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Thread: Taffer Tropes

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    going on behind the "security switch" thing.... how about having a system-depowering switch in plain sight...?
    as for me... well I dont know if this can be called a "trope"... but how about "looking for 'ooft'"?
    no, I'm not taffin you guys.... if you can blackjack someone at just the right moment, it can make for some rather amusing dialogue...
    "Where did that taffer *ooft*?"
    "Just one move taffer, and you're *ooft*.."
    you get the idea, right?? lol

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    Garrett impulsively dumps all his unused equipment in the river after every mission, unless the plot requires him to hang on to it. He also spends all the money he makes on buying new equipment, ensuring that his rent is always late.

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    *All doors leading to spooky places open really slowly. You'd imagine that it's because they're heavyset to keep the evil contained, but even the flimsiest plywood will drag itself like a bank vault door.

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    the lady wearing the Blue dress ...kindly changes her dress to Red before you pick her up after Black jacking...

    or is it the other way to blue....anyway a typical woman,cant make up her mind on clothes

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    -Garrett finds the secret entrance & says, *Not so secret anymore." You think?
    -Everyone has copies of the same artwork. I wonder who has the originals?
    -Old Meat.

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