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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Well I guess you're ready now for the best spoof the other side of The Wind Done Gone. (Spoilers for people who haven't seen it.)

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    Finished Mad Men with the wife the other day. Watched it to give her space from the violence of Sons of Anarchy having previously watched a couple of series. Very much enjoyed it, particularly the very consistent character development, particularly that the finale explains Don Draper's character flaws. Very nicely paced, and at times even very funny. Roger Sterling remains one of my favourite characters in anything.

    Now we're starting Breaking Bad as she hasn't seen it.

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    ffs lets get a little crazy in here, I watched Princess Bride again, WITH MY KIDS

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    thats crazy

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    As you wish.

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    The Midnight Meat Train is not an actual good movie, but damn, is it well-shot. The story and acting are sub-par, but I was just mesmerized by the visuals. Very stylized and just gorgeously lit and shot, and I don't just mean the violence but even scenes where nothing much happens. I'm a sucker for good cinematography and in this movie I mostly ignored the story but was captivated throughout by the pretty pictures. The visual style reminded my a bit of Blade Runner, except of course BR has more to it than just good visuals. Movie: 6/10 Visuals: 9/10.

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