item in the AiWatchObj link.

    Edit: also wondering if its possible in thief gold the same way like in thief 2
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    The website problem has been mentioned here.

    It's almost never a good idea to use an invisible AI. In fact I think we need a charity called Invisible AI Anonymous where people who are tempted to use invisible AI can discuss their problem in a safe and non judgemental environment.

    This seems to describe the steps needed to require the player to place an object anywhere in a room:

    To see a working example, have a look at Framed (miss4). Use the command reconstruct_rooms to restore the room brushes. There are two object - room objectives: put the handkerchief in the evidence locker (room name: crime scene) and take the strong box and put it in Hagen's office (room name: sherrif's room).

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