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Thread: pavlovscat's 2008 Fourth Quarter Review

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    pavlovscat's 2008 Fourth Quarter Review

    The final quarter of 2008 saw 49 releases: 3 new TG missions; 40 T2 missions (16 new, 9 updated, 13 contest; 3 demos); 1 new T3 mission; 1 Dark Mod demo; 4 lagniappe releases. I will cover Lagniappe first. (What’s Lagniappe? That’s Louisiana talk for a little something extra thrown in for free.) Next, the Missions are listed in order of release dates. The Tenth Anniversary Contest missions were released on November 30th. The results are listed after the regular release missions.

    The new objects and textures released this quarter are quite amazing. Also, there is now a Multi-Player Patch for T2!!

    Warning: The mission comment sections may contain spoilers; however, the mission descriptions do not.

    • 03 – CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 by Team CoSaS (Anarchic Fox, Finial, Yametha, R Soul & Digital Nightfall) for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Dante has been an agent of Master Nightfall's for nearly a year. He has gained much experience, but this will be his first mission as part of a team. If he is successful, he will become one of Nightfall's elite team, the Material Components or MCs. The success of Mission X is crucial, not only to Dante's advancement within The Circle, but for the survival of The Circle itself. He must join the MCs in preventing Lord Raputo from purchasing the Ivory Rose Casino and Gentleman's Club. Master Nightfall's base of power is Hightowne. If Raputo can gain control over the Ivory Rose, he will take control of the small district of Three Gates Bridge. This is the last remaining connection between Hightowne and Nightfall's allies. If Raputo holds the Ivory Rose, he will certainly ensure the destruction of Nightfall, The Circle and any known or suspected agents. Dante's role is vital to the MCs ability to prevent this disaster.
      Comments: Release 1.13 corrected most of the problems in the previous release. Most people should not have any problems with the mission. Playing as part of a team may initially sound limiting, but, once you play, you will find that you are free to complete the mission in any way you see fit. There are none if the typical arbitrary limitations on game play such as no killing. You can kill or not kill, whatever suits your mood. You will have the tools available to make your own choice. There is also no loot requirement although this ritzy place has bunches of loot my Thiefy hands just cannot resist. My instict to grab goodies is so strong that I actually find it quite a challenge to play the whole mission without collecting any loot at all. This mission is about the freedom to play the way YOU want to play. This is a must play mission.
    • 06 – The Phoenix Hath Risen by darthsLair for TG; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Hammers have rebuilt their temple after Constantine's minions wrecked it. Now the High Priest wants to reward Garrett for saving his life. The Keepers also wish to see the Talisman of the Air returned to safe keeping at the Hammerite Temple. The High Priest has asked Garrett to meet him in his office.
      Comments: While you will recognize the locale, the story is brand new. Instead of Constantine and his creatures, you will have to contend with Mages and some other new surprises. This is an excellent revival of an old mission. You can play as Novice and enter the Temple in disguise as in the OM Undercover. This is the easiest way. Or, for a challenge, you can play as Thief or Master without the disguise and have to sneak through the entire mission. This option gives the FM good replayability. I found the new story as engrossing and enjoyable as the original. It is nice to see an old favorite given a new life. This is one of the best revamps of an original Thief mission.
    • 10 – Heading Out by Camus for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett is planning a long expedition to the town of Whitewater, an old Hammerite stronghold. Before he can leave, he needs to get some loot to finance this trip. At the pub, Garrett overheard mention of an unusual sword found by the archeologist Jones. Jones used this sword as part of a pay off for a debt owed to Lord Wizer. Wizer lives nearby, So, Garrett plans to give the sword, and any other goodies he can find, a new owner.
      Comments: Are you ready for the Theives' Highway? That is where you will travel for a large part of this entertaining mission. You will need your rope arrows - so don't leave them behind! Take them with you. Heading Out offers several paths to complete your mission. You will work the street and buildings as well as the rooftops. You never know where there is loot to be found. Camus has done an excellent job of utilizing vertical space. The buildings are multi-level with places to explore both inside and outside. If you like traveling the Thieves' Highway, I definitely recommend this delightful zombies, no beasts, no Hammers or Mechanists or bots. Just a good time leaping across the roof tops and looting the rooms around you.
    • 13 – Redemption by Brynolf for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Keepers are sending Garrett off to investigate the city of Tellus. Every citizen of Tellus dies at a young age. If they leave the city, they die immediately. Garrett is told of two lost Keeper scrolls: The Scroll of Life and The Scroll of Death. These scrolls could account for the deaths of the citizens of Tellus. Garrett must find these scrolls and help the people of Tellus break their curse.
      Comments: Redemption is Brynolf's first FM, and it is a good one. The mission is medium in size and has several different areas that you will gain access to as the mission progresses. As you progress, there are many objectives added to the list. There are a good variety of environments with mostly city/mansion-style play with a police station, Hammerite temple and several building to explore. However, you will find some really creepy undead in one area. There is plenty of loot, the majority of which is fairly easy to find. This mission has a religious theme; however, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a very well built mission.
    • 19 – Mechanist Facility by cardia1 for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Once again, the Keepers have asked Garrett to save the world. This time, the Mechanists are building a nuclear bomb which they plan to use to blow up a Pagan territory. If the Mechanists are allowed to destroy the Pagans, that will unbalance the world as the Mechanists build more machines and destroy all the forests. Garrett eventually agreed and successfully sabotaged the bomb. Unfortunately, he left behind footprints and a lockpick with his prints on it. Karras has suspected Garrett, but now he has proof! And, now, worse for Garrett, he's been caught in a Mechanist trap and sent to the planet of Mercury where the Mechanists will hunt him down and kill him. Having a sense of honor as rigid as their metal creations, the Mechanists will set Garrett free, if only he can find a way to survive!
      Comments: The basic story is familiar from cardia1's previous missions: Playground of Doom and Temple of Death. Garrett is sent to an off-world prison facility and must survive. This time, on Original difficulty, you will have Keepers fighting with you because they felt bad for getting you into this situation in the first place. On Powerfull, you are alone but will have a Powerfull Weapon to help you survive. If you choose Tough, you are on your Keepers, no super weapon. This is another of cardia1's pretty futuristic missions, not that you'll have much time to look around! You can run or fight, it's up to you, but you must find a couple items and some loot before you can leave. I was never much of a fighter, but cardia1's many missions have taught me the fine art of melee fighting. This mission is not for those who don't want to fight. If you like to fight or just want to hone your melee skills, then give it a try. You’ll have a blast!
    • 20 – Heist at Night by Silencium18 for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has heard that the new guy in the city is rich. He has lots of loot, but also many guards. There's even a crypt under the house, and everyone knows crypts usually have lots of loot. The front door is out with all the guards. The back garden is probably the best way in for Garrett.
      Comments: This is a small, straightforward mission, but enjoyable. It is impossible to get all the loot unless you play on Expert because you have only one objective...get loot. Even on Expert, it takes a little planning, but it is possible to grab it all.
    • 21 – The Tears of Saint Lucia by The Dark Mod Team for The Dark Mod (Doom 3 based mod); Forum Discussion Thread; The Dark Mod Website
      Description: You've heard stories about St. Roderic's Church. It's a small church in a slum district. Recently, St. Roderic's acquired a "Shard of the Master Builder's Hammer". There are many so-called pieces of wood that surface now and again. However, it seems that this Shard may actually be the Holy Relic it has been claimed to be. When the Shard was placed near the church's statue of St. Lucia, the statue began to weep tears of blood. They are calling it a miracle. Donations have been pouring into the small church, and the priests have begun making long-needed repairs. It seems that an "opposing interest" wants to put an end to this. I've been hired to vandalize the statue of St. Lucia and make it appear to be an accident. Also, I must steal the Shard in what must appear to be a simple burglary. This means I need to help myself to any loot I find. I've been paid half my fee. I only get the rest, if I am successful, so I'd better get going.
      Comments: Note: You must have a patched, working install of Doom 3 to be able to play any of The Dark Mod missions.
      Those of you who played the alpha demo, Thief's Den, will be amazed to see the progress the Dark Mod Team has made since its January 18th release of that demo. Of course the Doom 3 engine has gorgeous graphics, so expect to experience a feast for your eyes. This is a much smoother, more polished demo than it's predecessor as well as being much larger. The map is very well-designed with several interesting environments. The blackjacking has been fine tuned so that now it is possible to reliably knock out AI - if they are not alert. You must aim for the back of the head, though, so it is a very realistic effect. Once you've knocked out your man, you can either drag him into the shadows or throw him over your shoulder and carry him. The mantling is very easy which makes climbing a breeze. And what's cooler than this? You get to swim under water! My first time through I was frankly awed by the scenery and new possibilities as well as how smoothly the game played.
    • 23 – Bloody Flounder’s Inn by Master_edd for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has heard about a valuable antique crystal and a very special cheese being kept at the Bloody Flounder Inn. The inn's guests will certainly have other things to steal, so this should be a beneficial trip.
      Comments: This is the updated version of the original mission released August 3rd. English translations are the only difference. The mission is small, but there are many hidden places to find. Overall, I quite enjoyed the mission.
    • 24 – Carkess’ Escape/Carkess Flucht by Carkess for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett needs to help out his old Keeper instructor and friend, Carkess. Carkess left the Keepers to live a normal life. Unfortunately, his identity has been discovered, and he had to run for his life. Carkess asked Garrett to sneak into the town, go to his house, get whatever loot he can and, most importantly, to recover Carkess' Keeper Medalion. While Garrett is there, he wants to get the Hand of Glory from the ape beasts and steal back the Mask of the Sun from the local Thieves' Guild.
      Comments: This is Carkess' first mission. It is a small map, but the mission has a variety of areas. You will see thieves, guards, ape beasts, zombies and even a couple Mechanists as you search for what you need. You also must find a replacement for your blackjack. This mission shows a lot of creativity. Hopefully, Carkess with give us another mission and make it bigger! I had a lot of fun playing this mission.

    • 09 – Keeper Investigations Campaign by intruder for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: In Dawn of a New Age, Keeper Artemus has found another concern - the new Hammerite sect, the Mechanists. They are interested in all things of a technical nature and those who work with them...inventors, chemists, engineers. Many of these skilled people have been drawn into this new sect. Artemus needs Garrett to find out what these Mechanists are doing and what their plans are. Will the Mechanists be the ones to bring the Metal Age? In Ocean Freight, Garrett must head to the Docks to search Warwick's storage area for more information about Atan Warwick who is neck-deep in the Mechanists’ plans. There should be a lot of loot for the taking. Garrett's fence has heard that a group of smugglers working out of the Docks have a valuable diamond, so Garrett must find that gem for his fence. In At the Wrong Party, Garrett managed to tag along for the meeting with the Mechanists. He must find out what these Mechanists are planning. Now that the ship has stopped, he needs to sneak out and get any information that he can for the Keepers. He also needs to return home in one piece!
      Comments: This is a very impressive set of first missions, and there are two more planned for the series. Having seen the improvements since intruder's first release, I cannot wait for him to finish the last two missions in the Keeper Investigations Campaign. This is an entertaining campaign with great game play and a nice variety of settings. I definitely recommend playing it!
    • 10 – The Keeper by Savar for T3; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Enforcers have split from the Keepers and took an important book from the Forbidden Library. The Keepers need to recover the book for it has been told that the book will disappear by the morning. They have offered to pay all Garrett's debts, so he agrees. The pagan Diana has also asked Garrett to try and prevent the mad pagan hiding somewhere in South Quarter from poisoning the Hammer's fountain with a special pagan artifact. She knows that this would lead to another slaughter as happened to the North Quarter Pagans a time ago. Garrett was also asked by Danvers to locate a murder weapon and the murder's gold medalion. Looks like a busy night, but Garrett stands to profit greatly.
      Comments: The story takes place about a year after the events of TDS. Savar made a believable continuation to the original. Overall, I quite enjoyed the mission. Savar did an excellent job of conveying the feeling of change in South Quarter despite recycling the original map. I found this to be a very challenging mission. Master Thief is the only difficulty offered, and it is appropriately named. There are many places were reaching needed objects and places is tricky and frustrating, including reaching the place to end the mission. These areas should have been improved before the mission's release. In spite of the difficulties, the mission has good game play. You need to save up your loot to buy some climbing gloves. You cannot finish the mission without them.
    • 14 - Sensut’s Dracula Reloaded v1.2 by Sensut for T2; Forum Discussion Thread; Sensut’s Drakula Ujratoltve in Hungarian
      Description: Sensut spins an epic tale of intrigue and horror based heavily on the popular tale of Count Dracula as told by Bram Stoker. You will follow the adventures of Gellert, a master thief, as he repays his debt to Peter Hawkins for releasing the thief from jail. In The Love Thief, Gellert is sent out to find Mina Murray, who has been kidnapped by Dracula. She is the finacee of the English lawyer, Jonathon Harker, an associate of Hawkins. In The Return, Gellert must steal the deed to Carfax Abbey in England from Count Dracula before he can set up operations there. While pursuing the deed, Gellert manages to capture Dracula's Alchemist. In Traitors of Poenari, Gellert travels to Dracula's Citadel, Poenari. Once there, he must discover what he can about Dracula's murder and Stefan, a mysterious character likely involved. After Gellert's recovery from his adventure in Poenari, a letter came from Peter Hawkins telling Gellert that Dracula had arrived in England, but Van Helsing, a doctor from Holland was there to handle the situation. As Gellert continues his recovery, he falls in love with Eszter, the hospital aide. Gellert had begun to truly enjoy his new life with Eszter, he receives a letter from the Dragon Order. It seems that the Dragon Amulet Gellert holds must be returned to Dracula's tomb. The Darkthrone is the story of Gellert's expedition to return the amulet. Gellert knows his duty, so he goes on to find the tomb. Once the amulet is returned, Gellert returns to the inn where he left Eszter to find that she is gone. The Final Chapter chronicles Gellert's trek to save Eszter. Because he returned Dracula's amulet, Dracula sends word that he will help Gellert. Ezster's abduction was witnessed by Igor the werewolf, and he is trailing the assassins. Gellert must follow after Igor and find the messages left by him if he wants to rescue Eszter.
      Comments: Sensut has revamped his epic Dracula series. You will see the most changes in the early missions, and, for these alone, you should play Dracula Reloaded. This is a beautifully made series from the gorgeous movies to the final Bonus mission. Sensut has even updated the menu art with more fitting vistas. The story is compelling; the game play is exciting and challenging. Yes, there are some spooky creatures here, but your interactions with them can be kept to a minimum with some cautious sneaking. This has always been a favorite series of mine, but Sensut has taken it to another level. This is a must play series for those who enjoy a good story and beautiful surroundings. I've never been to Transylvania, but I imagine it would feel just like Sensut's missions. When I read Carpathian romance novels, I see them in Sensut's settings. Go for the full version with the movies, the extra download time is worth it! This is a must play series!
    • 14 – Rust Belt Prison by john9818a for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has finally been caught by the City Watch. Because of his numerous crimes, including his part in freeing Mr. Joe Oh Dear, he is found guilty and sent to prison for life along with Joe's brother Jack Oh Dear. Given the number and severity of Garrett's crimes, he should have received a death sentence, but the court took into account his assisstance in ridding the City of thousands of invalids. Garrett find himself in what is literally a hole in the ground. He must escape his cell and the prison as well as finding a way to make the Judge pay for trying to lock him away for good.
      Comments: This is an excellent prison breakout mission. It is a large mission with many different areas to explore, from prison cells and sewers to barracks and offices. You need to read everything to get not only all the optional objectives but also valuable hints to help you complete the mission. Obviously, you start with nothing, but you will find sufficient numbers of weapons and tools to help you survive as you explore. There are lots of dark corners for hiding, so it is not too hard to stay out of sight. I found this mission challenging and great fun. I recommend it!
    • 15 – Deceptive Perceptions 2: Phantasmagoria by William the Taffer & Yandros for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett is having a drink with Willick, an old friend. Talk turns to a recent night when Garrett broke into a Mechanist warehouse which rumors say is haunted. It was a bad night for Garrett, but Willick is dying to know what really happened there and if the rumors are true.
      Comments: This is a fitting Halloween mission. It will scare you. It will make you jump. It will make you scream like a girl. It will scare the crap out of you. There are some very creative sequences here that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The events of that fateful night are told between dialogue sets between Garrett and Willick. As you follow the story, Garrett gets deeper and deeper until you can't wait to see how he manages his final escape. In every way that matters, this mission is the heart and soul sequel to the original Deceptive Perception which earned second place in Komag's 2002 FM Contest 3.
    • 29 – Memoirs of a Dead God by nicked for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Lord Morego is a rich noble but very reclusive. Until now, he's never had anything remarkable enough to make a heist worthwhile. Word in the underground is that he will be recieving a valuable book via armed escort. Lord Morego is having a special vault constructed to keep this book safe. This book sounds like the type of valuable object that can make Garrett some money. Garrett has decided to scope out Morego's mansion tonight before the book has arrived while security is still light. He needs to familiarize himself with the mansion and find the code for the safe if he can. That way, once the book has been delivered, Garrett can breeze in during the night of Lord Morego's big party. It should be a routine job for an experienced thief.
      Comments: Part one, Preparations, is Garrett's night to case the joint. He must explore the mansion without being seen. Normal & Hard have an optional objective for no blackjacking and to not be seen. On Expert, you must Ghost. The second part, Revelations, follows Garrett's second adventure through Morego's mansion as he searches for the book. Nothing ever goes as planned, so of course the second part brings some interesting surprises. This is a very good campaign with excellent game play. On Expert, it is very challenging. The mansion construction is lovely and well detailed. I enjoyed the campaign very much. I also love the menu music. I recommend this mission.
    • 30 – 15 Days 3: Greenbay by DrK for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett's previous theft of several valuable paintings was noticed by several people who recognized Basso while he was waiting outside to help Garrett carry the loot. Garrett needs to find any evidence against him and silence the people who witnessed that night. A friend of his heard that another witness is hiding in Greenbay, so Garrett must go to Greenbay to find this person and make sure he doesn't testify.
      Comments: DrK released this small mission to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the release of Thief: The Dark Project. It is the third part of a French series started by DrK and TheHardyBoyz. The first two parts, Vol de Nuit/Night Flight and Chasse A L'Homme/Manhunt, originally only in French, were re-released with added English and Italian translations on December 5th and are detailed below. Greenbay has the unmistakable architectural style of DrK and reminds me of a miniature of his A New Beginning/Un nouveau départ, the first mission in his amazing A Night in Rocksbourg series. The small city of Greenbay is packed with interesting buildings. You will tour the sewers and climb to upper floors. This is an excellent small city mission with an engaging story and great game play, everything you expect from DrK. He even added a special easter egg for the explorers. I highly recommend this mission.

    • 04 – 3 Demo missions: Library First Floor; Library Second Floor; Library Third Floor; by Wizard for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: These three levels were intended to be sequels to Library Pt 1: The Town and Library Pt 2: The Basement. They were never completed but were recently ‘rediscovered’ and released as demos. Though they are not complete, it is still interesting to see what a grand place the Library was intended to be.
    • 05 – 15 Days 1: Vol de Nuit (Night Flight) by The Hardy Boyz & DrK for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett robs the Bikett Gallery. Basso waits outside to help Garrett carry the stolen paintings. Unfortunately, Basso is seen. The man who saw him will earn a great sum for testifying against Garrett & Basso. Garrett needs to get rid of all the evidence against them. His job tonight is to access the judge’s house and obtain the first piece of evidence. Pat the Wallclimber has done reconnaissance and given Garrett some useful information including the fact that the judge has lost his key to the main gate. That key would certainly make escape an easy matter.
    • 05 – 15 Days 2: Chasse A L’Homme (Manhunt) by The Hardy Boyz & DrK for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has learned all he can about the city of Numita. He obtained a map from Pat the Wallclimber. Garrett sees his chance and follows a citizen into the city. Now, he must find a way out through the sewers after he finds Max, the man who wrote the testimony. If Garrett doesn’t silence Max, a new testimony can be written. While he searches for Max, Garrett should pay a visit to the local smugglers for some spice.
    • 25 – Strife 2 by Ricebug for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The saga continues the previous mission, Strife. As the first mission ends, you jump through the hatch to the Sewers after discovering the Governor’s evil plans. The Sewers picks up there. You must navigate the Sewers and meet with Weran, the Rat King. Then you must avoid the Governor’s guards, escape the Sewers and find your way back into the Town. The Town is a brief interlude where you need to make your way to the Docks. Once you reach The Docks, you must avoid being noticed. Once there, you need to replace the lockpicks you lost in the Sewers. You will need to pay a visit to the Prison. Also, you will need to go to the Warehouse located in the Power Plant. You need to find out why the Governor needs to generate so much power. Once you are done, get back to the Town.
      Comments: For anyone who remembers the original Strife game, this is a must play mini-campaign. Ricebug has done an amazing job in his conversion of Strife into the Thief 2 universe. There are obvious differences of course, particularly the interactive aspect of the original; however, you will recognize the maps. And, the story has paralleled the original as much as possible. These missions are must plays for fans of old-school pc games as well as Strife fans.
    • 25 – Off the Record by Yandros for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett finds out about a case file which details many of his past exploits. The file is being held at the City Hall Annex. Garrett needs to sneak in through a basement window, find where the file is stored, and make it disappear – permanently!
      Comments: Yandros intended this mission to be an entry in the 10th Anniversary Contest but missed the deadline. Off The Record meets the contest requirements for size, so it is a small mission. Yandros made a neat little mansion with a good story. The game play is fairly easy, but ghosting will add to the difficulty. Overall, this is a nice small mission that would likely have scored well in the Anniversary Contest.
    • 27 – Christmas Present by Naks & P Forth for T2; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has been hired for an unusual mission. In a nearby village, all the Christmas presents have been stolen! They need Garrett to find their presents and return them before Christmas is ruined. Garrett playing Santa Claus...who'd have guessed?
      Comments: This is a lovely, snowy Christmas mission. Returning the presents was a nice twist for the season. The mission is not a large one, but it has a variety of problems to solve before you can get the presents. This mission will be a regular Christmas tradition for me!
    • 30 – Prowler of the Dark by Melan for TG; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has been hired to recover an ancient skull. The skull is reported to be held in a Hammerite compound. Surely there will be a safe way in and out for a Master Thief.
      Comments: This is a small city mission with a mere five days spent building it, yet it is a great little mission. Melan has created an intricate town with many areas to explore, including the rooftops. Explore everything thouroughly for there are many treasures. I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Prowler has all the classic feeling of the original TDP missions and the gritty visuals that many of us still appreciate. This is certainly one of my favorite small T1/G FMs. This is a must play mission.
    • 30 – Invitation to Castle Morgoth by Vlad Midnight for TG; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Someone wants to hire Garrett and has offered a nice reward. Garrett must search Castle Morgoth to find this person. There are also rumors of a teleport coin kept in the Castle that Garrett may as well take with him. After his objectives are completed, Garrett must find a way to leave Morgoth.
      Comments: This is a dark, creepy mission suited perfectly to Thief Gold. The choice of music is excellent. I had many jump-out-of-my-chair moments while wandering through Castle Morgoth. There are several undead at the Castle. The mission is challenging, but, with carefull attention to details, you are provided the resources to complete it. The mission is very dark; however, nothing is hidden in the blackness. It adds to the spooky atmosphere and enhances certain areas of the mission. I highly recommend playing this mission.

    Brethen and Redface of Southquarter and Komag of The Keep of Metal and Gold put together this contest in honor of the tenth anniversary of the release of Thief: The Dark Project. These missions had a size limitation and were completed in approximately two months. Given the quality of the thirteen entries, this contest is a fitting tribute for Thief: The Dark Project. Hopefully, we will see ten more years of quality Fan Missions!
    • First Place – The Tower by Lady Rowena; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Lord Witherdale has acquired a collection of ancient gems. They can be easily accessed from a tower, but Garrett must hurry. This tower is scheduled for restoration. It will be nearly impossible to get the gems once work on the tower begins.
      Comments: If you like scaling the rooftops and climbing everywhere, you will love this mission. Maximum use was made of the small size allotted for the contest with hidden passages and climbing puzzles. The Tower had plenty of classic Thief gameplay to distract from the small size. It's no surprise that Lady Rowena created the winning entry for this contest. Her most recent release, The Seven Sisters was even more amazing. Congratulations to Lady Rowena!!
    • Second Place – Ashes and Dust by Random_Taffer; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Once again, the Keepers need Garrett’s service to maintain the balance. Ex-Keeper Desmond has managed to steal the Codex of Dust and Ashes. The Keepers need to get it back. Desmond has doubled the guard at his house, so Garrett’s skills are needed.
      Comments: This is a wonderful classic Thief styled mission. The story was compelling and raised my overall enjoyment of playing the mission. I was challenged but not frustrated. The mansion was very pretty as well. This is a very balanced mission.
    • Third Place – A Weekend Getaway by Ottoj55; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Basso and Jenivere are celebrating their anniversary with a romantic weekend getaway. They are enjoying their special time until it begins to rain. They begin hearing odd noises. Maybe this place is haunted after all!
      Comments: You play Basso in a spooky little mansion with a lot of puzzles. As always, Ottoj55 has created a gorgeous mission. I thought that using the three difficulty levels for successive parts of the mission was an ingenious way to expand the mission within the restrictions of the contest. I really enjoyed playing this mission. There were many undead, but the fun new weapons made short work of them. I always enjoy playing with Otto's new toys.
    • Fourth Place – The Affairs of Wizards by Nameless Voice; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has been hired to collect three elemental keys for an anonymous key collector. Lord Velleme of the Hand Brotherhood supposedly has a map detailing the locations of these keys. If Garrett can break in and acquire this map, then getting the keys should be easy.
      Comments: You starts off in a standard mansion mission but it soon becomes so much more. You get to explore in various mages' demesnes which make this mission feel much larger. It is a challenging mission which is a lot of fun. Technically, this mission is quite an achievement.
    • Fifth Place – Weak Links by ghost_in_the_shell; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Lord Victor has a nice collection of valuables attained in the Furthest Islands. Garrett’s co-conspirator, Timmy, has set things up for Garrett’s easy access into the mansion. Now, Timmy is missing, and the Lord and his family will be attending a ball tonight. Garrett must sneak in and get the goods without any more help.
      Comments: This is a nicely put together mansion mission with some troublesome AI patrols for the mandatory ghosting in Hard or Expert level. The mission is mostly standard but the game play never bored me and included lots of loot. This mission was updated on Jan. 09, 2009 to Version 1.0.1
    • Sixth Place – The Kindred Vault by eepcat; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Cutty tipped Garrett off about a family vault that no one has successfully raided. There are bound to be traps and dangers for the unwary. But, the prize is worth the risk – an invisibility ring. This ring is a rare prize for any Thief, and Garrett is no exception.
      Comments: I like the Egyptian styling and puzzle solving. The return trip presents new obstacles which makes the mission feel bigger. The mission was not particularly difficult on Normal which is good for those who aren't fans of the undead and all their charms.
    • Seventh Place – An Old Friend by Lost Soul; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Basso told Garrett about Lord Bafford’s financial misfortunes which have caused him to move to a place in a less savory part of town. One thing Bafford still has is the very same scepter Garrett stole from him years ago. Garrett can’t resist sneaking in to reclaim the scepter.
      Comments: This mission had inventive architecture which was very impressive for a new author. The mission had some obvious flaws which disrupted the flow of the mission, but nonetheless, I am anxious to see what Lost Soul can do without a deadline or space constraint.
    • Eighth Place – Falling Down by TF; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett is on his way home after a night out. This should be a simple stroll through the night, right?
      Comments: This mission gives some interesting moments while exploring a cave system including sliding rocks, dust, a drunk guard and craymen. The mission is pretty basic, but the ambiance of the caves is well done. With some loot to find and some creative puzzles to solve, I did enjoy playing this one.
    • Ninth Place – Flowers for a Friend by P Forth; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has learned of the death of an old Keeper friend and mentor. He decides to take some flowers to the grave as a sign of respect for the departed Keeper.
      Comments: A simple trip to honor a deceased Keeper friend turns into a raid on a Theives' hideout. Though the gameplay and constructions are very basic, there are some areas that stand out. The autumn graveyard is very nice, and blowing up things is always a fun thing to do! The ending is pretty scary as well. Overall this is an enjoyable mission.
    • Tenth Place – Bad Intentions by Mirko; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett is set to steal Lord Johnstone’s gem ring. Lord Johnstone can’t know that Garrett is responsible for the theft. Garrett needs to get in, get the ring and get out again without being seen.
      Comments: This is a standard mission with the addition of the ghosting requirement. It is nicely made. Mirko released an updated version on Jan. 08, 2009 with German language support added.
    • Eleventh Place – Yume no Rozen by Sxerks; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett has a simple mission tonight. He will sneak into a mansion while the lord and lady are not home and take the special ruby hidden there.
      Comments: This was a total "What just happened?" mission. The music was interesting, but I did not care for the forced ghosting. The ending twist was probably the most bizarre I’ve seen. A lot of creativity went into making something very different from the average mission with an interesting story. This mission isn’t for everyone, but it is very unique. Sxerks released an updated version on Jan. 07.
    • Twelfth Place – Vampire Skull by nicked; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: The Hammerites have a valuable relic, a Vampire Skull from an ancient battle. They will be displaying it in a sermon tomorrow. Garrett must sneak in tonight and relieve them of this skull.
      Comments: Finding the really cool Vampire Skull makes the search worthwhile. This mission was standard in construction and gameplay. However, you will remember the skull!
    • Thirteenth Place – The Homeless Dude by John The Beggar; Forum Discussion Thread
      Description: Garrett must obtain a weapon. His job tonight is to obtain the Serpentile Torc and any other loot he can find.
      Comments: As the least complete of the entries, this mission suffered the most from the time limit. It wasn't possible to complete due to bugs with the objectives. Otherwise, it is a basic mission with a basic story and basic gameplay.
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    great work, pav.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavlovscat View Post
    I will cover Lagniappe first. (What’s Lagniappe? That’s Louisiana talk for a little something extra thrown in for free.)
    Have to admit, I did a double-take on this word. I have never seen or heard of it before in my life, but maybe that's because I'm from Wisconsin. Curious choice though - isn't all this stuff "thrown in for free?"

    In any case, nice roundup as usual. Thorough doesn't even begin to describe it.

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    Ah, yes, it's all free, but lagniappe is also an extra or unexpected gift or benefit. I call it that because this is an FM Review, but these extras deserve mention. Perhaps I'll update my explanation.

    And, thank you!

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    Another amazing review page. You've done it again Pav! Thanks for this and all your fine work.

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    Thankyou Pavlovscat!

    You are the Cooooolesssssst Cat!

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    Great job as always!

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    Great work!

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    First-class stuff again - your reviews continue to be a great resource

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    Thank you all for your kind words!

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    Love your attention to detail and your roundups in general pavolvscat! Thank you for the work you put into the community.

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    Another beautiful reviews! Thanks again, Pav

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    A great resource. Keep it up. As mentioned here, addition of the reviews of the oldies would be of much help as well.

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