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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    That sounds like my kind of film! I've heard about it frequently and always though I should get it, but somehow I never did. Well, enough of that - I'll go and have a chat with Auntie Criterion right away.

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    Well, I stopped at about the 50-minute mark. I'll get back to it again because it needs me to set aside my usual expectations for a movie, and that's a mood that doesn't come without effort. Let me know how it goes with you!

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    The eclipse.

    Think the sun burned through my eye and damaged my brain.

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    My dash lights brightened as they do at dusk. I expected more out of 90% totality.

    I did watch "The Hunger" and it was an interesting take on vampirism and eternal love... or not so eternal. The idea that love supports and then lets die or more accurately lets go to wither sort of mirrors actual superficial love. It was a concept that could have been better done but was well worth the watching for the novelty of it. The editing must have broken the directors heart. Although it got across the alien blood infection connection with dwindling love support thing it was obvious it had been chopped to hell.

    The lesbian love between Sarrandon and Deneuve was unfleshed emotionally though fleshed in deed but was careful not to shock. Too careful for my taste. I mistook the arm sucking scene for something else at first, which it could have done because that would have been logical, but perhaps that was too far to go for then. Still, even that would not have been without precedent. It was done in the late sixties or was it early seventies? I forget the name of the film but they sidestepped the more blatant by making it a bat feasting exactly where you are thinking.

    Like I said, interesting take.

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    Binged on The Defenders over the weekend. The fightscenes are mostly very good. Occasionally they cheap out and just do a lot of quick cuts to mask the fact that no proper choreography or practice put into a fight, but most of the bigger ones are more thought-out. I like the dynamic and all the banter between the main characters. I have some minor criticisms about the last couple episodes, there's a tad too much circlejerking with characters telling each other how great and brave and powerful they are, and also Elektra's character felt more like a walking plot-device at times, just doing stuff because the plot needed it rather than because she was a fleshed out character doing things out of her own agency. But those are minor quibbles. Overall, yeah, I loved it. I'll go so far as to say it's my fave out of the Netflix Marvel shows so far! (tho I didn't see Iron Fist or the second half of Jessica Jones)

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    The eclipse.

    Think the sun burned through my eye and damaged my brain.
    You're not the only one.
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