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Thread: General Fan Mission Review And Discussion Megathread

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    What Lies Below By Yandros

    What Lies Below By Yandros
    Released: 2006

    What is the story?: Taking place after the events of Thief 3 Garrett finds himself in The Old Quarter in semi-retirement when he gets a message from the Hammerites asking for a meeting - you find out that the Hammers are looking for a particular item that will help them reclaim the old cathedral by putting the recently raised dead back to rest, and they've got a few new goodies to help your cause as well. Lets get to it.

    How does it play?: Like a nightmare. I don't mean that in the way that I'm calling the mission poor - the mission literally reminded me of nightmares I've had in the past and the surreal nature of the slight color on grayscale look makes it feel as if you are literally trudging around in the dark places of someones mind and looking for trouble. The feeling of dread is constant and the atmosphere will keep you on edge worrying about the next enemy noticing you before you notice them..

    There are alot of impressive engine tricks on display here - keeper glyphs that can be activated to turn solid walls into doorways, raising and lowering of water levels, jump-out-and-make-you-crap-your-pants moments and on and on. The mission is also very complex in that though there are usually multiple routes to any given section they are gated off and present you with the challenge of finding how to not only open the gate to continue but how to even reach the switch itself - a few spots will literally have you searching high and low for a solution.

    Dealing with enemies this time around gives you the chance to be creative - you'll encounter enemies in areas you wouldn't normally expect to see them and you'll really have to be on your toes due to their.. well.. secretive nature, shall we say. Unlike guards who stroll out into the light and make their presence known you'll need to use vision and sound well to deal with these baddies.

    There were a few minor bits that hampered the gameplay a bit - for some reason every time I'd come out of one of the holes in one of the control rooms I'd get terribly stuck and have to jump at least a half dozen times to get out of my invisible prison - but all in all I found no major issues with bugs or problems in the mission.. and considering the amount of engine trickery on display it makes for quite the impressive feat.

    Also making an appearance here are some of Yandros' custom weapons - I particularly enjoyed the grenade like projectiles that made the hordes of undead a bit easier to deal with - though the strength of the weapons (particularly the frag grenade) seemed horribly underpowered and took far too many to take an enemy down. Luckily this is offset by there not being tons of enemies to deal with throughout the mission, but I would have liked to have seen the weapons be a bit more effective with their stopping power.

    How does it look?: The vivid red blood and small bits of color splashed across colorless walls and floors not only give the mission a noir feel but also gives a feeling of uneasiness that helps to ratchet up the fear factor a bit.. definitely something Yandros is quite good at. See also: Deceptive Perception 2. At points this mission definitely tries to give you a fright - so be sure you are alright with horror themed missions before giving yourself a heart attack at certain points as I did. The mission looks fantastic and the noir effect really works well.

    With all the subtle touches such as bones at the bottom of a drainage area, water running out of pipes all over the place and rooms covered in blood and cobwebs - visually you get the feel that its been a while since a living person has been in the area but when they were things certainly didn't turn out well for them. Great looking mission and a great effect that I hope to see in future missions at some point.

    How does it sound?: From the screams of Hammerites being cut down by the undead to the rushing of water and the clanking of machines - this mission sounds like a nightmare as well.. cold, unforgiving and bleak. I wouldn't have it any other way - the mission sounds excellent.

    So what is the verdict?: A frightening mission with a great story, a great look and fantastic sound - if horror themed missions tickle your fancy this one is going to certainly deliver.

    Check this one out if you enjoy: Horror missions, water based missions, undead, puzzles, pants shitting.

    Screens: (All my screens are optimized for the dark themes on the forum - if they are hard to see or appear too bright then try switching to a dark theme, you'll get used to it and it makes screens look so much better!)

    Hope you don't mind getting your feet wet.

    Unfortunately that hammer isn't as effective against ghosts as one might hope.

    Cold, desolate and lonely.

    Well at least he didn't drop his hammer and run.

    Hopefully this fellow wasnt sitting in his chair when he ended up a splash on the back wall - I can't even imagine how that happened and probably don't want to.

    Time for a swim!

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    SJ, I don't think the Hammer or Mushrooms are supposed to be in color... are they? Yandros? Try it without the EP and see. Also, did you add the Eshaktaar water in yourself, or is it also color in the mission?

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    Pretty sure the water is right, but the other stuff I'm not sure on. It's been a while since I fired this one up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Nightfall View Post
    SJ, I don't think the Hammer or Mushrooms are supposed to be in color... are they? Yandros? Try it without the EP and see. Also, did you add the Eshaktaar water in yourself, or is it also color in the mission?
    Everything looks just like that when I play - I do have the EP installed so that might be it? I didn't replace water or anything, wouldn't even know how.

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    No, you're right Digi, the things being taken from the EP are in full colour but aren't intended to be (the EP didn't exist yet when I released the mission). The banners in the original were faded but still slightly red, for example. That's OK I suppose, but if I ever update the mission I'll probably make sure it plays the way I intended both with and without the EP. The water is mine, made for this mission, not Eshaktaar's (which also hadn't been released to the public in Sept 06). As far as I know that texture hasn't been reused by me or anyone else since, because it isn't animated - those are water conveyors with a static texture floating on a current.

    SJ, thanks for the review!

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    Sorry about presenting the wrong coloring by using the EP - I didn't even think about it. If you ignore the water and mushrooms I think the effect is still the same. I suppose I could go back and grayscale those areas in photoshop if it bothers anyone.

    I'm attempting to play Haddur to review at some point.. but after dying in mid air for no reason during the briefing mission and being chased down by super speed ghosts at the beginning of the second mission I'm beginning to think that Haddur is designed purely to frustrate the hell out of people

    Is it worth sticking it out or is the entire 12 or so mission series designed like that?

    Edit: Bloody hell, I think this one has passed Rebellion Of The Builder in my mind for most frustrating campaign ever. After being grossly overpowered throughout the entire first part of the mission on part 2 I've managed to not only die more than a dozen times but I've nearly lost my will to even try the mission again. I honestly don't know if this is worth the frustration, haha. I really enjoyed the scenes with the thieves guild battling the undead - but seriously, god damn.
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    Well, I just intended to play the Haddur series for the first time... but you make me wonder if I should do it...

    P.S. Review coming up, folks!

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    I guess there aren't too many people reading this stuff anymore. A few, yes, but not the 'random' ones, that don't seem to be as visible. Eh, maybe they just skip the commenting part.

    As for me, I'll try to get it together and finally play & review something, but no promises.

    And this year doesn't feel so swarmed with people as last year's 2nd part side (August-December) around when I joined. "Around when I joined" probably explains it. AND the ridiculous amount of FM releases i guess? Even Mission X got released in the middle of august. Wow was that a run...

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    Maybe a lot of folks are working on FM's and therefor have less time to spend here?

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    Indeed. Sorry, that was insensitive.

    Could somebody name a few straightforwarder/easier missions here?

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    - A Shopping Stopover
    - All For A Night's Sleep
    - A Water Arrow In The Fire

    Must be heaps more...

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    Good day, ladies and gentlemen!

    How would you like to:

    - Meet new, interesting people?

    - Examine old and shiny artifacts?

    - See creatures kick the sh*t out of each other?

    Well, all of these desires can be fullfilled in:

    A Brawl in the Tombs

    *A-team music sounds, audience applauds*

    A Fan Mission, made by John D. and remixed by Dark Assasin!

    Well, that's enough nonsense for this review. Let's get to work. But before you start reading, please check these notes:

    - This mission is made in...2004 I think, but has recently been remixed by Dark Assasin. Although I'm sure the mission looks a lot cooler like now, it's still a bit unfortunate that I have not been able to play the original mission. Why? Because if I admire something in this mission (believe me, I will), I don't know if to give credit to John D. or Dark Assasin. So, I won't mention these names, I'll just say 'the author'.

    - Before playing this mission, I suggest you play the earlier missions of John D. You will understand the story better, because somehow all missions are connected to each other, sometimes a strong connection, sometimes weak. And if you play all his missions in order, you will have a great time. John's missions are:
    - Dark Beginnings (3-mission pack including Burglary in Blackbrook, Shadows of the Past and Quick Cash.)
    - Your Last Breath
    - A Brawl in the Tombs
    - Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel
    - Island of Iron 2: Confronation
    - Deep Trouble - City under the Sea (3-mission pack including Deep Trouble, Deep Trouble - City under the Sea 1 and Deep Trouble - City under the sea 2)
    Trust me - they are all worth playing.

    - I made a delicious apple pie some days ago, so if anyone wants the recipe, be welcome to ask me.

    Now all these formalities are done, let's get to the review.

    First, like always, the story. After going to Blackbrook, getting the BloodStar Gem, making some Quick Cash at a Hammerite temple, and having His Last Breath, Garrett decides to have a nice holiday in the small town of Lithscon. After getting in contact with a friend, Garrett hears there is an enormous tomb complex beneath the town. It seems the great undead fighter, the Hammerite Thoren and his crew are fighting their way to the lower levels, and to make things worse, there are rumours of Mechanists being seen in the tombs. Also to be seen: a thieves' guild (they are friendly, thanks to your contact) and there are Keeper Glyphs, outside the tomb entrance. Hmmm, are that enough reasons to have a look in dangerous tombs full of undead? Maybe, maybe not. But there are sure enough reasons when Garrett hears of a golden skull, a magical sword and Thoren's rosary, all in the tombs! Time to KO some Hammers, laugh at some Mechanists, peek at the Keepers, give a hug at some thieves, and fight the undead...

    A Brawl in the Tombs are really suitable for those that, after playing OMs, still are not used to undead. In these large tombs it's easy to avoid them, and ghost the level. And after a while you even get help from some thieves, so that makes it even easier. Though also if you like undead, this is really a mission for you. It's really fun to attack them or ghost them, they are placed in a way that you won't get 15 behind your back when you kill one (except for some places).

    We'll be right back with Weird Review Part 2, after the break!

    Are you tired to ghost past a lot of Mechanists and their machinery? Annoyed of getting hurt all the time by their robots and turrets? Well, those days are over! Just buy the GiantGangOfUndead - Killing Edition!

    The GiantGangOfUndead - KE is designed for problems like this! It makes thieving a lot easier, and if you order now you will get two haunts for free!



    The GiantGangOfUndead. Because ghosts... are awesome.

    one noisemaker arrow is necessary to activate the GiantGangOfUndead - KE, and it's not included in our pack. Bring it yourselves, and don't complain about our service.


    And welcome back. We'll continue our review. As I have said before, gameplay is suitable for everyone, and it's a lot of fun. You'll see a lot of different areas, and you will watch some pretty cool AI fights. To be honest, I never really liked AI fights, they were a bit boring if there wasn't a good story. Except... humans against undead. Those fights are really fun to watch, and they look beautiful (as far as you can name a flying skull hitting someone's head beautiful). 50% of the enemies in this mission kill each other, which makes it a lot easier.

    Architecture is very good in this mission. There won't be any special effects, but it looks great when you walk through the tomb corridors, and the defenses of both Hammerites and Mechanists are really realistic and beautiful to see.

    But architecture would be nothing without his brother, sound. Sound is really good in the mission, you won't hear the same tune over and over again while wandering through the tombs. The music is sometimes a bit scary, though in my opinion the mission is not. The undead are easy to avoid, or they slaughter humans and get slaughtered by humans.

    Forget what I all just said, just remember one thing: Everyone should have played this mission! A great mission in multiple ways, and until now one of my favorite undead missions.

    And's.... *Monty Python's Flying Circus music, but picture just the word 'Screenshots!*

    Take a good look - you won't see the sky for quite some time.

    What on earth did happen here? (And do we actually want to know it ?)

    "Looks like this place was built by my old pals the Keepers..." NO GARRETT, REALLY?

    Praise him... and loot him.

    Thieves' lair - the place to be in the Very Scary Tombs.

    You just know tons of undead will appear if you grab this thing - but it's so shiny!

    Well guys, this was another rev...Argh! *chokes in bad-made apple pie*
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    By the way, I know some of these screens really suck, I tried to make them good but if I make them darker (like they first were) you can't see a damn thing. Guess I'll have to quit Irfanview and download Photshop soon...

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    In response to Thor02's undoubtedly justified comment to which I plead guilty, thank you PotatoGuy for another smashing review. I've played most of Brawl in the Tombs and really do recommend it too for undead haters/dislikers. Unfortunately, I was never able to get much of a fight going between anyone. Not sure what I was doing wrong exactly but reading this, I think I must have another go. And the screenies look fine to me - at least I can see them without using Gapa.

    Do you think you could post a link to where I can get the GiantGangOfUndead - Killing Edition please. My googling reveals nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PotatoGuy View Post
    Guess I'll have to quit Irfanview and download Photshop soon...
    Probably, yes. Photoshop is a nice editor and the master of deception, if you want to make the mission look much better/worse than it really is. I'm still too lazy to install it myself. Btw avoid using the word download, it can get fairly lethal.

    Reviewing the review: It was nice, interactive, creative and a bit reviewy too.

    Ok, I should shut up for a while now and do something myself too, for a change.

    Edit: Aw, nickie, I didn't mean to make anyone feel guilty and spread the misery. :/

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    I don't feel at all guilty. BUT . . . you guys put in a lot of effort doing these reviews, the least I can do is make a comment!

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    I must be really bored and pathetic quoting myself, but I don't care what you people think about me anymore. I think I've set my image.
    Ok, I accidently rewatched my own reviews and then I saw this...
    These were from "Eye of the Tiger" review, but I am still sure they are from "Claw of the Tiger"... It's just that I can't Imagine how could this have possibly happened! xD
    Guess I'll edit the posts, then.

    Ok, I got an idea how it happened... Guess I should bang my head agains't the wall then, but maybe then it will hurt even more. Hmm, tough one.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mike View Post
    But first the story. You play Garrett- world weary thief, misanthrope, and three time Emmy Award winner for his portrayal of "Dr. House"- [..]
    Oh, good one, I might buy this one!

    Last edit: Oh and I don't think I'll be reviewing "Five Tigers" mission 1, since intruder already reviewed it.
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    Reviewing: "Keeper Investigations I - Dawn Of The Metal Age"

    Game: Thief II
    Mission: Keeper Investigations I - Dawn Of A New Age
    Author: Intruder
    Released: 06th Aug 2008

    Yes, I [b]'ed the important things this time, since [b]'ing "Mission:" or "Author" felt rather retarded this time.
    And I don't care that it was reviewed already!!
    I really wanted to review this mission. It was special to me - it introduced me to FMs (t2x doesn't count as it was 3 years ago, it is just too different heheh) and I'm somewhat... nostalgic [if it's the right word] about this mission... The first one I have replayed thus far.
    But that is really not the only reason I reviewed it, as you will see.

    I'll just copy the story from the description and toss in a comment.

    The City changes very fast. After the defeat of the Trickster, a group of Hammerite separatist's who call themselves "Mechanists" grows in number and influence in the city. The Hammerites are weakened and unable to stop the fluctuation in their ranks. These new fanatics are especially interested in engineers, chemists and inventors and a lot of them have already joined them. But it is not clear what their plan is and how it will affect the City.
    Artemus is concerned about this development and decided to share his knowledge with Garrett. He is convinced that Garrett would be able to gather some information and reveal some of the mysteries surrounding those new Mechanists. But one thing was mentioned many times in the Keeper books:
    The Metal Age and that time is short...

    I think the story was well and, in a way, classic. The Metal Age is beginning, your old friend is pulling you in it once again and so it begins. Although I do think it's out of Garrett's character, to listen to a keeper until it actually affects his life.
    Still, as far as I care, this is possibly a perfect storyline - it's 'thiefy', it's intriguing and by the end of the mission you realize you're excited. (At least I was)

    Gameplay was somewhat linear, solid, straightforward and entertaining. This mission included a bit of everything you would expect in a normal city with religious fanatics.
    You started out relatively decently, but it got better from there on. But this is in nearly every FM, so why did I even mention it.
    If you play on expert, you better search every inch of map for loot. I, even doing so, spent about extra 5 or so hours in frustration searching for the last bits of loot. Then again, those are my eyes. That didn't happen this time, because I did not miss the epic loot in that godforsaken place again.
    This mission shall challenge your rope arrow & climbing skills, so be careful. For non-reloaders this might be hell. For ghosters it's a tad bit annoying too, plus you can't ghost the ending scene (at least I couldn't, although... I have an idea how to do it now...).

    The looks overall are pretty and classic . The choice of textures was great too, if not maybe for the tile floors in Hammerite/Mechanist churches. The layout and architecture are interacting and, unless you get stuck somewhere for hours, you should be entertained by them.

    This mission sounds just great. The ambient sounds were well placed along with background music. That being said, the atmosphere got much more immersed too.

    I saw some minor glitches with sound and climbing by default, but it shouldn't stop you from playing it.
    Admittedly, this isn't a mission like "A Night in Rocksbourg 3" or "Mission X", but that doesn't change the fact, that it's a fun mission, that keeps you entertained the whole time, therefore worth to be played. So unless you have a distinct hate for rope arrows, streets, various factions and loot-hunting (but mostly on expert), you should like it.

    I think this mission has a good replay value, because this FM was a little hard for me at first, but when I've played it once, I knew where to go and what to do and I had no frustrations, just reliving some nostalgic moments.

    Here are some quick screens I took. I didn't "copyright" the screens, like I did in TIS. I decided only to do those formalities in TIS. And ouch, I did not notice how bad quality these screens are up until now. Dang.

    Just an attempt to confuse you.

    To confuse you more.

    Saying "confuse you" for the first time probably won't be super-duper funny anymore, so I leave this one up to you.


    Intruder sure knows how to keep a great background. It's a great quality, imho.

    Some roofs and more background houses. This makes you imagine, that there is more to this mission. Or something down that road.
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    Reviewing: "Keeper Investigations II - Ocean Freight"

    Game: Thief II
    Author: Intruder
    Mission: Keeper Investigations - Ocean Freight
    Released: 09th Nov 2008

    This is the 2nd mission in campaign "Keeper Investigations". The mission sets place in docks, which is one of my very favorite mission types (along with tomb raiding and forests/mountains).
    Trying a different method with screen-shots this time. Also, I'm [i]'ing the word docks, since it repeats so many times.

    My P.S. in the beginning, so the ending would stay as it is. I'm thinking of not [b]'ing the keyword of each paragraph now. I don't know...

    The story continues where the previous mission left off - The Mechanists are rising in power, an individual engineer called Aton has his own plans for the whole affair and you have come to the docks to investigate a bit more about him.

    I'm really fond with the storyline, as it works well side-to-side with original Thief 2 OMs and so you actually have a better orientation what you're reading about. Speaking of readables, there are about as many of them as in the first part. A little more than OMs, much less then in many FMs. I like it. That way the mission says it's really focusing more of gameplay.

    Speaking of gameplay, the gameplay is great and is this mission's front tank. Crates and lockers everywhere, like docks are supposed to be. They are locked up tight and hidden really well. Like always, docks must have some smugglers too and if I didn't misunderstand, there were them, plus they keep a good piece of loot too. Speaking of loot (for the 3rd time), this map doesn't really feel like mercy too on experts (Keepers), so stay sharp! Luckily, this mission can be ghosted too, it actually fit my level of ghosting.
    The map itself isn't that big and there aren't that many warehouses, but it is a joy to explore every inch of them.

    Your guarding skills are no match for my sneaking skills. GTFO!

    Nice and comfy inside one of the warehoues.

    "I shouldn't even be here, I should be... I should be in a game or something" Well guess what, pal - you really are!

    This mission looks like [surprise, surprise] docks, harbor, warehouses! The author obviously has a special love for these kinds of missions and that explains why they rock so much. Anyway, the choice of textures was classy, like in previous mission. There weren't many of them here, but I don't intend to ask for more, as there isn't supposed to be much more when it comes to docks. The architecture was actually fairly basic and repeating, but somehow I didn't care about it at all (was very fond with it) in this mission, hope you have a similar effect.

    TTLG - angry mob. Angry mob - TTLG.

    It was just so funny, when messing around/failing to ghost I accidentally got a guards in water and the chump struggled as he was dying. Poor fella.

    The sounds in this mission were ok, didn't notice any glitchy stuff, it had that atmospheric docks background music, though just to whine, I could have been more fond, if there were some custom melodies in it too (maybe there were and I didn't notice it, but I don't think that's likely).

    To sum it up it is a truly enjoyable mission with a fairly good immersion level, great docks quality and fun, [personally] not frustrating ghosting opportunity, interesting storyline and, yes, a pretty damn worthy followup of "Dawn Of The Metal Age".

    Row, row, row in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...
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    Reviewing: "Keeper Investigations III - At The Wrong Party"

    Time for my quadropost!

    Game: Thief II
    Author: Intruder (well, naturally)
    Mission: Keeper Investigations III - At The Wrong Party
    Released: 09th Nov 2008

    Story . . . So there I have come - on a ship, near another ship, witness of a battle gone bad, apparently in the middle of nowhere and no idea what's going on. Alone, left in devastation.

    That is approximately how you might feel like if you get immersed in the mission.
    Now, that's enough story spoiling, you'll have to find out the rest on your own.

    Bummer... Zero comments.

    Gameplay . . . Chances are, this mission will seem really weird to a lot of you, because there are no active enemies in this one. So You have to search for clues, follow their instructions and escape this place. Really, this mission is much shorter than the prequels, but it makes up for it with creativity. The whole time I played I was hooked to the thought of searching, once again, everything, as if I might miss something vital again.

    Sounds & Looks . . . This mission practically features a ship, a submarine and a massive hole below them. So, what? Not sure, if the author changed anything, but the 2 ship/marines look good anyway.
    The sounds in this FM are fair enough. Not like there would be much more in real life, so I don't know what else to say about them.

    Being a big fan of Karras, I'll take that painting with me!

    All in all, I don't have much to say about this mission. It's a great twist-in for a campaign like this, it's completely different, fairly original, with an interesting storyline, that makes you think, that it doesn't ever really go as planned.

    Aye, aye, Captain! ... Captain?

    I'll review the rest of the missions and write the overall thoughts of the whole campaign when, well, when it gets finished.

    So far the most common things were:
    -Loot-hunting (first 2 missions only).
    -Vital key-hunting, that Barrett couldn't open the door without and there were no doors, where you had both a key and you could pick it anyway. That's a bit of a minus to realism.
    -All chests are locked up - a plus to the realism (it's a tie now).

    That's it, just used up my last shred of inspiration, though it was weak here anyway. Well, hope you guys like it.

    Time to have some life! Naturally, by life I meant more Thief.

    Oh, and, waiting for something like criticism, if reviewing even needs such an element or any kind of response.
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    Thanks for your reviews Thor02, it was nice to read what other people think of my missions too
    I hope I can complete the story this year, having 2 of 3 missing levels finished and one at about 20%...but there's still much work to do

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    2 of 3? I thought it's 5 missions, not 6. Neat! Unless... I got it wrong?

    So, It would be nice to have a discussion about these missions.

    I, being a bit of a fan of the original Shipping & Receiving map (the first time I played it I think I was experiencing some sort of blissful Thief happness), loved your mission style too.

    Generally, why are docks so great?
    1. Well, I think it's because they are somewhat closed off from the rest of the civilization, it's like an edge. So if you get in trouble, you can just jump into water and rely on your swimming skills.
    2. There are always some smugglers in it too, who trade spice & diamonds.
    3. From docks you can steal a ship and sail wherever the hell you want in the world. That is, of course, unless they track you down and skin your hide and then sell your organs in the black market.
    This stuff kind of reminds me of the Pirates of Carribean, which I watched for the first time just a few months ago... too bad it's a bit too soon for rewatch.

    Your 2nd mission will be memorized as one of the classic ideals of docks.

    [note to self: must stop using that word docks so often. Even [i]'ing it doesn't seem to help much anymore.]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    2 of 3? I thought it's 5 missions, not 6. Neat! Unless... I got it wrong.
    Not your "fault". The readme implies that there will be 2 more missions, but I had to splitt one mission into two parts. That's why there will be a total of 6 missions belonging to this short campaign.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    I, being a bit of a fan of the original Shipping & Receiving map (the first time I played it I think I was experiencing some sort of blissful Thief happness), loved your mission style too.
    I really like Shipping & Receiving too. Next to Life of the Party and Precious Cargo it is my most often played OM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    Your 2nd mission will be memorized as one of the classic ideals of docks.

    I'm sorry for the Off-Topic but:
    What do you mean by writing [b]'ing, [b]'ed or [i]'ing?
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    Oh, [b]ing and [i]ing... well, [b] is the code to make this kind of text and [i] to make this kind of text. I'm extra weird when it comes to describing something with limited knowledge of words.

    So, hoping to see your whole campaign out before the end of 2009.

    P.S. You probably meant "Precious Cargo" and "Life of the Party" as OMs instead of FMs. Not that it changes anything... lol.

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    Seems like I confused "FM" with "OM"...sometimes I wonder where my mind is...

    Quote Originally Posted by Thor02 View Post
    So, hoping to see your whole campaign out before the end of 2009.
    Me too...

    Did you play Pirates Ahoy! so far? Especially the first mission is a great dock mission IMHO.

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