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Thread: T2 Multiplayer Beta Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giskard View Post
    Does it work for you guys? I can start server on my PC, but the client cannot join in LAN (every other game is work on LAN in MP except this.
    When the laptop is the client it says: Join failed: COM initialization failed (80040154) >>> PC doesn't get any error
    When laptop is the server: Host Failed: COM initialization failed (80070005) >>> PC cannot join of course.
    Server browser doesn't work. Tried to join with LAN and the with the normal IP address (port 5198 is forwarded)

    Single Player works perfect. Same game, same files. I tried to reinstall the MP patch, but nothing changed. Any help would be great, I would like to play it with my child in LAN.
    This stuff works !
    But it is hard to install, it do not works with newdark and newdark missions... and there are bugs...


    Edit : I used Hamachi to make it working

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    Thank you for your reply. Meanwhile I tested it with a friend on net and it worked perfectly. So the problem is in my Laptop. (For example Hexen2 also crashes at starting)

    I don't know it's matter or not, but my Laptop uses WinX, my PC uses Win7. Tried to set the compatibility, but the result didn't change.

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    So how would I go about getting this to work? Which version of NewDark do we have to get? And using Hamachi, what do I have to do to start a game and to join?

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    you need to get oldDark, that's the catch.

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