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Thread: Fraps - no sound? (Thief 2)

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    Fraps - no sound? (Thief 2)

    Okay, the newest in a long, long list of recording issues I've run into ever since getting a Sound Blaster X-Fi is that I just discovered it doesn't want to record sound in Thief 2 (via Fraps). And when I go to force Fraps to "Use Windows Input", I can't do "What U Hear", because the X-Fi Xtreme Gamer doesn't allow that. It wants to use Microphone.

    Whether or not it's once again the culprit, I blame Creative. I hate X-Fi/Sound Blaster/etc... Every time I want to do ANYTHING that isn't just listening to something, I run into issues. A long history with their tech support reveals that just about everything I've ever wanted to do in my (very simple) recording endeavors has been in some way hindered by things that the sound card just doesn't support.

    Anyway, any ideas? Could Fraps/Thief be to blame?

    My setup is:
    Vista 64
    Thief 2 running on CPU core 1 only
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer: It Sucks For Anything But Listening Edition
    Latest video and sound drivers
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    Oh, wait, a new Vista/Win7 Sound Blaster driver JUST came out that enables "What U Hear"... Well, I'm glad someone got the memo that it just might be a good idea to flick that switch back on!

    Update: seems to work with "What U Hear" now. Creative's timeliness saves the day.
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    Hmm, this thread is still floating around, so here's issue #2:

    My sound card crackles when recording "What U Hear", so I'm forced to switch to "direct stream" (via "Detect Best Sound Input" in Fraps). That works for all other games, but Thief doesn't want to let any sound record in that mode.

    Anyone know anything about this? Searching turns up nothing.

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    Dario, may you should try any another tool?
    I can recommend PlayClaw

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    Update: Hmm, I can't get it to show the counter in Thief. Is it known to work there?

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    Post message to their forum or support?

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