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Thread: DNS problems?

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    verbose douchebag
    Registered: Apr 2002
    Location: Lyon, France
    Hears hoof-beats.

    Thinks zebra.

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    Registered: Oct 2000
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    Thanks to Saam the DNS has now been changed to use an external service which is much more failure tolerant so this problem should now be a thing of the past.

    I'm almost tempted to remove from my hosts file

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    Registered: Sep 2002
    Location: I think I've been here
    Good going Saam and Al_B.

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    Registered: Aug 2001
    It was a few of us that kept poking Saam about this DNS issue, and other issues. We're really striving to get TTLG back on track, and change for the better!

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    Registered: Oct 2000
    Location: Athens of the North
    Indeed - kudos must go to BrokenArts and MsLedd as well for helping to get this sorted.

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    Still Subjective
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    Good skills.

    Now I want to donate. Where/how plz and what are the perks again?

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    Location: Wales
    This is on the To Do list so thanks for the reminder to get the information. I don't think we're looking for donations at the moment though. But these are the old donation perks. We need to find out what's still available.
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