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Thread: Thieves Ahoy Contest (ThAC)

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    Thieves Ahoy Contest (ThAC)

    Alright, it's time for another contest....I know we just had one but that was only a quickie. The idea behind this contest was cast by the considerable lack of missions involving small port towns, isolated Caribbean islands, invested pirate coves, open sea travel, and those other locations where Garrett's sea-bound cousins lurk or carry out their 'noble' trade. So I therefore present

    Thieves Ahoy Contest

    There be only a few rules for this here contest and they are as follows:

    1. Dimensions: Each entry must be held within a volume of 1.5 million cubic dromed units or 6.144 billion cubic unreal units. Any shape or arrangement is allowed but please try and don't make the shape and arrangement really odd just for the sake of skimping on the rule. Just an additional note, added space can be given for atmospheric purposes but the player must be blocked from going outside of the bounds of this volume. (eg. for a mission involving two pirate ships, more water-filled space can be added below the ships and in all horizontal directions for added atmosphere).

    2. Time: You will have until 11:59 pm EST, Monday, May 4, 2009, to email me your submission(s) or send me the link to the mission. The missions will be released on May 11 (the following Monday).

    3. Theme: Each entry must be pirated-themed, though other fractions like the Mechanists can be involved and they cannot be the major part of the mission. Also, the mission can be focused on smugglers. Just for example, say the mission Stowaway or Thief Noir were entered, they would be allowed but the T2 mission Shipping and Receiving (if it were an FM) probably would not as it deals will with smugglers too tangentially. Of course, hypothetically Pirate's Ahoy, Into the Maelstrom, and A Pirate's Downfall would be allowed (though Pirate's Downfall is probably too big). In addition, don't be afraid to think outside of the box on this one, but if you are at all unsure PM me the basic story.

    4. Restrictions: Besides size and theme, there are no restrictions on custom content or Thief engine: T1, TG, T2, TDS missions are all allowed....though I will need get to someone to help me check those non T2 entries.

    5. Entries: As I said previously, either email the mission or more probably pm or email me a link to where you have hosted the mission. Multiple entries per contestant are allowed if you so chose to actually make more than one mission of this size. The additional entries can be a continuation of the storyline, but they will be judged separately.

    6. Voting: After all the missions are released, voting will commence. Email or PM me (Iceblade). Players will have one month to play the missions and vote, based on the following categories categories:
    40% Gameplay
    10% Theme (how closely the mission's theme fit that of the contest)
    20% Environment (a mixture of architecture, sound, and other background aspects)
    20% Story
    10% Technical

    7. Prizes: The satisfaction that you came in first, second, or third. Though, if somebody in the community wants to add in prizes, all the more power to them.

    So come aboard yea land-lubbers and let's see if you can cut it on the high seas.

    email (remove the spaces): phillip ogden 1 @ yahoo .com
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    I like this idea. Good one Iceblade
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    I really hope this contest gets a great turnout - this is probably the most excited I've been about a contest in the years that I've been posting (and before that just reading) here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SneakyJack View Post
    I really hope this contest gets a great turnout - this is probably the most excited I've been about a contest in the years that I've been posting (and before that just reading) here.
    with a name like "sneakyjack" I aint suprised

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    ARRR, Mateys!! Bring on yer pirate missions with lots o' booty!

    Too bad the missions aren't due on Sept. 19th!

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    I suspect that a lot of editors might be "contested out" after the anniversary contest.

    Does TDS even use the same unit scale?

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    Is it be allowed to use a .mis file I already worked on for 2 weeks some time ago, or do I have to start with a blank level?

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    Depends on how much you have done in those two weeks? Email me the mission and I'll make the determination. If it is only mininal work (mainly some brush work, then I will allow it).

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    Just to be clear on size restrictions, are you talking about a 512x512x512 cube, or just a cubic total of 512 units?

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    Total volume equivalent to 512^3 just don't go nuts with the shapes and arrangements....I don't want to sit in dromed all day computing the total volume....though I doubt this will be a problem considering the space is so vast, no one will need to end up on the borderline of the volume limit anyway.

    All that space though should certainly make for an interesting entry or two out in the open sea.

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    Hopefully this can be taken as constructive criticism, but a size "restriction" like that is rather pointless. That space is massive, just about every OM could fit in an area like that. Plus, there's no way anyone could build anything larger than this in the 5 month time limit, so why even use it in the first place?

    Typically, contests have been smaller sized missions to help authors focus on other elements and not get too carried away with grand schemes. In my opinion (and that's all it is), I would reel it in a bit and choose a smaller area. Historically, contests that allow larger areas produce fewer entries.

    And I do realize that authors are not required to use all of the area, but still, the question is why have any size limit at all if it's going to be this gigantic?

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    Hmmm....yes I see what you mean....while 512^2 is pretty large...the added multiple of 512 ballons it beyond reason. So I will shrink it to 250^3 total volume.

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    The SSR and some of Komag's contests had a limit of 500k-512k cubic units, which is about 80^3. You could probably go with double that with a 5 month time limit, but I wouldn't go much larger. I think a single volume limit, or like what Komag has done before with eight 40^3 cubes arranged however you like works well. You could do four 80^3 cubes and have double the volume of Komag's contest.

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    Okay 175^3....but that is as low as I will go with it....

    Btw, any estimates about an equivalent TDS size....I should be able to get the game and editor running for the contest and one for Thief 1 as well (speaking of T1 is it possible to open a TG mission in T1 dromed. I don't care about playing it....I just need it to test size.

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    175^3 is 5,359,375 cubic units, to simplify it use 5,120,000 which is 10 times larger than KOMAGs contest5 (8x40^3=512k).

    Also 1DU(dromed unit)=16UU(unreal unit)

    T3Ed = 20,971,520,000 UU^3 or 2757^3 UU, the grid is easily divided by 8 so 2760^3 might be a better number.

    Or something like that....

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    Well, two ships alongside each other requires 232x136x120 and that is for a ship the size of the one from the T2 OM2 (btw, that includes sails and that long stickthing out front. Building two different ships of that size would not take very long (3 months at most excluding scripting and objectives). That is basically 4165000 cubic units.

    I've decided on 1.5 million cubic units
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    What does this contest mean for the vertical contest that everyone seemed to be excited about in the other thread?

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    Or competition.

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    A one month extension is possible...but will be considered in late April.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceblade View Post

    I've decided on 1.5 million cubic units
    with TDS editor.... three cubes 690x690?

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    1.5M DU^3 ~~ 3 times larger than contest5, or 1 cube 114x114x114 DU or 27 38x38x38 cubes

    so 1.5M DU^3 * [(16 UU)^3/DU^3] = 6.144B UU^3
    or one cube 1831x1831x1831 UU
    or 27 610x610x610 cubes

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    I'm just curious: Would that limit refer to brushes only or would all static meshes as well be in there...? Left aside that it's a lot harder to check the final file for being inside the limits. Or rather: AFAIK it's impossible since you cannot open it with T3Ed.

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    static meshes? do you mean objects

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    Almost. They're the basic architectural elements in T3Ed and most modern engines. I just wondered whether it would be a problem if they stuck out a little like they always do. Nothing really important since you cannot prove it anyway, but I still wanted to ask.

    PS: Nah, forget it. Unless you want to hire someone to check the map files which need not necessarily be identical to the playable ones... cheating would be rather simple.

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