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Thread: New T2 FM - The Museum Heist

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    Registered: Dec 2000
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    New T2 FM - The Museum Heist

    After more than a year of work, and more frustration than I care to admit, I have finally finished my FM.

    Currently available at the Thief Underground and working on KoMaG, The Circle and Cheap Missions.

    Feel free to send any comments, complaints, criticisms (constructive or otherwise) to me at

    I hope you enjoy it and maybe give you a surprise or two!

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    Registered: Sep 2000

    Hip hip HOORAY!

    took ya' long enough ...


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    Registered: Dec 2000
    Location: Broomfield, CO

    'Sup Spuds? Been a while.

    The scary thing is this is my first real attempt at an FM and I am sure that this group of taffers will find all kinds of stuff that I missed and/or never though of. My only hope is that some enjoy wandering around

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    Yeah that's what killed me in the end. I'd been working on one for months last year, but finally just gave up. I kept thinking to myself who would really enjoy playing this except me? and I know everything about it, I made it, so it really wasn't fun for me anyhow.

    That, and the 100's of little bugs and quirks associated with DromEd. I just couldn't take it anymore ...

    oh well. I'm glad you got yours finished, I look forward to playing it. But I won't be designing any more levels myself. I just couldn't hack it ...

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