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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    Lords and Legacy

    Guh. Been a while.

    Lords and Legacy(by Kvorning) is a mixture of city mission and mansion mission. This time, Not-Garrett has been hired by a coalition of townspeople and nobles who want to get rid of a noble whoís oppressing them all. Sadly, his brother likes him, so thereís no arrowing him in his sleep. The plan is to steal a family heirloom and plant it in the brotherís safe with a fake note indicating that the brother was planning to have his brother killed and make it look like a robbery.

    The mission is quite large, and is split into The Slums, The Commons, and the manor itself. The second could almost be a (small) mission unto itself. Graphics-wise, itís quite nice looking, with more of blue tint to everything, much different from what Iíve seen in missions up to this point. Everything looks well, with the only real error being a door that leads out into blank space, but to be fair you have to go out of your way a bit to find it. However, the proportions felt off. Itís very hard for me to describe, but I felt like the inside of the apartments in The Commons in particular didnít match the outside. I was somehow ending up on the other side of the map when I shouldnít have been there, it felt like I was bumbling through the TARDIS at points. This might just have been me, but I noticed the same thing on a replay. Same thing with The Slums, check the perceptions of the ladyís apartment and where the side door takes you.

    On the positive side, I did like the layout of the estate itself: Three semi-connected towers. A little linear, perhaps, but different from the norm.

    Difficulty-wise, it's up there. I donít think that the loot goal is that hard to hit, but be prepared to dig through the level (and peopleís pockets) for it. Thankfully, you can break into peopleís homes to find what you need. I always like this part of city missions, and want plenty of it. I just wish it was a little more clear which places you could get into. The higher levels have (thankfully) optional objectives which require you to avoid getting seen and refrain from knocking people out. The former is definitely possible and Iím assuming the latter as well. The layouts are set up to make stealthing possible. There is one portion that I feel to be a tad unfair, as it suddenly puts you up against a character with no warning, and with little chance of escape. Either you know itís coming, are very fast, or break the AI. The guards also have annoyingly good hearing, especially at the estate. As in, ďCan hear you clomping around outside one floor upĒ or ďCan hear a board creak one floor up and one room over.Ē Itís almost random how it works, and can be annoying. The creaking boards idea is interesting though.

    Speaking of layouts, I want to go from there to another completely unrelated topic: atmosphere. One of the best parts of city missions is the little ideas and tidbits scattered around, and this mission has them. From a low-key love story, to a creepy haunted apartment, to a serial killer lurking in The Commons, itís all done pretty well.

    All in all, solid mission, with only a few slip-ups here and there. Recommended.


    Something for Tannar and others' sake: All of my reviews up to this point are for The Dark Mod, and will remain that way until I can actually figure out how to play Thief fan missions. :P If I need to make it clear in my posts, do say.

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    Unexpected Detour by DarkMax

    The Darkstone Gem series gets a new mission, and it is continuing the trend: it is getting better and better. As the meandering storyline has progressed, the missions have grown from good to excellent, the style has embraced a strong Thief 1 aesthetic, while experimenting with different mission types and moods. This is no longer a mini-series, but, after the closure of the previous ďchapterĒ, turning into a full-blown campaign with several expansive and complex FMs.

    Unexpected Detour is a combination of the mines from Cragscleft Prison and an enormous crypt in the vein of the Bonehoard. Neither of these are commonly explored in the FM community, and good mine missions are particularly hard to come by. Fortunately, the mission looks and plays very well. It creates the feeling of being lost in abandoned, half-collapsing tunnels or passing through the vast halls of the dead with appropriate architecture, creepy ambients, and only a few lights (all screenshots have been brightened). While it follows Thief 1ís style very closely, it is more ornamental, and has its own interpretations Ė the mines are multi-level in very pleasing ways, and the crypt section is recognisably Bonehoard-inspired while making clear that this is a Pagan burial ground Ė all with careful, consistent texture selection and a new, creepy enemy type thatís just cruel.

    Sneaking is not particularly hard except for a few select places, but navigating the darkness and spotting carefully hidden loot is a challenge. This is where Unexpected Detour is truly excellent: the loot placement is logical but requires careful observation to obtain, while progressing through the dark underground is a ton of fun in the mostly non-linear environment. Of course, it works best with a low gamma in a dark room Ė it is proper dark dark. There are a few mini-puzzles and one larger, important one, but they are all on the easier side. This mission is primarily about exploration, loot hunting, and drinking in the mood Ė and there are plenty of opportunities for all three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dark One View Post
    Something for Tannar and others' sake: All of my reviews up to this point are for The Dark Mod, and will remain that way until I can actually figure out how to play Thief fan missions. :P If I need to make it clear in my posts, do say.
    It would be helpful to have TDM added to the reviews.

    If you want help with playing Thief fan missions, just post.

    Latest reviews added to OP, thanks guys!

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    The Parcel (TDM)

    Quote Originally Posted by nickie View Post
    It would be helpful to have TDM added to the reviews.

    If you want help with playing Thief fan missions, just post.

    Latest reviews added to OP, thanks guys!
    Aight, fair enough. :P I'll put it in the title of the post. I'd like to play Thief fan missions, I need something else to distract me from being productive, but I don't even have the first two games. :P


    The Parcel (by Xonze is a short and sweet little mission. Not-Garrett has had his parcel stolen, and goes to break into a place and steal it. Thatís it. Thatís the plot. Though the reveal of what the parcel is and who Not-Garrett is stealing for does raise some amusing mental images.

    Graphics-wise, itís no better or worse than average. The snow is nice, and I think itís one of only two missions Iíve seen that incorporates it. The layout of the house is plausible, and I like the way it looks from the outside, with some nice lights in the windows, though I donít think that they match up with the outside that well.

    Difficulty-wise, higher than youíd expect. While itís not hard to evade and/or knock out the guards (this is one of the few missions where my stealth score is 0), the loot is well hidden, and careful searching and unconventional frobbing is a must. Thereís also a needed key shoved on someone in a different position than normal, which can jam you right at the end of the mission. But other than that, itís a pretty smooth ride.

    All in all, a short little Christmas mission. Short, but Recommended.

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    Sons of Barltona (TDM)

    Sons of Barltona 1 (by Carnage) has a one in the title, but since there hasnít been a two, Iíll just treat it as its own thing.

    This time, Not-Garratt is named, though I canít recall it. Anyway, his mentor has vanished while investigating a merchant, and heís angling for some answers. Hence, breaking in. The break-in is oddly difficult. The house itself is lightly guarded, and once you get to the second floor you more or less have free-reign of the place. Getting in, however, requires you to dance around a whole circle of torch guards, with little room for error. You can find a trick or two to get around, but expect more than a few issues on a first playthrough. This isnít helped by the fact that one of the optional objectives is to not be noticed, which is a bit of a wonky trigger at the best of times. Sometimes a well-fired water arrow gets the guard to draw his sword, but the failure doesnít trigger until a bit later.

    Loot-wise, itís hard. The available loot comes close to the goal, and youíll have to look carefully for it. Those of you who wonít rest until you get every single bit of change will be frustrated, because part of the loot is in the pockets of guards. Who are in the light. Who are angled so that you have to be crawling on them to grab it. Thankfully, theyíre not needed. Unless you want all the loot, in which case, good luck to ya.

    As stated above, the mission starts difficult before dropping down again. Once you get into the house itís much easier, with the only real sticking point being finding an office key on one of the guards, and even then you donít even need to go in there, I recall. Getting out is the same as getting in, though I feel I should warn that the passage you use to get in canít be opened from the inside. If you donít realize that, then youíll be forced to run out one of the doors and make a break for it. Personal experience, yes.

    Also, fair note, apparently the game locks if you go on the roof. This isn't something you can do accidently, but it's worth noting.

    All in all, a decent mission that needed a better difficulty curve. Recommended, but donít make it your first mission.

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    I imagine I would like to do some reviews again as well sometime, even for missions I've reviewed (a revisit after so many years will no doubt be worthwhile for some good missions). But I feel like I should up my game if I do so. I should do it with a GoPro or something similar, somehow. I need to get a real job in order to have the spare money and shit for that, which is in the works, but christ, it's such a pain when you're me.

    Happy crucifiction day everybody!

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    Yeah, I don't think a GoPro is what you think it is. You really want some video capture software, like Fraps or Bandicam, which you can get for around $35. I think there are some free options out there as well, with limited capabilities.

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    No! Totally go with a Go-pro!
    You could start a new trend.
    Bruder Murus tried to start something similar with his cell phone recordings and the results were stupendous!
    Just turn it off for potty time, capiche?

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    Brother Murus is ^&&*. But his hologram tech was good for its time.
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    He was talking about BruderMurus, not Brother Murus. A recent incendiary fellow here who recorded his LPs with a camera or maybe his phone. The results were... unimpressive.

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    The Ravine by Spoonman.

    You are about to embark on an adventure into a place both wonderful and strange, and you will go through the looking glass a few times before it ends. If this description appeals to you, The Ravine will be your mission. This is a hard mission to write about without spoiling things, and I wonít (not even in screenshots). Letís just stick to a general impression.

    The Ravine draws from that aspect of The Dark Project which has been least often captured in fan missions: a journey into an irrational and dangerous world which defies conventional explanation, but which makes sense as a dream, a collection of strange impressions. The nature of mysteries like this is that they are only effective as long as they arenít given a rationale, and they lose their power once they are completely figured out. This mission, rather smartly, never gives you that key. There are no readables, no conventional storytelling and no fully built framework to place your experiences. It just is, like a puzzle that has no solution, but could have multiple guesses. Its closest parallel is Gems of Provenance, although it is very different.

    The Ravine is a large, complex level that has countless pathways through it, and several hidden places (I got 2600 out of more than 4000 loot). There is verticality, there is horizontality, and there are all kinds of interconnections. The starting area alone would make a small level, but it doesnít stop there. It is vast; it is also dark. Completely dark except for light sources and your trusty lantern. The lantern becomes invaluable in your exploration, but it also draws attention to you, as it should. This is a proper tradeoff and a fun gameplay element. There are places where rope arrows would come in handy, but the mission is sadistic enough not to give you any, ever. After a more quiet beginning, the AI patrols are numerous and make for a proper challenge.

    Graphically, it is on the less detailed side, and the zero ambient does sometimes look rough with the stencil shadows. But it is never ugly, it is thematically consistent, and very often does ingenious things with simple architecture. The soundscape is very impressive Ė properly menacing, mysterious, using sound cues to both guide and disorient you.

    All in all, this mission is odd, imaginative, and a whole lot of fun. Donít spoil yourself Ė just play.

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    A nice, but different review of a seemingly nice, but different mission. This write-up peaked my interest more than usual. Thank you Melan.

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    Solar Escape (TDM)

    Solar Escape (by Tr00pertj), by its title alone, makes me think of those Japanese room escape games I used to play pretty often, even though I was terrible at them.

    The plot is simple: Not-Garrett discovers a body in the swamp, as well as information on it that leads him to the home of one Sebastian Creep, who has arranged for the death of said man and gotten his hands on a valuable scepter, and maybe more. Hence, breaking into his house, stealing it, and leaving the note calling for the murder behind for blackmail purposes (even though it doesnít help, because he can just get rid of the note. But anyway.)

    This mission is small, but oddly difficult. Thereís a good bit of loot, but a lot of it is crammed in odd locations, so youíll have to take things slowly and be willing to look everywhere. Not helping matter are the guards: One is inside and near-impossible to get around if you want to ghost the mission, and one outside who can see you from there, and you really canít get a good look at him, forcing you to try and remember where he is and not be there. The main gripe I have is with finding your way onto the upper balcony, the entrance to which isnít clear or hinted at.

    Thereís another element of this that I donít understand: Why does the woman ignore this strange man wandering the house? Sheíll panic if you leave bodies lying around, but why is she fine with this robbery in the first place? Itís never explained, really. Also, why does Creep feel that he can take over the world with a scepter that A. only lets you travel between worlds, and B. canít even get you back to your own? The diary implies that he doesnít understand B. but A isnít much better. Finally, why does Not-Garrett feel the need to leave by the church tunnels? Canít he just leave the same way he came in?

    I also want to take a moment to soapbox about an issue near and dear to my heart: Proofread your mission dang it. This has come up before, but Iíve only remembered to mention it now. No one is asking for Shakespeare level mastery, but at least make it flow. The grammar in this mission, for example, feels stilted and flawed, and needed someone to at least give it a once over. But thatís mainly a personal gripe (now watch as some smart guy nitpicks my own grammar. I suppose I deserve it. :P )

    All in all, itís a decent mission, similar to the last one I reviewed. Recommended, but donít make it your first.

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    Special Delivery (TDM)

    Special Delivery (by Silencium18) is a short little thing. No really, one of the shortest missions for The Dark Mod.

    The plot is as normal: Not-Garratt has gotten wind of a valuable diamond and sets out to rob and (if youíre me) give many guards concussions. Where this mission sets itself apart is in the choice of location. Instead of the normal fancy mansion, we have an industrial warehouse, bringing the problem of electric lights and metal floors. However, once you get through the first room, the rest is mostly smooth sailing. Getting the key you need is slightly harder than you might think, but other than that, this is a pretty smooth mission.

    I donít have much else to say, really. Recommended, even if I feel that experienced players will blaze through it.

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    Too Late (TDM)

    Too Late (by Nielsen74) is yet another short mission. Donít worry, Iíll get to some longer ones after this one.

    The plot is simple: Not-Garrett is after another jeweled scepter (Bafford never learns), but finds that another group of thieves have made off with it already. Since Not-Garrett already bothered himself to get out at night, he decides that he might as well steal if from this new group.

    Similar to the last mission, the setting is more industrial, taking place at a dockside warehouse. Itís an oddly liner level, with a straight shot from beginning to end, barring a little extra back area that I donít fully understand the purpose of. What makes up for that if difficulty: Loot is cannily hidden, guards are abundant, and higher difficulties limit your knockouts. Itís mostly fair however, with multiple chances to scramble on the higher ground and work your way around the guards. I do wish that it was a little more clear how far the light from the obligatory torch guard can reach, since more than once I had to scramble across the boxes to dodge it. But thatís not really the fault of the mission creator.

    All in all, a fun little mission with some nice challenge behind it. Recommended.

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    Full Moon Fever (TDM)

    Since he just released a new mission, he gets dibs.

    Full Moon Fever (by Spoonman) is another Victorian burglary simulator...with a twist. A certain lord has been doing renovation on his mansion, and rumors are spreading that heís found incredible treasure. Rumors, because he isnít talking, due to suddenly vanishing, leaving his house more or less abandoned besides the guards. A thief sent in to case the joint has confirmed that the family will be arriving soon to take possession, meaning that Not-Garratt has to make his move.

    The first thing about this mission that strikes is how big it is. Maybe Iím just easily impressed, but this is a very last mission, with a mansion that feels like a mansion. Thereís lots to explore, and guards lurk around every corner. Youíre granted maps of the place, youíll need them. I wonít say itís a *hard* mission, certainly it would take time to make your way through it, but once you get a handle on the layout, I think it goes smoothly. ďMethodicalĒ is the best word I can think of. Itís a tense half hour or so, but once you get a few people knocked out and get your bearings, it becomes much more satisfying.

    Loot-wise, itís pretty simple. The highest loot goal is high, but thereís plenty to be found. I admit, when I first played the mission, I fell short, but my second playthrough got me plenty, so make of that what you will.

    Like I said, this mission has a tweeeeeest, and itís well-done. I donít want to give away the nature of it, but rest assured, when you realize what a literally bloody mess youíve walked into, much panicked uttering and desperate running towards your goal will ensue (for me, anyway.) I donít want to say anymore, itís best saved.

    My main gripe with this mission is that it feels a tad too long. Needless to say, thereís terror and horror beneath the house, but maneuvering through it feels like a little bit too much mission. I know that this is probably just a personal thing, but considering how much there is to this mission in the first place, the final sequence feels slightly anticlimactic. I also have to question the story itself, but since there are spoilers involved, Iíll just say that Iím not totally sure how the lordís actions were actually supposed to help. That bedroom wonít stay closed forever, after all.

    All in all, a very solid and creepy mission, and Iím honestly a little disappointed that Iím having a hard time wording why I liked it so much.. Recommended, and I hope that I can get to The Ravine within the next twenty years. :P

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    The Rift (TDM)

    I finally beat this mission gah.

    The Rift (by Baddcog) was a mission made for a vertical contest mission, which the creator decided to take in a different direction, which I approve of. Not-Garratt is laying low in a hillside mining town and decides to make a few extra gold bits by stealing the jeweled scepter of a local lord. He barely takes two steps before an earthquake opens a huge rift, which demands exploring.

    This is a more undead focused mission, with exploration of ruins and tomb raiding. I think this is the first time Iíve reviewed one of these, or at least the first to have it as the major focus. Iím not sure if I like this type of mission; I admit that I prefer to creep around in an elegant mansion or vast city, exploring, finding secrets, and indulging my inner voyeur. But maybe I just havenít played the right kind yet.

    Graphics-wise, it certainly pulls off making the rift seem vast and you feel very small, at least for to first half of the mission, after which it gets a tad more claustrophobic. Itís not pretty, but impressive enough, and itís nice enough to make it clear where youíre supposed to go.

    Difficulty-wise, itís actually pretty hard, or at least more difficult than expected. You donít have a lot of equipment, and if you arenít familiar with The Dark Modís combat system youíll find yourself ducking around quite a lot. There are also a few places where I felt it was nigh-impossible to drop down without taking damage. One would think you could just use rope arrows, but this mission is oddly skimpy on them. Itís even possible to find yourself stranded at the end of the mission with no real place to go, due to the lack of rope arrows. Also, you have to personally make your way back up, and again, poor use of rope arrows can leave you stuck. Even the opening is a pain, you have three guards right out your window, and only perfect timing will get you to street level without getting seen.

    I admit, Iím biased: I took waaaay too long to beat this mission, and Iím still a tad bitter. But being fair, this is a solid mission, just not part of a subset I like, and with a few kinks to be ironed out here and there. Recommended.

    P.S. If anyone knows how to get into the church, do say. :P

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    Thief: Brainchild by Sperry

    This is my first review and it's a short one, so bear with me.

    I just played Brainchild, a FM by Sperry. It was very different from the average mansion heist mission and for that, I adore it. Compared to most FMs, this one really stands out with it's unique setting and non thiefy, exploration-focused gameplay. I also love how Sperry managed to perfectly combine the Thief: Gold ambients (like the droning echoes and hums from the original games) with this creepy, techno-nightmare labyrinth of a level. Plus, the lack of any story or explanation just leaves the player guessing and wanting more. If you haven't played Brainchild yet, then stop reading this review and do it right now. Trust me, it's an experience you won't forget and there hasn't been anything like this since.
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    The King of Diamonds (TDM)

    Now, back on target.

    The King of Diamonds (by Spooks) is the first city mission Iíve reviewed in a while, and itís a good one. Not-Garratt is contacted by an acquaintance, King, who wants Not-Garratt to do something for him. After tracking down Kingís accomplice, Not-Garrett learns that King made of with a valuable diamond...but was ratted out and is currently laying low, and he wants Not-Garrett to break into his former residence and get Kingís stuff back.

    Graphics-wise, this mission is quite...purple. And blue. Very different from what one expects out of a city, and for that Iím glad. The city is more of a mix of back alleys and side streets, giving it a cramped, claustrophobic feel. However, it also has the result of making the mission a tad confusing to navigate, at least at first. You get two maps, and while they look nice, to be honest I didnít find them much help.

    Difficulty-wise, it feels like the inverse of Sons of Barltona: The city itself is simple to navigate; there are very few guards on the streets, but the estate itself jacks the difficulty up. In Expert, at least, you canít even knock anyone unconscious, the torches are dutifully relit, and thereís a fair bit of ducking around people who wander into every nook and cranny. And getting out is a pain as well.

    Where this mission really shines are the side quests and stories you can find in your scrounging. The mission is similar to Lords and Legacy, in that there are a lot of mini-stories going on, though here they do tend to dovetail a bit more. Itís not pure horror, but there are a few creepy moments in the mission, which Iím loath to spoil. Itís quite good, and the atmosphere is well done, with understated sound (or lack thereof) to hammer in the creepiness. Although I do question how you can have neighbors who are separated by like solid blocks of house.

    Like I said, there are side quests aplenty here, ranging from simply dealing with a wannabe backstabber to a long and involved quest to take out a captain viaÖ.interesting means. Itís a very involved thing, and itís easy to miss on a step or two if you donít know what youíre doing. Still, itís definitely one of the more creative objectives Iíve seen in The Dark Mod. Only gripe is that he died out of view of everyone when I played, so no mass panic.

    All in all, a good, creepy mission, with a fair amount to do. Recommended.

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    Volta and the Stone (TDM)

    Hm, Iím nowhere near done with my backlog.

    Volta and the Stone (by Kingsal) starts by changing your screen in The Dark Mod proper to some neat purple tower, so you know youíre getting effort here. A decently-voiced cutscene fills you in on the plot: Not-Garrett has been recruited to steal a valuable stone from the Volta estate, and surprise surprise, itís at the top of a stupidly huge tower. Most of the mission is spent trying to make your way into the tower, so itís not really a vertical mission, however.

    Difficulty-wise, itís not overly hard. The guard placement is light, and the patrols are wide enough so that even that odd thief that doesnít whack everyone and their mother over the head can slip through. The loot goal is also pretty reasonable, at the very least you shouldnít have any trouble hitting it if youíre paying attention. The only part that I feel might trip people up is one of the switches. Youíre told where it is, but thereís still a bit of pixel hunting to find it. To be honest though, itís a very mild complaint. Thereís also a rather annoyingly placed guard at the tower entrance who more or less have to run and pray around.

    Where this mission shines is in the layout. It looks different than most missions, with more of a red hue to everything. Even the guards have custom outfits, the whole thing almost makes me think of a house of cards. The mission is very non-linear, there are quite a few different ways through the mansion, if youíre willing to look up every now and then. Some people have compared this to canon missions, so Iíll take that as a good sign.

    The only real tripping point is the ending, which has a little puzzle elements and some good views, but still feels a tad bit anti-climactic, considering some of the foreshadowing throughout the mission. Oh well, this is supposed to be part 1 of a series, Iíve gathered, so weíll see what the future holds. All in all, solid, creative mission. Recommended.

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    Thanks everyone. The OP is now updated and apologies for my dilatoriness.

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    Try using shorter words, nickie. It may speed up the process.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    Now why didn't I think of that.

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    In Rememberance of Him (TDM)

    Getting close to a milestone!

    In Remembrance of Him (by RPGista) is one of those experimental missions that tries to do something different within the confines of the ordinary mission. Some succeed, some fail, and this kindaÖ.flops.

    The plot is simple: Not-Garrett is having some sweet quiet time with his lover when she kills the mood by bringing up her previous fiance. Not-Garrett ends up deciding to break into the manís crypt and get the engagement ring back. This is all much more touching than Iím making it sound.

    The mission starts with you in an alley, an invisible wall behind you. If youíre like me, you'll want to explore, jump around, see what lurks. Before long, a guard comes around. He does not care about the invisible wall, he just runs in to kill you. This is the first taste you get of the odd design choices.

    In fairness, this is an atypical mission that tries to offer you more choice. Thereís no loot goal, and the only restriction you have is not killing innocents. If you want to stealth your way through, you can. If you want to slaughter the resident gang, you can. If you want to play the stoic thief, only focused on the ring and not caring about the loot scattered around, you can. You do have choices, but choice thatís constantly made for you is banging your shin.

    You cannot see a dang thing in this level. There about two, three segments in near pitch darkness, making what should be, for example, a good bit of parkour into an exercise in tedium. An endgame bit becomes nothing more than you fumbling in the dark if you put out all the candles. This could all be fixed with a lantern, but for some reason you donít have one, which is why Iím going off on this so much, the fix is so simple.

    It bugs me, because this is a good mission. It feels like youíre crawling around the backways of the city, the storytelling is good, and thereís even a nice shot of horror at the end, but the little things trip it up. Recommended, but with knowledge of the flaws.

    Also, what was with that book in the priestís office? IT was explained to me as a fragment from an actual book, but it felt like a bit of an author tract, since I can't see a priest having it in his office.

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    Sneak and Destory (TDM)

    Alright then.

    Sneak and Destroy (by SeriousToni) was made as part of a contest for first-timers (which you guys should totally do again *end soapbox moment*), and is a pretty accomplished effort.

    The story is told in cutscene: Not-Garratt is tipped off by a mysterious woman that an assassin is after him and is staying in a nearby inn. Not-Garratt sets off to take care of the problem and make some fast cash on the way...once he figures out which inn the assassin is staying in.

    Difficulty-wise, itís not bad. The highest difficulty restricts your knock-outs and fails you if youíre seen, but getting around the guards is mostly simple. Thereís one outside the second inn that can be a pain to get around (especially when leaving) and the second inn is a bit cramped, but nothing that canít be overcome. The loot goal is a tad high, but carefully searching will help, there wasnít anything hidden in like some bizarre location. You also have a plentiful supply of water arrows, which helps. That being said, the guards here are the types of guards to notice when loot is missing, which is sort of a rarity in the missions Iíve played. Thereís not much to say graphics-wise, other than that the creator does a good job in keeping the inns looking distinct.

    The main draw of this mission is the assassination. I admit, I like missions like these, and Iím not totally sure why. The set-up isnít exactly Hitman level complex, but there is a bit of strategy involved in tracking down your target. Itís simple, but satisfying. That being said I would have liked a slightly more satisfying ending.

    All in all, this is a solid mission, especially when you consider that it was the authorís first. Recommended.

    Like I said in my last review, were at a milestone: This is, for now, the last of the single-author missions, creators who have only done one mission. Now, we can move on to the creators who have done multiple missions. Next up: stumpy.


    Also, a question for the masses: What do you think of my reviews so far? Anything I should improve, change, etc? Too much info, not enough? Anything you like/don't like, really. :P

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