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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    HushÖ Hush, Sweet Harlot by Ithel, KGoodsell and Kyloe

    What happened to sweet harlot?

    This mission is one of the classic first city levels for Thief 1. Garrett needs to return his lockpicks, which were "borrowed" from him by courtesan ironically named Chance from some brothel. This is simple beginning, at first glance, but plot thickens, firstly, because the brothel is in a separate area of the mission, with some complicated access to, and we need to understand how to find way there which is not so easy. And in the middle of the mission we are faced with a plot twist, connected with Chance’s fate.

    I do not like such rigid division of the mission into separate isolated areas, which can be penetrated in a strictly certain way. Also, we can find fault with the architecture of the mission, which is a bit angular and very simple (almost like “Autumn in the Lampfire Hills” and other missions released at that time), but according to how old this mission is… I think it’s not justified claim. And, finally I found somewhat disappointing its abrupt ending (authors planned a sequel, but unfortunately it was not released).

    However, all these flaws are not breaking the gameplay of “Hush… Hush, Sweet Harlot” which is full by large number of hidings, and secluded places for access to which you need to strain the brain. And, it is not easy to get into each new area, and the process of finding the path itself is a combination of logic and stealth, which further increases the interest in the mission. In addition to the main plot, the mission has several mini-sub-stories and so makes an impression of lived world.

    Also, there are some tense stealth-moments (especially a brothel with guards, courtesans and clients), as well as rather tough moments of the plot. Very good work with scripts and conversation scenes. In general, this is the classic dark atmosphere of Thief 1 may be with some slight feminist motives.

    This short text comes to conclusion in which I can designate “Hush… Hush, Sweet Harlot” as an interesting combination of some adventurous elements and puzzles and sometimes very intensive stealth situations.

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    Apologies for delay in adding the latest but they're done now. Thanks very much.

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    Vengeance for a Thief Part 3: The Art of Revenge

    Wow, I'm behind.

    Part three of Vengeance for a Thief is live.

    The Art of Revenge takes place a year after part two, and our hero has returned to Bridgeport to take some sweet sweet vengeance against the one who set him up by re-stealing the Angelís Tear and a valuable painting donated to a museum by the backstabber.

    This is probably the most balanced mission in the VfaT series. It starts out as a small city mission before moving into the museum for the actual heist. The difficulty is balanced, with a fair few guards patrolling but giving you the room to maneuver around them, and making the ambient lighting far less strong outside (though the same canít be said for the inside, lighting-wise). The loot goal is also more relaxed, to the point where you donít even have to take any from the display cases lying around to get to it...which is good, because the guards will notice if any are missing. The mission also assigns you to track down five golden lions belonging to the Order of the Golden Lion. This is optional, but isnít too hard if one is willing to explore a bit.

    The mission continues the trend of gigantic buildings, though a little more controlled than in part two, with most of the massive size being saved for the museum itself. It makes the place look very impressive, though it can make guards hard to see from across the room. The interior is nice and varied, with multiple exhibits to search through. One thing that I liked about this mission was being able to take certain arrows from one exhibit to use, which I only found out you can do in my second playthrough.

    On the whole, this is a good conclusion to the VfaT series. Recommended.

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