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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    * Max Headroom
    All i remember is the darn head - my respective foreign language skills at the time were probably too shoddy to expect more. Has it aged well? Worth a watch?
    From my perspective, it's aged hilariously. It's an 80s vision of cyberpunk distopia. It's supposed to be a caricature, and it has a cult following. It's production value was pretty good for the time, at least.

    Looking at your other reviews, I don't know what you'll think though. Contrary to the other guys' suggestion, you don't strike me as a cult watcher but someone just looking for good scifi/alt-fiction shows. I don't know if this passes or not. It had its share of cheese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombe View Post
    Oww, :/ ... why?
    Your criteria for what constitutes a good TV show don't come out from that list, and 95% of what you've seen is apparently not worth the time, so that limits the potential to recommend... just about anything. Having said that, you should probably take a gander at True Detective since it's pretty short, and excellently made.

    I'm mildly surprised that you've written off Farscape as childish crap, but I guess muppets do that to people, and the first season really was all over the place. It's anything but childish however - there's swearing, murder, eyeballs being pulled out of skulls, sex, and even rape. If the characters and setting don't gel with you though, there's very little reason to watch Farscape.

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    Yeah, True Detective skirts the line between police procedural and alt/weird. That's part of its charm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombe View Post
    Wait what? There is a series coming? Well, yes, please do - i currently have only one series i give a damn about right now.
    Sure is. Let me find you the link to the article I read about it. It was the entire reason that I eventually ended up watching the movie, since it inspired me to go watch the trailer for the movie etc.

    And here you go. Enjoy .
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