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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Went in for a random film at the theater and lost myself in just how damned good it was. Contratiempo (aka The Invisible Guest), a 2016 Spanish thriller that might seem like standard fare on the surface, but quickly got me with its brilliantly paced exposition, twists left and right, and a standout performance from, well... you'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    I watched Part 8 of the new Twin Peaks last night - you could just subtitle it WTF. That was easily the most bizarre hour of TV I've ever watched. I kind of want to discuss it, but I'm not even sure what to...discuss. I love weird and bizarre and crazy stuff, but sometime watching this show, you feel like they're just trying too hard. "Hey, what can we do that would just freak people out?"

    Don't get me wrong, still enjoying the show overall. I just hope at some point they make some attempt to explain whatever it was that I just watched.

    Thanks Lynchian god, the 9th episode is back to "normal". 8th was atmospheric and interesting in some strange way, but a bit too much for me. Overall, so far the 3rd season is one of the most interesting movies I've ever seen. It's also very brave, modern and creative, not some cheap playing on old fans feelings. I was very sceptical when it was in production, and the result is totally unexpected.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abysmal View Post
    Went in for a random film at the theater and lost myself in just how damned good it was. Contratiempo (aka The Invisible Guest), a 2016 Spanish thriller that might seem like standard fare on the surface, but quickly got me with its brilliantly paced exposition, twists left and right, and a standout performance from, well... you'll see.
    Thanks for the tip, Spanish thrillers are great.
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    Only negative I'd give the 3rd season is that it lacks that "Noir" feel that was present in the first two seasons. This feels more new and a different beast of sorts.

    I quite love it all the same. It's just different that's all.

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    The Crown, now I have Netflix. Great stuff. I thought it might be naff on account of Matt Smith but actually it's great. Required watching.

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    Also been watching Fear The Walking Dead. For a show that was supposed to show what occurred prior to the main show, it hasn't really showed that much. For example there was a HUGE riot but did they show it. Nope. Instead they stuck to the boring main characters. Acting is average at best. No'one is likable at all. They all do stupid stuff and wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes in the main show. Not once has someone turned on a TV to see what's going on, and only once did someone turn on a radio to check. What the.

    Please tell me that this show gets better, as I'm only 2 episodes in and already not liking this one.

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    It gets a little better for a little while, then it goes back to being even worse crap. Rinse and repeat 4 or 5 times so far.

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    I've finally gotten around to watching David Fincher's Zodiac. I really enjoyed it. It's also a pretty impressive feat, with all the research the filmmakers have done on the case (like tracking that one survivor you see at the end), which has even caused the police to reopen the file. Fincher also showed some restraint in how he showed the murders, which is fitting because this is not a fictional story like Seven. These were real people with living relatives, I think you shouldn't make it more grisly than necessary.

    Also watched all the Bourne movies in succession. If I had to guess, people on average probably liked Legacy the least, but right now it was my favorite. It's got the most attention devoted to its story and the least amount of long action scenes. Normally I don't mind action and Paul Greengrass is certainly great at directing it. But now with all that's been going on with me I find that my mind quickly wanders off when watching story-light action scenes, whereas an engaging story keeps my mind focused on the movie. Probably the reason Zodiac is my favorite movie I've seen since the "event", it's pure story and a good one at that, and you have to stay focused to even follow it. I've always been a little like that though, I mean I liked Inception for its story but the action scenes were kind of boring to me, like that long one in the snow. As far as the Nolan "puzzle" movies are concerned, I prefer The Prestige.

    With action, I actually prefer movies that are light on story and just have really well-choreographed action, like The Raid and Dredd (not the Stallone one but the other one) or a story you don't have to take seriously with fun dialogue and cool one-liners like Die Hard. Otherwise, with long action scenes in a movie that actually does have an engaging story, I'm quickly like "yeah yeah just show me whether (s)he lives or dies and get on with the story".

    With Jason Bourne (the latest one) the action was spectacular but the screenwriting talents of Tony Gilroy were missed a little. They tried to make it relevant with the social media thing, but it wasn't really working for me. Alicia Vikander sure is beautiful though.
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    You're pretty much speaking my mind on action sequences in general. It's not that I don't enjoy good action and I'm not turned off by violence, but with so many action sequences I just find myself getting bored and thinking, sheesh alright already, get on with it.

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    Twin Peaks, season 3, up until ep. 9 - Very engaging. Fave bits: Wally Brando, and whenever Gordon is onscreen. Least fave bits: whenever Agent Cooper is on screen. Seriously, both all the slow-ass Lodge scenes and the Dougie scenes are just interminable. But, overall, I can't stop watching.

    Wild at Heart - I liked it! Great performance by Cage.

    Castlevania, season 1 - Only thing wrong with this? At only 4 episodes it's too short! I like how dark it's willing to get, it's almost like an anime-Game of Thrones at times. I really like how the characters are introduced and where the story is going, but this whole thing is really just an intro. I'm looking forward to the 8-episode second season, due to appear next year.

    Fargo, season 3, up until ep. 6 - It's about as good as season 1. So, it's... pretty good.

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    Just came back from seeing Baby Driver! Edgar Wright's movie about Baby, a getaway driver with tinitus, which is why he always needs to have music playing so he can focus on his driving. Baby has been driving for supercrook Doc(Kevin Spacey), but his debt is almost paid and he's about to get out of da game! Will he get out? Watch the movie, I'm not gonna spoil this shit! Great chase scenes, cool tunes, and a wonderful cast. Pretty boy Ansel Elgort stars as Baby, but I was most impressed with John Hamm and Jamie Foxx's performances. That John Hamm needs to star in more things.

    Anyway, the story is really good, and the stakes just keep building up, but then the third act happens and, eh, it's a tad weak. It felt like the story was building towards a big final chase out of the city, but instead it ends with a dark and violent affair in a parking cave. The story also pulls a switcheroo on some of the characters. Doc, who we expect is going to be the main antagonist, somehow grows a heart and saves Baby at the end, loosing his own life in the process. And Hamm's character goes from being someone who's been on Baby's side the whole time to being the main antagonist. The film goes some way to justify these character decisions, but it still mostly feels forced.

    But hey, overall, terrific movie!

    Most Edgar Wright-y scene: in the middle of a chase Baby hijacks another car. The cops are closing in but the car isn't moving, Baby is frantically flipping between the radiostations looking for a good tune.

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    In case anyone is interested, I only seem to be able to watch Anime at the moment. Currently on Log Horizon, which seems to be working for me.

    I started watching American Gods the last time I approached being drunk, tried to continue while sober and got bored. I was hoping for more given that it's based on a book by Neil Gaiman. I'm not sure when something from the US will grab me again.

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    I watched Brimstone tonight, a western I've been meaning to see for a while. It's a passion project by a well-known (in the Netherlands) Dutch director, a huge film buff who always wanted to make a western but wanted to do something original with the genre. It stars Guy Pearce as a religious lunatic without a shred of goodness, and also Dakota Fanning, Kit Harington and Carice van Houten. Pearce does a decent Dutch accent (I'm now thinking Dutch accents sound sinister, but maybe that's just the character), but I was most surprised by another actress who speaks a little Dutch in the movie, I thought she was actually a Dutch actress but going by her name I guess she's not. I can't really spoil why there are people doing Dutch accents, but you'll see why if you choose to watch it. I thought the Dutch angle was fairly believable and not shoe-horned in just because the director is Dutch.

    Has anyone else seen it and what did you think? It got rave reviews from the European press, but some American critics thought the bleakness and human suffering were a bit too much. The genre sites like it though. Here's a favorable review, although I personally disagree with calling the movie sadistic, just some characters in the movie are sadistic.

    The main theme is the oppression of women, but also religious fanaticism - although the director has stated that the Reverend is just one character and while he says such people existed and still exist (no argument from me here, I mean I'm a Christian but I know for damn sure such people exist and I wasn't offended), the movie is not meant as an indictment of Christianity or religion in general. It's very bleak, uncompromising and violent, although you mostly see the after-effects of the violence and not the violence itself. I liked the movie very much, but it's a fairly tough watch. It's funny how it's both been received as being cruel towards women and as a feminist movie. In that way it's similar to Paul Verhoeven's latest movie Elle.

    The movie's got an unusual structure, it's divided into chapters that aren't chronological, but the movie isn't that hard to follow. The time jumps are a little disorienting though, but I think that's intentional because you're supposed to feel uneasy. Time-jumping, violence and western sound like Tarantino's two latest movies, but don't go in expecting that, the humor and lighter elements are completely missing here.
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    If you feel like watching a sleazy, lurid, trashy piece of filmmaking that makes the average porn movie look classy, watch Wild Things. Not much else to say about it.

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    Wild Things was awesome, specifically for those reasons.

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    Yeah I suppose I get the appeal, but I feel like I need a shower, to use a slight hyperbole.

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