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Thread: Available voice actors

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    I can give it a go, Ger. Send me the lines via email if you don't mind, or PM if you must.

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    would be great russ, I will email you



    email send
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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    I am male (if my forum nickname did not give that one away ).
    I'm embarrased to have even asked
    Welcome icemann!

    The pas tweeks I've been re-organizing and revising the instruction in the first post. Among other things i've segregated the info for voice actors and the info for people looking for voice actors. For convenience, I'll post the text here as well.

    For those looking for voice actors

    Finding the right voice actor
    There are two different approaches to find the voice actor you need.

    - The easiest way is to post a request in this thread and let voice actors respond or get in touch with you. While being faster than the other approach, the replies can be limited because it depends on voice actors noticing your request.
    - A more active approach is to make good use of the list above. By clicking 'view information' behind each mentioned voice actor, one can determine (by reading about type of voice and experience) who is most appropiate to record the text for the charachter you need. Next you can access the person's TTLG profile to get in touch. It takes more time but you might find a voice actor who is more suited for the voice you're looking for.

    Using the list as starting point
    Throughout the thread you will find all the information posts that are linked to in the list above. When browsing through this thread, you may find posts with information by people who once applied but are currently no longer available as voice actor. For this reason, it's recommended to always check the list to see if a certain voice actor is still mentioned there. This list will be updated when there's a mutation.

    Final stages of development
    It's recommended to wait until your mission is in the final stages of development, before asking voice actors to record conversations. It happend too often that voice work was done for a mission that never made it to release.

    Absence of voice actors
    There are some (Absent) notifications visible in the list behind the names of some persons. This means a certain voice actor is difficult to get in touch with and that it's uncertain if he's still available for requests.

    For (potential) voice actors

    Post with information
    Voice actors who want to be listed above are welcomed to create a post with information in this thread. Here's an example of how your post can look like and what details it can contain:

    1: Type of voice (the kind of voice you have, what would be a convincing in-game character to voice, your gender, and any links to voice samples you like to share);
    2: Experience (the fan missions or other projects you lend your voice to);
    3: Status (preferred way of getting in touch and specification of your availabilty, f.e. "Quite busy atm, requests may take 2 months")

    When you make your own post, a link to this post will be placed behind your name above. You can use your announcement post in this thread to include the above info.

    Updating your post
    It's recommended to update your existing post with info each time, rather than posting a reply with updated info. This way information is kept in one place and FM designers can easily find all the info they need by clicking the links above. Of course you can always post a reply in this thread to say something has changed in your original post.

    When a voice actor is difficult to get in touch with and that it's uncertain if he's still available for requests, an (Absent) notification may be placed behind the name in the above list. This status is based on a combination of various criteria, like last forum activity, the options to get in touch, respons (time) to messages, and the last time his info post was updated. The voice actor in question can always request to remove this indication.

    Let me know (by personal contact or reply in this thread) when:
    - you want to be mentioned in the voice acting list, or
    - you want to see your name removed from the list for whatever reason,
    and the necessary changes will be made as soon as possible.

    Here are some recommended actions to improve the communication between designers and voice actors.

    E-mail notifications
    Fill in a working email address under Edit Email & Password and activate the option Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages under Forum Settings. This way you instantly get informed about voice acting requests (and private messages in general).
    Thread subscribtion
    Subscribe to this thread to get informed by email when someone posts a voice-acting request in this thread. Also, it makes the thread easy to find by clicking on Quick links at the top of the forum. Subscribing is done by clicking Thread Tools in the upper right corner of this thread (visible once logged in).

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    Thanks for the work, Ralf!

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    Hi everyone,

    There have been some mutations in the voice acting list recently.

    Several voice actors informed me that they're no longer available for voice acting. These are Garras, Lazarus and metal dawn. Their names have been scrapped from the list.
    In addition, the names of Ibsen's Ghost, Apocrypha Roxy, Bookaholic and Silver-ONI have been scrapped. For several years there was an AWOL indication visible behind their name. There has been no sign that they're still available for voice requests.

    The AWOL notifications have been replaced by Absence notifications. Behind the names of several voice actors such a message is now visible. More information about this can be found in the first post, under the list.

    Some new voice actors made an appearance: Azaran, bjack, icemann, MrDuck and neux. Some of them already posted an announcement a year ago but weren't in the list until now due to my lackness of updates. Welcome!

    It's great to see this thread is still going strong!

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    Voice Actor
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    We'll miss those who are leaving, but life does that sometimes. I certainly have a lot going on. I'll always be grateful to Lazarus for his assistance in getting me started making videos. I am glad to see new voices joining our ranks!

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    for my mission (almost done, being tested now ) I need a few more lines:

    looking for a keeper voice ( 3 lines)

    and I need a Garrett for 3 short lines.

    any takers??

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    Add me to the list, please

    I'm available for voice-overs. Massive construction was going on all around my building and noisy neighbors upstairs were making it hard to record anything for a long time. But now I have free access to a friend's studio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightshifter View Post

    and I need a Garrett for 3 short lines.
    I only know about the one line, and it's just been taken care of. ) Should I have asked for more lines?

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    no, rest is taken care of by readables.
    just that one left

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    You're now in the list, redleaf!

    Please notice the first post for more information.

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    About redleaf

    I've been told I have a rubber voice. Used to do professional voice-overs at several studios in Boston and New York. Can do different characters and pitches. My speaking voice is clean except when I have a heavy singing schedule, then it gets rough. So that will affect my performance.
    --female servant and opera singer with some comical singing bits in MissionX
    --female Hammerite voices in The Spear campaign by Nightshifter

    I'm happy to send samples on request.
    Preferred method of contact: PM me here or e-mail or Skype me (see profile)

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    We're looking for a male voice actor to voice the main protagonist in our campaign. The number of lines is very high and all 10 missions will have briefing narration. The character's voice should be gruff and, at best, rather similar to Michael Madsen as Daud in Dishonored. PM if interested!

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    I've worked in voice acting for some time and I'd like to be included on your list.

    I could do a main characters, NPC characters along with the various combat/sfx noises for the games.

    Commercial Demo

    Short character reel

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Wow David, those demos are really impressive. I might be asking you to help with a project soon. I imagine skacky would love your help on The Black Parade too, especially since I've failed to find time to do the two voices I signed up for.

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    Location: Montpellier, France
    Most impressive, indeed! We could use your help as we have a few characters in need of voices (in addition to the main character).

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    Hi David,

    In response to your announcement in the voice acting thread, I've just added your name to the list of voice actors. Welcome! Nice samples you made there. Hope we'll hear more from you in future FMs.

    See the thread's first post for the actual list. If you want to know about suggestions or explanations regarding the functionality of the thread, there's information when you scroll further down from there.

    Regards, The Phantom

    PS: I couldn't sent an e-mail or PM so that's why I posted here.

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    That sounds like quality! Very impressive!

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    Hi, I've just recently come out of the shadows and would like to offer my services as a voice actor (please include me on the list).

    Mic: Yeti USB
    Editing Software: Audacity

    Experience: I have appeared in a number of stage productions over the years, and have also done work for the missions "Breathing Corpses" by FrenchDecay (Briefing as Garrett's employer- and the Old Man) and the upcoming "Five Nights at Dayport" by Terra (a briefing as a guard).

    Voice Type: My natural voice is male and mostly in the baritone range with a Canadian accent. I am able to do a wide range of voices, accents, and vocal tics and I'm willing to try pretty much any part.

    Availability: I work on a student schedule, and so my availability is all over the map. Despite this, I will still get any work done as quickly as I can while maintaining a high standard of quality. I will try to respond to requests within the week. I can be reached most quickly through PM, but will also respond to emails.
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    Welcome, McTaffer! I've added your name to the list.

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    El Shagmeister
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    Still doing the rounds, still alive and doing voice!


    Mind you, going to Mexico on December 1st, so I'll only have my iPhone/iPad for recording then.


    Thank you for updating and keeping things neat and tidy here, Phantom! <3

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    I can heartily recommend Ducky, his voicework in Random_Taffer's upcoming campaign is awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    I can heartily recommend Ducky, his voicework in Random_Taffer's upcoming campaign is awesome.
    Indeed! He really brought the character to life.

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    El Shagmeister
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    Aw, you guys...


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    Need 2 Voice Actors Please


    I am very happy to be about 95% done with my current mission (rooftop mission) and have a conversation between 2 servants - one male and one female. They each have 3 or 4 lines, not very complicated. I just need clean wav files. Not too fussy about requirements, anyone who can sound like the original servant voices would be fine.

    Please let me know if you are interested and send me a PM with your email address.


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