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Thread: TG FM: Good vs Bad Release! [version 2.5]

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    TG FM: Good vs Bad Release! [version 2.5]

    I'm proud to present my FM Good vs Bad v2.5 is ready for download!

    See my signature for download link from my website.

    The Circle Link:


    Q: Can I change the health shields?

    A: Yes, you can. Please see the readme.rtf included with the mission.

    Q: Can I change the image that is shown at main menu?

    A: Yes, you can. I added an alternative to the one in there. See readme.rtf.

    Q: Can I destroy the Security Camera?

    A: Yes, you can.

    BIG THANKS to my beta-testers:
    Winter Cat

    See readme.rtf.
    Did I mention seeing readme.rtf?

    Filefront - My personal filefront account (direct link)
    Thief The Circle - Download mirror with links to other mirrors. No longer works
    Keep of Metal and Gold
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    Good news.

    Sadly, this is a Thief 1-FM, so i can't run it in the moment. (black screen or freeze, tried all the patches)

    sNeaksieGarrett gave me an advice to use ddfix. I always thought, it is for Thief 2 only. But it is as simple as copying the ddfix-files to the thief1-directory and hex-editing the thief.exe. And it WORKED !!!
    Many thanks to sNeaksieGarrett for telling me and timeslip for the ddfix.
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    You're welcome, while this isn't the place to discuss ddfix, I wanted to respond to your message at least:
    ddfix has an automatic(gui) version: from 1.2.7 and up, thief 1/gold is supported in gui version - no need to hex edit thief.exe anymore

    Oh, and I hope you enjoy my mission.

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    Congrats sNeaksie!

    Yeah! Now, come on everybody get a taste of some real fun with Good vs.Bad!
    This is a Great little Mission!

    Way to Go sNeaksie!

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    Nice Thanks, sNeaksieGarrett

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    "For the Love of the Game"

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    Thanks you guys!

    Although shadak, i'd prefer if it didn't have 'demo' attached. It is a full mission, just insanely short I guess

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    Ah okay, I thought it was just a "battle" ring, I'll change it back

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    Nice little mission.

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    Hmm, it appears The Circle link is not working. Can anyone else confirm this? I get some error page.

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    All links is not working

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    None of the other sites have been set up yet and if you spot any errors or problems, drop me a PM over at the live forums.
    I guess, we'll just need to be patient and wait for the admin to fix that. You could drop him a line, as he suggested, though.

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    Oh sorry.... I didn't seem to realize that is related to in terms of the server. I'll send him a PM.

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    Really sorry to bump an old thread, but I just wanted to mention that I uploaded the mission to my filefront account so there is now yet another mirror (probably doesn't matter, but what the hell... )

    I was also thinking that one day I might actually update this mission again, but perhaps expand it so it would be a longer mission. My first priority in updating it would be to actually make it have three difficulty levels

    This reminds me, I should do a bit of tidying up of the first post while I'm here.... hehe

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