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Thread: Good Old Games (

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    TRON 2.0 is superb, and definitely worth getting. I'm very happy to see that on GOG!

    I like Armed & Dangerous, but comparing it to Giants will inevitably lead to disappointment, I think. I did enjoy playing it, though (twice, even!). If you get it, be sure to use the crazy weapons as often as possible, rather than keeping them until they're 'needed'. They are what makes the combat actually fun -- and that's most of the gameplay in this game.

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    SWAT 4 + expansion.

    Such a good game!

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    That's an immediate nab. Some of the best co-op around, and quick to get into. I've been hanging on to a certain copy wondering if this will ever see the shelf of any digital store. GOG keeps on surprising.

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    The Colonel's Bequest!

    Oh my god, game of my childhood right there. Dark and ominous, stellar "whodunit" pacing, and thick with old Louisiana atmosphere. Mystery games don't get much better than this. The sequel ain't too bad either.

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    It's probably pure nostalgia talking, but there's something about Sierra's EGA art style that just exudes pure atmosphere.

    I love the look of Colonel's Bequest and Quest For Glory 2.

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    One copy of "Alan Wake's American Nightmare": CCQ37187CE37CB89IB

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    Thank you. I feel a little guilty, as I don't contribute to this board, but since you shared it here and nobody claimed it for 30+ hours, maybe I shouldn't. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.

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    All good :) Enjoy!

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    Interesting release: Mafia,


    ...missing all licensed music.

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