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Thread: Current song you are listening to(or the Last song you listened to)

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    Registered: Jun 2017
    Location: London

    Clean Bandit "Rather Be"! Really love these guys

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    Listening to this while I wait for Amazon to ship my copy (totally forgot this was coming out today).

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    Listening to Spirit "Twelve Dreams or Dr. Sardonicus". Sorry no link, I just found it on an old hard-drive. I've owned this on every media possible. I have it on vinyl in quad stereo, on reel to reel, on 8-track, on cassette, and on cd. There are a few "more drive than talent" moments, but if you are not familiar with this album, listen up!

    p.s. now I'm rocking out with ELO "Out of the Blue"....fuck you young people, I'm feeling old tonight.
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    Chakat sex pillow
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    Topical. I've been playing Eldorado and A New World Record on repeat for the past few weeks.

    Meanwhile, I listened to Arcade Fire's new single and thought to myself, 'man, they've really disappeared up their own buttholes now', but then everything after 0:45 happened.

    Why yes, Pitchfork. That is a motherfucking pan flute. It is gloriously stupid, and yet it is perfect. Here's the piece it's from if anyone wants to know.

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    Location: Wild and Wooly West of Ireland

    Spot on, Chris.

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    Registered: Apr 2008

    Swedish psychedelic rock/folk from the 70s. No idea what she's singing about.

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    Location: Cologne
    Stenblomma sounds nice, I will look into them some more. You might like this, Neb.

    I saw Arcade Fire a week ago here in Cologne. A day before the concert we got an email that bagpacks weren't allowed and everyone should arrive early at 18 o'clock.
    There was a supporting act that sounded a lot like Cansei de ser sexy, same energy and electro noise, but minus the catchy hooks.
    Arcade Fire eventually started playing after 2,5 h waiting and then delivered a 1,5 h set. They probably would have played longer, but there's a court rule in effect that concerts must end at 22 o'clock.
    Of course they knew this beforehand and could have started earlier.
    They opened with Everything Now with its popular Abba sample but I've never been a fan of that smarmy sound and Arcade Fire couldn't change that.
    Fortunately they played about 3 songs from every album, including my favourite (Blondie inspired) Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains).
    I was standing beyond the crowd, 57 meters from the stage, because I can't stand being in a packed crowd anymore after a few bad experiences (mass panic). So I didn't exactly see Win and Regine's faces. But they put on a good show and got everyone singing and dancing.

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    Chakat sex pillow
    Registered: Sep 2006
    Location: Sulphur, whatever
    That's fantastic. From what I've heard, their live shows are great because of the amount of energy they put into the performance. I imagine an arena-spanning 'No Cars Go' would be quite the experience.

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    Location: on the socio path

    This track is medicinal. The mood I always find my way back to.
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