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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkkiller View Post
    Ant-Man was refreshingly un-Marvel. Basically disconnected from the whole universe, except for Falcon - who, by the way, had a great scene - and the token Stan Lee cameo.
    You forgot about Tony Stark's father from the 1987 (I think) bit, which is why Pym doesn't want to involve the Avengers, and Hydra winning the bid for the Wasp suit. But yes, the story was focused on Scott Lang and him becoming Ant-Man instead of being a setup for future Marvel movies. My main complaint with it is that the 3D seemed to be set up in a way that would make viewing in on a TV a much lessened experience. While the story was almost completely predictable, the script and acting made it worthwhile.

    As far as a cinematic experience goes, I'd rate it 85/100 or so. Very much worth a watch, even if you're getting tired of the Marvel movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redface View Post
    I only watched the first two episodes of Hannibal. The script was really bad and illogical, which ruins it for me in the "real detective work" genre. Does it get better later?
    I watched the first 4 eps of season one, and while it was much better than most network shows, I couldn't bring myself to continue due to the editing - everything feels super rushed and arbitrary, like a ton of stuff has been cut out to keep the episode length down. Everything happens so quickly that it's impossible to connect to any of the characters or events happening and everything feels hamfisted, especially with regards to Hannibal himself. Is it really worth sticking it out? Do they fix this?

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    It never felt like that to me, so I can't really judge that. The series' storytelling is often elliptic and the series is self-consciously artsy, but rushed? Arbitrary?

    If you didn't find the characters interesting enough, chances are your impression wouldn't change enough to make it worthwhile for you. For me, though, it's one of the best series of this century to date.

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    Interesting. Everything felt very drawn out and tedious to me.

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    I'm not sure how it could be called 'rushed' either. 'Arbitrary' is an ambiguous term to use, one that I'd say doesn't make sense if you've only watched a third or less of a season - Hannibal loves to drop and dripfeed hints before it moves them to the fore, but move them to the fore it does. Everything has its place, even the cases of the week which serve to frame the meatier things happening in the background. I'd venture it's a matter of getting over that initial bunch of table setting episodes before the plot starts coalescing into season 1's arc.

    As Thirith says, the framework is elliptical and artsy, but it knows what it's doing with the former almost all the time, and with the latter, most of the time - season 3 went overboard on slo-mo artsy framing before it reigned it in and went back to slicing bite-sized chunks off of people with surgical precision. Seasons 1 and 2 are wonderfully executed, though. And for all the visual splendour, a mention must be also be made of the soundtrack, which is a dark percussive blend of sounds that's moody and eerie at the same time. Where it really cemented its place was in the last episode of season 1, which had an unsettling, escalating cue that felt like a slow revving churn in my gut. Not the sort of thing to tap your feet to or play in the background while you're dusting the house, but just about perfect for the show.
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    Seasons 1 and 2 are wonderfully executed, though
    Stealth pun!

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