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Thread: DDFix and Enhanced Resolution Patch (including widescreen support)

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    Anyone with gtx 470 and problems with the latest drivers and thief flickering lights? I don't remember having any issues with thief fan missions using drivers dated mid 2010.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sNeaksieGarrett View Post
    My ddfix.ini relevant entries
    That looks ok to me. It's difficult to suggest anything without being able to look at the directory structure and the files.

    This is probably the biggest usability problem with ddfix. It ignores errors without notifying the user.

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    Well, thief2 is installed in c:\games\thief2. I have the RES (yes, all caps) folder setup with a ddfix subdir and inside that is the t2water folder. I also have a fam directory in the root thief folder with WATERHW, which has those weird line textures in there. For now, I've just renamed it to WATERHW_ so that I can play thief with the default water textures. What else can I tell you?

    What I don't get is, if the game can display those weird textures in WATERHW, why can't it just go ahead and display the other textures? It's obvious that texturereplacement=1 is working. I guess it's just for whatever reason the game is ignoring ddfix\t2water folder...?

    And yes a log file would be handy.

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    DDfix + Enhancement Pack

    recently I tried to install Thief Gold on WinXP and used this latest version of ddfix. So I thought I would try the Enhancement Pack, but no matter what I do, the new textures and meshes are not being used.
    I have done everything according to the manuals, but still no luck. Cold the problem be related to the prepatched .exe? Because the only thing I can think of that I haven't tried yet is not using the ddfix. Since I did not backup the original .exe this means a reinstall for me. (Not that it would take a whole lot of time, but I am kinda busy lately.)

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Highly unlikely. The EP should work fine with DDFix. Double-check your paths in install.cfg.

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    setting up the paths correctly can be a real pain if you don't know what you are doing-if you don't mind a bit of experimenting (and a reinstall or two),try this,it has worked fine for 3 out of 4 people so far..

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    The EP comes with an installation batch file which should work in most situations.

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    did not work for me,ever.

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    Thanks guys, seems like I had a path issue in my install.cfg. What helped was moving the other *.crf files (except the EP.crf) to a separate directory.

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    OK,i tried DDfix 1.5.11 and i got one little problem.When i playing Thief 2 my mouse lags and i expieriencing little choppy framerate.I tried forcing vsync off in the nvidia settings mouse is smooth but my game is running too fast.Its possible to have both vsync off and normal framerate?

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    Good question. I'm sure it's possible, it's just the how that I'm not sure about.

    I can however think of one possible solution, not ideal but it could help.

    What you could do is use other programs to cause thief to run slower. You could open a bunch of programs at the same time, and that might cause thief to slow down. ( I admit I'm not actually sure that will work, but it's just a thought.)

    Hold that thought...

    What about the options in ddfix.ini? I just discovered them:

    ;Use vsync. Boolean.
    ;Number of vsyncs per flip. Increase this number to decrease frame rate. 1-4.
    ;Frame rate limit in frames per second. Float. (0 = unlimited.)

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    should do it.

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    Thx Sneaksie and Jermi.Framerate is good..but i have another problem. When i changed DDfix version from 1.3.11 to newest i unpatched thief exe using old DDfix and copied new DDfix to Thief 2 folder.After that i changed my resolution in cam.cfg to 1680 1050 and when im playing game i have "requested screen mode couldn be set".

    I change this line in cam.cfg:
    game_screen_size 1680 1050

    I am doing something wrong?

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    This maybe be a silly question, but did you remember to re-apply ddfix?
    Also, you used the same resolution before?

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    I do this:

    1.using DDfix 1.3.11 + widescreen patch
    2.unninstalled widescreen patch
    3.thief2.exe unpatched with DDfixgui.exe
    4.delated all DDfix files
    5.copied DDfix 1.5.11 to Thief 2 directory
    6.changed resolution in cam.cfg

    And yes.I was using the same resolution always which is 1680 1050.

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    Well if you uninstalled the widescreen patch there's your problem right there. Although DDFIX has widescreen built in now. (Right jermi?)

    So I don't know what to tell you, other than the obvious, make sure you re-patched thief2.exe with ddfixgui

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    I often wonder if people intentionally misspell the names of characters to use as their usernames, to make them more unique, or if they just can't spell.

    In any case, it always gives the impression of the latter, even if it might possibly be the former.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    I often wonder if people intentionally misspell the names of characters to use as their usernames, to make them more unique, or if they just can't spell.
    You are talking about me or? My nick does not have anything do do with Starcraft.Its just a coincidence.

    As for the DDfix i just installed again widescreen patch and everything works.Thx for help.

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    thief tdp ddfix

    dear nameless voice,
    firstly, thank you for such unexpected and thorough help. ttlg forums are the best i've seen.
    i did everything in the instructions,as far as i know,just as stated.thief will not run. clicking thief.exe yields error "invalid resolution in cam.cfg". i hadn't set any resolution in cam.cfg.i then set it to 1024 768. same error.
    then i reread the instructions and noticed that you still have to install ddfix into the prepatched thief.exe archive. and we're back to the same problem of hex editor etc...

    it was my understanding that prepatched thief.exe is ready to go w/out any further installation of ddfix.

    anyway, with the exception of installing prepatched thief.exe archive file and ddfix into the thief main directory, we're back to square one.
    i'm pretty sure this trouble is probably due to my lack of understanding what i'm doing.

    also, by the way, when i go to set affinity, their aren't two cpu's ticked. only one is already ticked. in thief 2 there are 2 cpu's ticked and unchecking one allows it to run just fine w/out installing any .exe archive or ddfix or anything else. curious, huh.

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    You don't need to do any hex-editing if you're using a pre-patched .exe. You merely have to install (unzip) the rest of the DDFix files into the Thief folder.
    All the pre-patched .exes are already patched for dual core / hyperthreading, so there's no need to set affinity.

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    hi nameless,
    ok. i now know that the prepatched .exe doesn't need ddfix manually installed. it still gives me the error invalid res in cam.cfg and stops when loading from .exe. it starts to run, gets as far as play mission and black screen when starting from the disc (autoplay).also doesn't start training.
    thanks for help


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    Here's the million dollar question--How do I use "bloom" / "postprocessing" in ddfix without getting tons of random crashes in System Shock 2?

    I've managed to tone the effect down quite a bit via the cfg and it looks natural to me at least, I'd just love to be able to use it without having to be paranoid and save my game constantly.

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    For a million dollars, I could solve this and many other problems.

    What's the module and offset for these crashes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jermi View Post
    For a million dollars, I could solve this and many other problems.

    What's the module and offset for these crashes?
    I'm using SS2 Kolya SS2Tool v3.5 which has whatever version of DDFix it comes with. I believe, according to Koyla, it is your version of DDFix--1.5.11, per the thread here:,392

    I even followed his suggestion at the bottom of the thread to set the number of frames to render ahead to 0 (using a Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX w/SLI disabled as I have two of them).

    The offset for the crash is...

    AppName: shock2.exe AppVer: ModName: shock2.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 001e10eb

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    Does prepatched "Thief2.exe" need thief 2 cd in order to run because it asks me for it although it is in my computer.

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