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Thread: Thief speedruns

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    Nice! And nice to see Luthien, Tinúviel

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    Here is some footage from my tdp expert speedrun:

    Please note that those videos are work in progress unless I say otherwise.

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    Life is worth living for extra ~hour! Thank you!

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    This is what happens when you combine Thief and Mirror's Edge. Good stuff!

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    I posted this few minutes ago at SDA:
    Normal difficulty:
    Assassins - 1m 59s - Rogston
    Normal IL speedrun improved: 2m 27s

    Expert difficulty:
    The lord bafford's manor - 1m 20s - Rogston
    Break from Cragscleft Prison - 6m 9s - Rogston
    Down into the Bonehoard - 5m 48s - Rogston
    Assassins - 3m 58s - Rogston
    The Sword - 4m 9s - Rogston
    The Haunted Cathedral - 6m 10s - Rogston
    Lost City - 9m 56s - Rogston
    Expert IL speedrun improved: 5m 27s

    Expert IL speedrun will not be submitted to SDA mainly because my hard drive broke down february 2010 and I lost all my footage. That means that I don't have original videos for maps 8,9,10,11 and 12, only youtube versions exist. Additionally the quality of these speedruns aren't at the level that I wish them to be for SDA.

    I've been very busy lately and it has been more and more difficult find time to speedrun thief properly. Especially speedrunning on expert difficulty requires more time than I have available. For now I consider thief speedruns done and I'm unsure if I will continue improving them in the future. Anyway I've had a lot of fun doing these runs and I want to thank everyone for your support!

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    Love it man, just love it!!!

    Edit - Are these tool assisted runs man???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldmoon Dawn View Post
    Love it man, just love it!!!

    Edit - Are these tool assisted runs man???
    Just regular speedruns.

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    What happens at 0:05/0:06?

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    It's the NPC propel glitch if I'm not mistaken. Same as in the beginning of this video. You can gain (deadly) speed with it.

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    A few days ago I played on normal difficulty Thief the Dark Project as fast as possible using saves on every mission - it was total time 31 minutes and 42 seconds. Not so hard, hard is Thief 2 the Metal Age to speedrunning.

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    I'm quite pleased with some of my best times on Expert. They won't be the fastest ever as apart from anything else I didn't use engine exploits and disallowed myself from using strafe-running to escape enemies or assist in time-limited sections such as underwater swimming (I was Iron Manning so didn't want to "cheat").

    But for straight runs to the finish line, completing all given objectives, on Expert, I think some of these are quite nippy.

    Crag 12 54
    Guil 17 41
    Swor 6 47
    Haun 18 46
    Mage 26 35
    Song 15 09
    Unde 8 11

    And from T2, Party 18 32

    The only mission from T1/T2 I have never been able to complete in under 30 mins is Soulforge (34 58). Which, BTW, given its size and the amount of enemies, it seems ridiculous that there are no health potions to buy at loadout and only one that I can find in mission. One HP plus a fountain is not enough
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    I think this is the current speedrun world record (by Cittan) in Thief 2:

    53:54 without loading times...

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    normal speed run don't impress me,if its not expert they are missing a lot of the missions loot/etc

    doing normal is like playing with training wheels

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