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Thread: T2 FM, Strife Updated Version Available

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    T2 FM, Strife Updated Version Available

    I've updated Strife to version 1.1. Improved some textures and made the crossbow behave more like the real thing.

    You can grab it here.

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    Thanks, Ricebug!

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    Downloading right now, thanks a lot.

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    Many thanks. Improved textures can make it seem like a different game.

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    Sort of off topic but you can download strife for free legally mind you here
    Then I recommend you get Zdoom to play it with
    for Windows or linux.
    Lots of other abandonware games there as well.

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    Hey I can't seem to figure out what to do in this map. I feel like i've searched everywhere that I can actually go (haven't been able to get to two areas it seems) but can't find the key for the governor's mansion room. I already have 1,000 loot, and broke into the armory. I need to get the chalice, and "find out what the governor is up to" so to speak. Any hints?

    I have the office key, sanctuary key, and the sewers key. I honestly don't remember what the office key went to, since it's been a while since i've gone back and tried to complete this FM.

    Edit:Drat, I may have spoke to soon. I went into the sanctuary and found the room with teh two bots and the high priestess. Meech's key is down there.

    Edit2: Okay, so I got a new objective now to find out what's going on in the clinic, but I don't know how to get in there. The "hospital" underground is easily accessible, but the one near the prison on the map is not. There's some locked door, but I don't have a key, and can't pick the lock.

    Oh, and I've been playing the original one, on normal mode. I wonder though, if I was to start playing 1.1 would I be able to transfer my save?
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    You can't transfer saves from one difficulty to another.

    The office key opens the door you pass right at the beginning of the level. It'll be on your left, facing the big pool of water.

    The chalice is in the sanctuary in the room with the zombie guards.

    The hospital (or clinic) key is on the guy wearing whites. He patrols back and forth in the NW corner of the map.


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    Oh yes, I've been in the office. Thanks though.

    Sorry, I didn't mean transfer saves from normal to hard or something like that, I meant transferring saves from the old mission to the new mission (version 1.1) Update: I was able to transfer saves after all. You didn't change the level drastically in 1.1, so I imagine that is why it worked just fine.

    My review/criticisms of this mission:
    Yay! I finally beat it. Took me a good 2 hours to beat this. I wasted a lot of time running around and trying not to be caught, while also trying to figure this level out. By the way, thanks ricebug for telling the location of the clinic key. I should have guessed that, seeing as the new guy appeared out of nowhere. Then after checking I thought, yeah why didn't I think of looking at the hospital guy's belt? I hate having to spoil things, but sometimes you got to when you don't know what to do to proceed. Anyway...

    Okay, so for a first mission I have to say that this is really well done. Quite a feat for a first mission I must say. However, I did notice some little things that bothered me a bit, but most people probably don't care about. (For example, there's a huge texture problem near the gov's place that you missed. Also, some doors were "silent" when trying to frob them. I've had this happen to me too, so it's no big deal but a tad annoying from a gameplay perspective since you can't necessarily tell if say your lockpick is actually working on the door.) I liked what you did where new objectives would be revealed as you went along, and a new situation is presented to the player (i.e. more AIs in the map.) All in all a great mission, I give it an 8.0/10
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    sanctuary key

    Where did you find the sanctuary key?

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    sanctuary key

    Never mind, I found the sanctuary key. Only problem is it won't open the gate. Is there a lock box somewhere that I am not seeing? Also no medical guy in white with a key has shown up.

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    Major problem?

    No one attacks me. They scream like they notice me but no one attacks me and it's makes me sad ;_; Is this a problem with the mission?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynx67 View Post
    Never mind, I found the sanctuary key. Only problem is it won't open the gate. Is there a lock box somewhere that I am not seeing? Also no medical guy in white with a key has shown up.
    The sanctuary door (opened by the key) is identified in this screenshot:

    The medical guy won't show up until you pick up something inside the sanctuary.

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