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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    verbose douchebag
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    It's awesome. One of the most instant and enduringly charming films I've ever seen.
    Raises the exciting question - what if Anderson hasn't even hit his peak yet?

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    Tonight I watched "Seven Pounds". What a bad movie it is. It's odd in that it makes sense, but then it doesn't make any sense AT ALL.

    For someone whose out to "save" 7 people, he spends 99% of the movie around Rosario Dawson and then barely any time at all with the other 6. Also I don't get why he HAD to save 7 people. I know he accidentally caused the deaths of 7, but using his body parts to save 7 (resulting in his death) makes no sense. Yes it saves 7, but what he did was an ACCIDENT that anyone could have done. He didn't go out and shoot/murder 7. He accidentally caused the death of 7. Why couldn't he join some aid group and devote the rest of his life to helping to save others. He'd have saved FAR BEYOND 7 that way.

    There is so many plot holes in the movie it's not funny.


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    Saw ... completely blind, just because the poster and title assured it is sci-fi.

    It is a kids movie, but not for too young. Liked it very much. Sure, it is quite silly at times, but not offensively so - ie. the silliness never leaves the bounds one expects from a kids movie. Well focused and does not waste any time. Nice visuals carrying a fun plot (no surprises, everything is pretty thoroughly telegraphed, but still fun). Did not notice any bad acting (even the youngest one).

    ... also, it is British, that is worth some freshness points from the get-go.

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