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Thread: Thief 4 Officially Announced!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtr7 View Post
    Of course not!

    Fan-made from the final TDS cutscene and TDS promo video.

    There is no teaser or trailer, so you can tell those guys to taff off.
    Damn! :P It was so convincing >.<

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    Agreed addone. I knew it had to be fanmade since Eidos only just announced that they were going to do T4 today. If it had been the real deal, there would have definitely been a thread about it in TTLG & Eidos T4 forums.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Taffer 512 View Post
    Who are you to judge a company who has given you no reason to have reservations about their products yet? If you got a new job somewhere and your first day all you heard was, "THE NEW GUY IS GOING TO FUCK UP" constantly, how would that make you feel? Why don't you simmer down and be patient and actually wait to see what they're up to before you pull your hair trigger and judge them.
    Your question of fucking up, no I wouldn't like it... but I can still have my reservations about the company. Maybe we all are being a little crazy, but we simply can't help but have reservations because they're a new studio for one thing, and they're not LGS. And, it's a sequel.

    Okay, you're right that at least I (and the other taffers) should not say "they're going to screw it up" because nothing has happened yet... but I don't recall saying that anywhere. I guess it's one thing to think hmm, I don't know about this... and it's another to say I think they are going to royally mess this game up.

    I'm also now thinking it was a mistake to defend a bunch of people in my previous post as a lot of people seem to take teh stance that they are going to screw it up, without failure. Right now, I'm going to say that I am skeptical, but that I will not say that they are going to "screw it up." In fact, let me start by saying good luck EM!
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    Praise the Builder there is Thief 4! Just found out a couple hours ago after getting home but couldn't post due to the ttlg being down.

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    Rene, welcome to the Through The Looking Glass forums No Mutants Allowed. *groan*

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    Okay, lame overused pun, but her it is:

    We're Through The Looking Glass, people!

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    I had lost all hope...

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    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Eidos forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtr7 View Post
    We LOVE production diaries, making ofs, and any behind-the-scenes, and histories the devs can take the time to share. NEVER gets old!
    Well, they are preparing a Thief 4 blog too, we'll get some good stuff, hopefully.

    @bob_doe_nz: Nope, working fine for me.

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    I know that blogs are hard to keep up with when you're busy. I think it'd be a great way to introduce us to the new team if everyone who wanted could post something about what they're working on or some anecdotal stuff. They could do that on Twitter, too, really. Just random posts as one of them thinks of something to share in real time.

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    Twitter? No, if they come up with something, give it to René, he'll take care of putting it up on the blog. With pictures, to make it look good. I don't really like twitter...

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    don't know if this got posted before but here it is:

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    It did, but it got buried in the happy frenzy too fast.

    Another link is a good thing right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob_doe_nz View Post
    Is anyone else having trouble accessing the Eidos forums?
    Yup, has been dead for me since yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necros View Post
    Twitter? No, if they come up with something, give it to René, he'll take care of putting it up on the blog. With pictures, to make it look good. I don't really like twitter...
    Heh heh. I only mentioned since they already their Twitter page going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominus View Post
    don't know if this got posted before but here it is:
    Urk, this interview makes me sick to the stomach.

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    Presently the only asset that we're able to release is the logo, which we're pretty proud of as it's very respectful of the franchise and you can recognise it very rapidly
    This is just hilarious.

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    We have people that have worked on the Rainbow Six series, on Prince of Persia, on the Splinter Cell games
    Only seeing Rainbow Six there (those were some great tactical shooters) makes me happy.

    The setting, the character, the story, the features – anything related to the actual content of the game, we cannot discuss for now. What I can say is that people are going to be very happily surprised and impressed. I think that we've put our finger on a number of things. Innovation and originality will be important, and I think it's going to serve this great franchise very well. Even though it's a franchise that we last saw five years ago, we're going to bring a fresh look and a fresh approach. We're always respecting the history and the spirit of the game, but innovation will definitely be quite interesting.
    That doesn't sound too good.

    When I had time recently, I played Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, and that sort of thing, to really understand what makes those franchises as good as they are.

    I agree, this interview is a bit daunting, but I have faith, and they have time. I won't get all negative on them, I'm just happy they're trying to tackle this, and they seem to have the right attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by infinity View Post
    That doesn't sound too good.
    Why you need a new game if you don't want innovation?

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    Great News
    Originally Posted by Chagnampra
    No pressure, but Thief: The Dark Project was the single biggest influence on my gaming life!! I can still remember playing some of the levels well into the early hours, in the dark with my headphones on, almost trying not to breathe as a guard or a zombie walked past...

    Originally Posted by Chagnampra
    Here's hoping that the new game will still be set in the same medieval/tech world of the originals (though with a scale larger than the city in Thief: Deadly Shadows please!) and that it maintains the same sense of freedom as to how mission objectives are accomplished. Oh, and if the undead pop up, that's fine by me!!
    Ditto for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by 242 View Post
    Why you need a new game if you don't want innovation?
    New story, new missions, in new parts of The City, with modern technology that still retains a semblance of the familiar is quite satisfying, and no new innovation is necessary for that.

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    Oh bugger.. i hoped it wasn't this... we are gonna have another consoled downed game like DS, which wasn't amazingly good, and i'm gonna have to hear all the little kiddys talk about the game on the bus and think 'What a bunch of prats' as they talk about how much they loved going around killing people and stuff in the game..

    well... atlest it was Thief, and not the Other old 'T' game range which i extremely hoped they didn't do... atlest with this, i can pretend it never happened cause we don't have a 'Thief 3' game yet (Note, it was DS not 3)

    but then, my views don't really count and i have seamed to been away for a bit..

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    Just please, dont make another TDS! (the only good mission in TDS was Cradle)

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    Ten clear an simple petitions:

    -Only first person view.
    -Rope arrows.
    -Swimmable water.
    -Walk movement by default.
    -Leaning left, right and forward.
    -No climbing gloves.
    -Select and use an specific key instead an “automatic” key ring.
    -One mission – one loading zone.
    -Stephen Russell voice acting.

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