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Thread: Shock2-Beta For Dreamcast Found.

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    Shock2-Beta For Dreamcast Found.

    Some guy has recovered a beta of System Shock 2 for Dreamcast, AND what appears to be an alpha of Thief2 for Dreamcast. I don't know if this will ever get released but it sure is interesting, if it's not a hoax:

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    Awesome find! And good work Kolya for jumping on this never know what they may recover off that HDD. If at any point the source for dark was on there, it may yet be possible to recover it from the disk so long as it has not been overwritten. That would be sweet. I wonder how many other hard drives are floating around in unknown hands.

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    I didn't see anything that immediately looked like source code files. I did notice several .SFD files... these are apparently the Dreamcast's native video format.

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    Is this of any relevance:


    Unrelated, maybe we can hope for unstripped missions

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    I took a quick look through the Thief2 directory listing. I did not see anything that suggested source code.

    I work as a graphics engineer for a major game studio and develop for PS3/X360/PC (DX9 and DX11). If we do manage to get any source code I'd probably be able to do something with it, though I imagine it would be a lot of work and I don't expect it to be easy.

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    Still no files uploaded? Incredible...

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    So what's the going rate from dreamcasts these days? I'd be very interested in getting my hands on one if this ever sees the light of day.

    Christ it's been a while since I've been here

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    Somewhere between $50 - $100 (link). Why would you want to play it on a DC though?

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    Possibility for additional content, content that was cut from the final release of SS2, retro/wank factor, etc.

    Plus it'd be nice to own a peice of gaming history.

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    Chances for additional game content are slim. I'm quite sure this is a regular PC version, meant to run under WinCE on the Dreamcast. I wrote a bit more about that here.
    Note that most resource files date to July 1999, just as on any PC install. The files that have a later date (August 2000) are CRF files from the official 2.3 patch, with a ZIP extension.

    If this ever gets released and if they get it to run on a DC and if the changes necessary for a DC game controller were ever finished and if the game doesn't lag due to WinCE's incompatibilities with the hardware, THEN you'd have an unmoddable vanilla SS2 on a DC you still need to buy.

    Let me start again: If this ever gets released it might be of technical interest.

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    Well the guys not posted in over 2 months. Hope something good comes of it. And the fact that the maps were left in their native .mis format is always something.

    Just hope its not all a big hoax or somethin. How come hes not uploaded the files online for everyone else to have a look at?

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    Lazyness? People tend to put the internet on a back burner and forget its even there if they have more pressing matters. There thousands of blogs, files, etc. out there that got halfway done and will never be finished because the OP dosen't care.

    That said, I heartily endorse this concept.

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    So? Any news? Where can we download content of this dreamcast hdd?

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    Nowhere. That guy who found it is still busy getting his cock sucked over at
    Doesn't really matter though as the chances of getting it to run on a DC are slimmer than posh spice.

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    Looks like the files have now been uploaded. (Mothra has just started a thread in the thief forums)

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    Neat! Here's the direct link to the download directory:

    EDIT: Woah.

    Yeah, definitely a work in progress. I'm guessing "MFG toggle" was supposed to be "MFD toggle".

    The .SFD files in the archives are Sofdec video files. Basically MPEG-1 with a custom audio codec. Media Player Classic will actually play them, albeit without audio. Looks like they were just transcoded from the Indeo files instead of the originals, unfortunately.
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    Seems like there are no unstripped missions

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    Wow...those controls suck. But yeah, probably a WIP.
    But no unstripped missions or even better video files? Crap. I guess now it's more of a novelty than anything.

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    you can start a game, load a game, change ingame settings, play a multiplayer game and view the help screen which is a picture of a Dreamcast controller with the button assignments (similar to what you see when you play a demo of a game)

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    What emulator you used to launch betas?

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    I wonder why the intrface stuff is all discoloured. It is as reddish in the release as above.

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    So is everything in this archive 1:1 when compared to the PC release? (aside from the obvious differences related to the port) Anything we might be able to use or substitute even if it's a mere novelty?

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    ooo. Nice to see more pics.

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    Those controls look pretty bad- Who on earth got the idea to assign 'strafe right' to the button to the left of strafe left?

    Also, I find the difficulty settings amusing.

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    So apparently, as mentioned on SMA, the PC these archives came from had a CD with it. The CD's contents have been uploaded here. The folders look pretty much like a mess of files, but they seem to be a mess of source files! Included are files for SS2, Thief, and Deep Cover!

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