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Thread: Anomalies, Discrepancies, and Outright Bugs v0.3.0 released

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    Anomalies, Discrepancies, and Outright Bugs v0.3.0 released

    I've just uploaded the new version of Anomalies, Discrepancies and Outright Bugs.
    This is the first version to include ZylonBane's SS2 Enhanced Monitor Pacakge (SHEMP).
    A full list of changes is listed below.

    Download from FileFront: ADaOB-v030.7z [30MB]

    Main thread at Strange Bedfellows: SS2 Straylight ADaoB v0.3.0

    Changes in v0.3.0:
    • Inclusion of SHEMP high resolution terrain textures (mostly screens and other tech displays)
    • Fixed light switch in Med/Sci corridor over training stations
    • Med/Sci armoury note is now correctly ticked off
    • Added shields on shuttle ports on the training stations and in the Command deck shuttle bays
    • Added targets to the shooting range on Ops
    • Added ceiling glass to a room in Rec that previously opened out into space
    • Realigned many textures and fixed many object placements
    • Re-added a small number of French-Epstein devices and Auto-repair units on Impossible difficulty
    • "Plasma" pistol changed back to laser pistol. Significantly decreased degrade rate for non-overcharge shots
    • Auto-repair units and French-Epstein devices can now be recycled (for 20 nanites)
    • Hazard suit now makes you completely immune to toxins from worm piles
    • Removed ejecting casings from blast turrets because they looked too strange
    • Shrank physics model on a Rickenbacker turret that was very hard to walk past before
    • Fixed the hole between the pipes in Rickenbacker Pod 2 where you could easily fall to your death
    • Localised Pyrokinesis now deals 1 damage / 400ms instead of 5 damage / 2000ms
    • Replaced elevator music with high-quality full-length version from SS1
    • Various minor tweaks
    Attached Images
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    Thanks NV, ZB, and others involved. Will check it tonight.

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    Thanks for this. I just added a news item at for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    • Shrank physics model on a Rickenbacker turrent that was very hard to walk past before
    I'm guessing this is the one in Pod 2 next to the ladder up to Medical?
    I've never tried this mod; I probably should at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enchantermon View Post
    I'm guessing this is the one in Pod 2 next to the ladder up to Medical?
    Yes, it is.

    ADaOB is basically the unofficial patch for SS2. Nothing new and fancy like SecMod, just bugfixes and balance tweaks.

    I may see about adding the new SHEMP textures to SecMod in the future, but that'll be a while as I'm a bit low on free time right now.

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    great work as always guys-going to check it now.I assume its safe just to overwrite the previous adaob install (I'm not using the mod manager,everything is just extracted to the shock2 folder)..

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    It's best to start a new game after upgrading, though - otherwise, you might get a few odd issues.

    I don't think you should get any game-breaking bugs, but upgrading a game-in-progress is untested!

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    yes,I figured that much

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    Y'know, I'm ashamed to admit that prior to this collaboration with NV, I'd never used any version of ADaOB. While this was partly because I like to keep a clean "official" install of SS2 for my own modding purposes, it was also because... well... the name put me off.

    When it comes to older games, I'm usually all over the unofficial patches. Fallout... Bloodlines... Freespace... these communities have all put together top-notch unofficial patches that I'd never consider playing without. But then we have the Anomalies, Discrepancies and outright Bugs mod. It doesn't name itself as any kind of patch-- unofficial, fan, community, or otherwise. It calls itself a mod, so that's what I mentally filed it away as. It's true that patches and mods are in the strictest technical sense the same thing, but it's generally understood that while patches merely fix things, mods change things, usually in ways that the developers didn't originally intend.

    So if I might be so bold, renaming ADaOB to something more like "System Shock 2 Unofficial Patch" might do wonders for community acceptance, as well as really helping out newbies to SS2 who are inevitably bewildered by the wide array of fan mods that are available.

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    is Best Pony
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    I must confess that I have not used it, for similar reasons.

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    tssk tssk,judging the book by its cover.I always go digging through the readme first;thats how I have discovered adaob-downloaded a couple of mods,went through the readmes,and discarded them all (all of them have strayed too much from the original).but when I went through all (!) the adaob balance changes,I have thought,yup,this might just be the sweet spot I'm looking for..and it was

    btw,I love the name (adaob),it sounds a bit strange&weird-very fitting for a game that has zombies,monkeys and ninjas..

    edit: hmm,seems like the shotgun hybrid anomaly (you take the broken shotgun from his inventory but it stays in his hands as well) is still present,wasn't this fixed in the previous release (or am I just remembering something from another mod)?

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    I don't remember the initial reason I was turned off by it, but I agree with ZB: if I was a new SS2 player coming here and I saw a patch labeled "System Shock 2 Unofficial Patch", I'd definitely check it out and would be more likely to install it.

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    I agree also.

    You might have been turned off by the fact that the game was unwinnable as a mle-only player if you didn't choose Hack (since earlier versions removed all the ICE picks, so you couldn't get through the shields at the end).

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    That's interesting; I had forgotten about that tidbit.
    I doubt that it turned me off though, as I usually play mle-only as a hacker.

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    encountered a bug I have never experienced before-when dragging an item from the inventory and dropping it,the item icon (while dragging) changes into another object (annelid toxin to wrench,for example).after that,two things can occur-I'm either able to drop it normally,or the game crashes to seems to be random,but it does happen quite often,especially if you are playing around in your inventory a lot..

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    Looks like you've hit this bug, but wait until you hear from NV or ZB.

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    Which deck are you getting that horribly annoying problem on?

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    its not really that terrible in singleplayer mode,but I can imagine it could be quite an annoyance when playing multiplayer..I'm keeping the previous version of adaob on my multiplayer install,for now.

    now that I think about it,it seems to be exclusive to medsci (science).I was not able to reproduce the bug on hydroponics.on medsci,I can reproduce it almost instantly,if I get "lucky"..I'm attaching a savegame,upon loading it,you should be able to reproduce the problem as well-just try playing a bit of drag'n'drop tetris in the inventory.

    ran into another small bug-the new laser pistols rays sometimes behave erratic,parts of the beam are left stuck in mid air,producing the "zap" sound when you touch them and vanishing again..

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    Just to be sure, you're not running through ShockEd, are you?
    That's a frequent bug in Medisc1 when running through ShockEd, but doesn't usually happen in the game itself.

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    nope,plain old shock2.exe (ddfixed,if that matters).managed to get an even better (or should I say,worse) save-this ones fail rate should be 100%,just open the inventory,try dragging the annelid organ (or pretty much anything) and you should be crashing to desktop sooner than you can say monkey-wrench.

    maybe I should try a "clean" install of adaob-I have just overwritten the previous version when installing 0.3.0..

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    completed the game yesterday,I had one more inventory related crash on operations (right next to the main elevator.I'm starting to suspect that one of the items that I had dropped in the elevator may be the source of that instability),and the new laser pistol beam is jumpy at times,as I mentioned already.apart of that,no other issues.

    now I'm going to make a clean instal of 0.2.9 and see if I'm able to reproduce the issue.

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    playing 0.2.9,no inventory related crashes so far (and I have tried hard).btw,forgot to add screenshots of 0.3.0:

    grub pod organ turning to access card when dragging just before crashing the game

    garbage left onscreen by the new laser pistol effect
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    In a future version of the mod, would you consider removing "Polito" from changes.txt (two instances) and "Dr. Polito" from readme.txt?

    I was playing SS2 for the first time and thought I'd give this ADaOB, which I'd heard great things about, a go. I wanted my first experience of the game to be as good as it could be, and this unnoffical patch looked the business. I had a look through the readme first to make sure I'd be using the mod correctly, and came across the above "Polito" references. This led me to believe that "Dr. Polito" was in fact not what she appeared to be, which rather ruined a key part of the game for me. Had the quote marks not been there, I'd have been none the wiser.

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    Hint: Don't read a detailed changelog for a fan patch before playing the game for the first time.

    There are far more spoilers in there than that, they can't all be removed without making the changelog unreadable.

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    Those were the only spoilers that I was aware of, and thought they could easily be removed by getting rid of the "s. That shouldn't have any effect on how readable the changelog is.

    I only mentioned this because it's a key part of the game and I was disappointed when it got spoiled for me, and I'd hoped that other people could avoid similar disappointment in future.

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