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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Finished the 5th Doctor's run (Peter Davison) of Doctor Who. Unlike Tom Baker's time in the show (7 seasons) this one only went for 3. Started off pretty average, but quickly became really damn good, though not on the same caliber as Tom Baker's, though that's more a judgement on Peter Davison playing the Doctor rather than the stories themselves as they were nearly all top notch stuff. ESPECIALLY the Dalek and Cybermen stories, which were fantastic. The 5 Doctors special also was really damn good stuff.

    Doctor Who was truly still at it's prime during this period. It's just a shame that Peter Davison lacks the personality over the prior Doctor's. He's just more a nice guy who loves cricket and happens to be from an alien planet. The dark humor from Tom's run is also COMPLETELY gone + the great one liners which I very much missed, though it does make some of the episodes that much more gripping (due to being more serious and having high body counts). The companions this time around were REALLY bland and lacked personality for the most part. They felt more like they were just there to fill a role, rather than being characters who were introduced and grew over the course of time.

    I'm now onto the 2nd episode of the 6th Doctor's run (Colin Baker, no relation to Tom). His one companion so far (Perry) does the WORST American accent I've ever heard. God damn she's hot (which is very likely why she got the part) but man her accents bad. Flicks between American and something else (Australian maybe?) in nearly every sentence she speaks. Hope that improves.

    Sadly for my run of the old series of Doctor Who this will be the last of the good Doctor's. From what I can recall of Sylvester McCoy's run of it, the show just got so bad and average. Not looking forward to that.

    And then after that there's the movie, then the new series which ditches the horror element entirely + low budgets and goes for a FAR MORE adventure style, with many forgettable stories. I did quite like David Tennant's run of it though.

    So a mixed bag ahead.

    It does raise the question of whether it's better to have a low or high budget. The things I've seen so far which were done on very low budgets were damn good stuff and focused largely on plot and character development and went for several episodes long (some up to 10 episodes) per story, but does have the issue of some of the costumes looking horrible and the re-use of actors is VERY obvious when it happens. Common re-use of sets and locations is another obvious factor. Though on occasion they delved into real world locations like in the Dalek Invasion of Earth, with a completely deserted London (not done again to my knowledge until the movie 28 days later, nearly 40 years later though I'm only guessing). It also has a very theatrical-type feel to it. They also never shied away from showing people getting killed horribly.

    The new series in comparison definitely put alot of their money into CGI and effects and almost always went for singular stories where the beginning, middle and end all happened in the one episode (with exceptions here and there) all said and done in 45 minutes. Booo. I've always felt that the old series was better as the stories just felt far more fleshed out, you often got to see the return of popular bad guys and the show had a very strong horror element which had kids hiding behind the sofa (as the makers of the show like to often mention). Not always of course. But when it's there it's quite apparent. Perhaps it was the changing of the times? I dunno. I've always loved scary stuff.

    As a kid I grew up idolizing the Daleks and Cybermen. Drawing them on paper often etc. The new monsters/aliens in the new series just don't have that same spark for me, though that's likely to be part nostalgia and the other part me growing older. Who knows.
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