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Thread: COSAS 2 Mission X - Available Now ... 8-15-08

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    Replaying this wonderful mission. Anyone ever experienced the head accountant's key not being frobbable? No matter what I try, I can't take it. Too bad, as this means I can't loot the money exchange.

    Edit: Hmm...tried it today and now it worked for some reason. Seems like the dark engine just needed to sleep on it.
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    Man, what an amazing mission! Just fired it up for old times sake, and was not disappointed. Played for about 1.5 hours, and beat it on expert (i.e. The lowest setting), with barely over half the loot. So much more [re]exploring left to do

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    Try getting all the loot and the best possible ending. I still remember the whole summer spent testing that monstrosity. It was like herding cats for a while. I still don't know how Digi and company pulled it off.

    check out this thread for lots of info..........

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    Yea, I can imagine. He should be a professi... Oh, right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxx View Post
    Try getting all the loot and the best possible ending.
    Haha, I did it! I 'cheated' a little. Well, not really. Just exploited some incomplete scripting: After I picked up my gear, I cleared out most of the building before telling my team I'd picked up my gear. This made it trivial (errr.... relatively speaking...) to accomplish my tasks after I checked in with my team.

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    my fav part of this mission is on one of the floors ,there is a room if you get close to you hear a woman singing,and if you leave a good distance then come back she sings differnt songs,not sure how many in all,and some repeat ,but there was one song that reminded me of my how my grandmother would sing

    i also love to loot the slot machines :P

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    Yes, My fav. Part too.
    That is ofcourse redleaf singing

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    I read something about downloadable maps and a 48 page manual with artwork for this mission (start of the post somewhere)... Any Idea where I can find these today?

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    The download links in the first post are still working.

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    Doh!... Alright, don’t know how I missed those... I read about these things in a later comment and looked for them on the cosas website... Anyways, thanks!

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    I am so glad to see that people still play this.

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    This FM is high on most taffers Top Ten lists! Just remember folks, this piece of wizardry is Old Dark (DromEd envy is real).
    On another note, great to see you back AFox!
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    Thanks! I never entirely left, just lost access to my account for, um, seven years. :P

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