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Thread: CTEC Mission - A Simple Job Planned for this Evening

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    Heh, if you think it's hard finding the torc, how about Frobman Truart without looking at spoilers? You can kind of guess, but you may end up like me looking at a spoiler. Anyway, the torc is in the "little big room" in the ceiling room
    My Review for this mission (possible spoilers, I used the tags):

    Okay, I finally beat it last night, but I had to sort of cheat because I had no idea where Frobman Truart was. Anyway, I think this is a great mission, but for those that get frustrated easily, you might wanna pass this one up. I died many times in this level. Okay, I should organize this into sections....

    Gameplay: 8.5 Okay, this level plays really weird, simply because it's a sort of blooper reel level; and it has a really cool twisting room... i.e. The Sword from Thief 1, style. The ghost head following you in the beginning is kind of funny, you start with the "what the heck?" and then after a while he starts to become annoying. There's some interesting twists, such as when you kill certain people, they become loot themselves. Yes, I'm dead serious. Don't worry about arrows, you have PLENTY for this FM. I love how there is the upside down style rooms and how the loot falls out of something (e.g. a jewelry box) onto the floor.. wait, the roof I mean. = The AI in this FM are wacky as can be. And what's up with the healing "food"? Last thing: There's a bug with the "Front porch" as others above me have mentioned. Don't worry though, after you complete everything else, it still lets you beat the level.
    I'll share some screenshots I took of this level for those interested.

    Graphics: Colorful. Nothing new though.

    Humor level: 7 out of 10 I guess. This level was so wacky, but some of it gives you a chuckle.

    Frustration Level (difficulty): 8 Out Of 10. Gawd, what's more annoying than a floating ghost head following you? Anyway, there's some frustrating parts in this. You'll want to be careful in the "ball room" with your vine arrows, if you know what I mean. Then there's the "drill shot" (I dunno what the author calls it, so I'm giving it a name) which shoots so rapidly (it's a trap in two different rooms where you have to try and get loot) that you lose your life really easily. :O Okay, in the little big room place, be careful where you jump (in the small part I mean). One time I got stuck next to the table or something, and then garrett had a heart attack I think that covers everything....

    My first run through of this FM, here's my stats:
    Post Game Stats:
    Difficulty: Normal
    Total Time: 43 Minutes 33 seconds
    Found 6212 Loot Out Of 6812
    Pockets Picked : 0 Out Of 1, Locks Picked: 0
    Back Stabs: 0 Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 100 Damage Taken: 69 Healing Taken: 69
    Innocents Killed: None, And Others Killed: 9
    Bodies Discovered by Enemies: 3
    Secrets Found 0 Out of 0

    Screenshots (click the image for larger size):

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    Where did you get over 6000 loot? Is there any secret cache somewhere?

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    Hmm... well, let's just say I found an extra item. Besides that, I was just able to found most of the loot in this level. There is quite a lot, especially considering guards can be loot.

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    Ok guys - I'm completely rubbish at this but I have to play it to be able to vote.

    Please can someone give me a few quick hints as to what I should do and where I should go.

    I was rubbish at the blooper reel as well. But I think this is a marvellous tribute to it. I haven't gone far enough yet to be able to even think about the Sword. I've died about 10 times so far and I've only managed to get down from the water and into the next room.

    Please save me someone!
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    If you need hints, there are some spoilers in this thread. I also posted my review.

    Basically, you want to keep going forward, so to speak. Remember, vine arrows are a must and lucky you have TONS of them.

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    Thanks sNeaksie. I was totally stuck getting in the drunk treebeast room. But with a tip, encouragement and trial and error I managed to get into the room without having the 3 guards attack me straight away.

    And now I've moved on.
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    I am up in the room with the lava pit and zobies. Eventually, one exploded and the other disappeared into the lava pit, but for the life of me I cannot get rid of the 3rd one.......I tried both water and broadarrows

    Another question: in the room where the eye is whatever I do I get instantly killed once I rob the eye. Where's the trick????

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    Maga - That third zombie is easily outrun. Just dodge him. Sorry, I don't really remember the situation with the eye. If you would remind me I might be able to help.

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    Thank you Tannar!
    With your help I did manage to grab the crate and run up the vine arrow. Concerning the eye, I found by chance that the sword could destroy the 2 skulls' eyes.........

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    Oh, I didn't know that maga. (destroying the eyes.)

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