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Thread: Solstheim Ebony Mines

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    Solstheim Ebony Mines

    I know this is a bit pointless considering I no longer have Morrowind, (But I might get it again for PC) but I remember from back when I was playing Bloodmoon, I was doing the East Co. (Or whatever it's called) quests, and one of them involved going into the Ebony mines and looking for a person smuggling ebony from the mines. I also remember accidently talking to the person and failing the mission. But then I couldnt do any more quests. Just for the sake of me knowing, is it possible to do more EastCo quests if you get caught in that somehow?

    Gosh, it's been forever since I put a Morrowind question on TTLG...

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    How do you start doing missions and/or working for them? I have never figured that out.

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    Gunsmoke, you just need to talk to someone in the fort, he is in the north part up the stairs and on the right; I think all the gaurds in the fort mention his name.

    Ailtar, anything is possible if you are on the PC version, maybe not on xbox. If you are on PC look at the dialogue of the quest giver in the editor then just find the next quest and giver yourself the starting journal index for that (type into console, Journal questID index#

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    Ah, why thank you. Im still new to console command but I will definetly try that. Thanks again

    (Well yes, because now I have it. I got it as a Christmas present, hooray!)

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