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Thread: Sequel to Lord Fishkill's Curse?

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    Sequel to Lord Fishkill's Curse?

    Does anybody know if Shadowspawn is still around? Or if he's working on the next part of his campaign? I really loved his missions.

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    It's called To Uncurse A Thief, and he does still work on it I believe, although his time is very limited.

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    Do you know which game he's using? I remember he was actually thinking about using Thief 3, when I talked to him once, ages back.

    Anyways, if you're reading this Shadowspawn, I want you to know you still have a fan!

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    Actually, loads of fans - Lorgan's Web (T1) is a real classic.

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    + 1 for continued support .

    Please keep up the great work for one of my most anxiously awaiting FM sequels, Shadowspawn!

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    +1 ShadowSpawn You are the Game Master!

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    *goes replaying Lord Fishkill's Curse*

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    Fishkill's...was blerdy brilliant!

    The beating of my fearful heart : Thump...Thump...Thump...

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    I just finished this wonderful mission. So worthy of a replay, I loved all the extra areas you get to explore. Fishkills minions along with the AI make for interesting game play still, and can be a challenge. Sometimes they come to your rescue with an AI shows up, I forgot how much fun that could be. I do hope Shadowspan finishes the sequel. I'm sure it will be stellar!

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    this mission need a part 2,and the ending is begging for a part 2

    when i replayed it i got lucky and went right way so i was able to get necklace pretty fast then explore city from top to bottom,found both secrets but was a bit shy on max loot but enough to finish on expert

    i want my revenge on lord fishkill

    the unfrobbable dewdrop was just cruel

    also i was able to knock out that guy who was going to jump and saved his life,should have been a bonus objective for that

    i gave this post life

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwinder View Post
    i gave this post life
    grace us with you're mighty presence,downwinder

    i think that fishkill shouldnt come back because of the=unfrobbable dewdrop

    ^i am a bit ahead of my time ,i know

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    i got slight melon colli when i coudnt pick upe'd dew drop

    and yes,ithink fm author's should always make dewdrop frobbable

    dew drop is cannon,spready the word ty

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    lol marbelman ,go make a mission

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    lord fishkul is the one with the boy who was going to jump off a building right?
    i wander wear they got the idea of the name,lord fishkul from? im thinking about sending an email to shadowspawn to ask him where he got this name from.
    and,yes dewdrop should also be frobbable tbh.

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    ^ mods take care of that ty

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    i think he's name is fishkill because fish+kill?maybe he kills fishes or likes doing so or fishing a lot? i like shadowpaw's game's with words just as he titled his other fm "morgan's web",because the villain was some kind of spider idk i forgot lol i hope he comes back soon and makes another awesome fm for the would of thief

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    Enough fun, please. You're cluttering up a thread about a very good mission.

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    I really like this FM. I have played this FM for years, I'm sad there was no sequel. I want to put lord Fishkill in my Saga, but I have change it. There are also other FMs with no sequel like Seventh Crystal's or Right up there in the Mountains and als DP2 from Yandros needs a Sequel.
    I think I continue the Sequel to Right up there in the Mountains. I really like this FM and the end is not really a end...

    Maybe a other author makes a Sequel about lord Fishkill? I think this will be not a problem maybe the author gives us the original unfinished FM to complete it.

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    While we're talking about sequels.... Saturnine actually offered to give me the unfinished sequel to The Seventh Crystal a few years ago so I could finish it and release it. Sadly, though, he couldn't find it on any of his hard drives, so it is truly lost forever.

    [moment of silence]

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