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Thread: Thief in Vista

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    Thief in Vista

    Evening folks (well its evening here, anyway)

    I realise this is my first post, but i'm going to be bold enough to nominate it as a future sticky because of the simple reason of how the hell do you get Thief in all it's iterations to work on wonderful Windows Vista, possibly the most ineffectual addition to a good thing (i.e. xp) since the Victorians decided asbestos would make a good source of insulation. Add dual cores into the mix and you are pretty much in for either 1) a world of grief or 2) a world of grief.

    Here are my pre-emptive solutions, thus far.

    Thief: Deadly Shadows: Turn off DEP. Thats Data Execution Prevention to us dimwits. Yes, its so much clearer now. Itís a virus prevention technology that means about as much as it says. i.e. nothing, unless youíre into Pirates of the Caribbean. If you don't turn that off you get as far as a charming disclosure that your pc is stopping you enjoying wholesale taffery for your own benefit. As a form of prevention, the irony abounds, but not before you heft your pc through the nearest available window in frustration. Because Taffing is obviously an illegal do get the joke, right???

    Dual Cores: Wonderful if you need to multitask between Microsoft Excel and (I donít know if that link actually works...ahem!) but not so good if Thief 1/2/3 might attract your attention. Which i think it might. Case in point: With T3, you might just get it to run as far as the opening credits before it turns into a demented loop of Garrett shooting a guard in the head and running away ala Sir Robin in Monty Pythonís Holy Grail ad infinitum. I must emphasize that as entertaining as this is, it is not the correct way to extract enjoyment from Thief.
    So...Iíll suggest to solve the affinity problem.

    Thats win_launcher_XP btw. Which just goes to show how interested Microsoft are in solving dual core woes. And they didnít even write it.

    Alright, iím tired now, so iím not even going to get into the texture fix nonsense weíve all known about since...ummm....GeForce 4?

    Over to you folks. How the hell do you get Thief to work in 2008?


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    Just for clarification...are you asking for personal help, or are you hoping to create a compilation of fixes for those who are, or will, struggle to get Thief to run on Vista?

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    No i'm not asking for personal help.

    Unless you're willing to consult me on a particularly painful divorce and who exactly gets to indulge the kids in Ninja turtles.

    When i asked for a sticky i meant it, because Thief is monumentally difficult to get running under Vista.

    If i'm wasting your time, then i apologise, but i can't be the only sadsap out there staring at a blank screen when he inserts his Thief Gold cds.


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    No, nothing negative going on, just uncertainty.

    Of course, there has been an increase in threads asking for help with Thief and Vista, as newer computers replace older ones. It's still kinda new, and still a fuzzy area where the usual fixes that worked for Thief on XP don't (seem to) apply, so it hasn't been added to the FAQ, either.

    I don't have Vista yet, but from what I've seen on these boards, there are those who claim to have had no difficulties whatsoever, while others have never gotten the problems solved, while others had trouble but Thief started working with no idea how or why.
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    No it hasnt. And hopefullly someone can laugh their arse off over Thief Gold basketball whilst simultaenously weeping themselves to death over their failure to run Thief 2: The Reckoning on a Core 2 Duo with 64000GB of RAM.

    It will happen. Mark my words.

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    I'm certain it already has to a lesser degree.

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    Well, this is the last time i try and be helpful and witty.

    Well mostly witty.

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    No offense, but seriously you should search before you post.

    Anyway, welcome to TTLG Forums, where taffers unite, idiots and jerks reside (CommChat?) and.... well, you get the idea.

    As far as dual core fixes goes, Timeslip has something called DDFIX that fixes dual-core problems with thief 2 (and thief 1/ss2 I believe) and there is also the solutions (in the FAQ) to setting affinity manually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screen_Burn View Post
    Well, this is the last time i try and be helpful and witty.

    Well mostly witty.
    You should also work on your its/it's issues.

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    OH, GOSH. Are you still at it, ZB?

    I actually just dropped by to see if you were banned yet, because I was working on my own forum's rules page, and thought of you.

    The psychological vampirism parade marches on. (Seriously. Its/it's issues???????? This is the internet. Heaven forbid that I have to think about my its vs. it's on a *forum*... unless, of course, ZB is around, in which case you have to make sure you're in your grammar-tuxedo, and pull up in a limo, or he'll smack it all upside your head)
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    This post seems fine to me (and it's said to provide a compleat solution):
    Vista and Thief TDP (For real this time - working!) .

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    We already have enough sticky threads.

    If someone (you seem to have volunteered, screen burn) wishes to create a brief, simple, and concise addition to our existing sticky FAQ thread concerning any new developments in Thief working when it doesn't work in Vista, I am sure there's any number of mods or admins (such as myself) who would be happy to add it to the post, provided that there's more than one individual (a generous group is usually best) to back up the findings as good, tested, and true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dux View Post
    This post seems fine to me (and it's said to provide a compleat solution):
    Vista and Thief TDP (For real this time - working!) .
    You, sir, are wise beyond your years.

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    Vista Woes -Multiprocessor and more?

    What all of you have shared is all fine and well - if it applies. However, unless I'M missing something, ya'll seem to be missing something:
    The instructions for the multiprocessor issue describe copying the imagecfg.exe to the %windir%\system32 and %windir%\system32\dllcache folder. (Ahem) there doesn't seem to be a dllcache folder in Vista.

    Also, the error I'm getting immediately after trying to start Thief3 isn't addressed here - from what I've been able to find - or not:
    The window header is labled "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library".
    The window content is
    Runtime Error!
    Program: C:\Program Files\ Thief - Deadly Shadows\System\t3.exe
    abnormal program termination

    Sorry if the answer's already here somewhere, but I DID look...

    BTW, I'm trying to install it on my HP9177c, 2.67 Quad-Core, 3GB RAM, 200GB+ available drive space, GeForce 8800 GTX (ForceWare ver. 169.44).

    Thanks in advance for any help - it's much appreciated.

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    The dllcache 'missing' is noted in the above referenced post:

    The post only applies to Thief, and to a certain extent Thief 2 and System Shock 2.

    Thief 3 is a slightly different engine, can't help you there.

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    Somthing else to be added....

    Ive had no-cd fixes for all my thief games for years(becasue i cant be arse to keep fished my cd/DVD's out), yet yesterday under vista sp1 I was unable to get any no-cd patches for T3 to run under vista sp1. I kept getting the BEX error...


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