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Thread: What have you watched lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubJeff View Post
    Well that's total nonsense and anyone who says this can from henceforth be totally and completely ignored as they are obviously an idiot of the absolute highest order.

    And why would you watch a 30 minute review?

    I see these reviews or "reactions to" films that are 30 minutes or more long. Who has that time to watch what someone else thinks of a film ffs? Much less when 95% of these reviewers are idiots.
    The first 15 is non spoiler, the remaining 15 is spoiler. So a 15 minute review for those who haven't seen it, like myself. I'm fine with that.

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    I saw A Wrinkle in Time tonight. For it's target demographic I think it's quite good, I'm just very much not in that demographic and haven't been in a long time. I don't regret seeing it, but it's not something I plan to see again.

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    King Arthur: The Guy Ritchie One - This was pretty fun! Much more over-the-top fantasy than I expected, when Arthur activates his Excalibur-powers it basically turns into a spectacle-fighter. I also like how it presents it's fantasy-world without bothering to explain everything(oh yeah, there's a monster-octupus-lady in the basement who can grant wishes, NBD). Solid performances by Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law. Though the scenes where everyone is talking fast and the camera keeps cutting back and forth in time feels like Ritchie trying to recapture that Lock, Stock magic and it just doesn't really work. Overall tho, very enjoyable! 7/10

    The Outsider and Mute - Ok I couldn't be bothered finishing either of these. What's up with Netflix original movies lately? Last fall they were doing real well. Okja, Meyerowitz Stories, and Gerald's Game came out in quick succession and it felt like Netflix was hitting it out of the park, but then the major disappointments began showing up, starting with Bright. It's not like they're lacking talent either behind or in front of the cameras, yet it's all coming up meh.

    edit: ok, had to remind myself what else they'd released so far this year and it's not all bad: I did like Polka King, A Futile And Stupid Gesture, The Ritual and even Cloverfield Paradox well enough. No cinematic masterpieces, but decent enough.

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