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Thread: T2 fm: Darkstone Gem part 1: Looking for Info (19-05-10)

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    T2 fm: Darkstone Gem part 1: Looking for Info (19-05-10)

    The finally reworked Thief Gold fm now for T2.

    Whole chapter 1 thread:

    Questions about the mission go here.
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    Downloading now! Thanks a bunch!

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    Thanks DarkMax. Need something to play waiting for mechanic. Downloading now.

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    Sounds great, thank you!

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    nothing happens when I hit that goes to then nothing

    any mirrors

    ah its working now...
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    Thanks and congrats on the release.

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    All I get in the link is a bunch of advertising. A mirror anyone?

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    Bedwine: it is working fine for me, if it is for the second download window, you have to wait 60 second to download. Another mirror will be apreciated too.

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    Lots of success on the release Darkmax

    Taffers: You're in for a treat!

    Gloria Creep
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Finished this one just under 2 hours and I can comfortably say that it is one of my favorite city missions of all time. It looked beautiful, had a fun design that never got boring and a fairly solid story to boot. A few more readables here and there would have been nice to flesh out the story better and give more backstory on all of the impressive (and sometimes bizarre) areas in the mission. Gameplay was top notch all around and some of the objects used were just stunning. The replacement for regular old wood tables was particularly nice looking - as were all the objects and AI in the mission. Lots of suspense, great atmosphere and tension was high during the.. darker.. parts toward the end. I also really liked the HUGE statues on a few of the rooftops that not only served to look incredible but also helped aid in navigation to a few important spots.

    A great production from top to bottom - you should be very proud of this mission.

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    Congratulation on Your New fm Release Max !

    I know what I will be doing tonight !

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    Congrats, DarkMax! Downloading...

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    Never understood why folks don't send these files to any reasonable mirror first. I like boobs as much as the next guy, but I'm sure that not everyone wants to stare at them for however long it takes for the annoying countdown timer to hit zero.

    As soon as I can manage to get this thing I'll add it to thiefmissions.

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    This was a good mission. Nice and straightforward too. One of the few I could get through without needing a hint or walkthrough. Although I did have to restart at one point during initial testing because I couldn't find where to go. Only to discover I'd forgotten one of those initial doors that couldn't be gotten through. Heh Easy to do that.

    But yeah, thats saying a lot for players like me that tend to forget/miss easy

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    Well it looks as though I need a hint. I found the emerald jar, but still need to find the info for the location of the darkstone gem

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    Vague hint: You need to go down. Way down.

    Slightly clearer: Retrace your steps. Something has changed.

    Spoiler: You need to find the key for the machinst's room. Then find that door and follow it.

    All out spoiler: Head back to the area where you started. There is a locked door you couldn't pick when you started. Somewhere along the way you should find a civilian leaving the area with a key on his belt labeled 'machinst's key'. Grab it. The door is somewhere on ground level. The only other door you can't pick. (Sorry, can't be more specific, I kept forgetting where it was myself and had to run around until I found it again.)

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    I've only played for ~30 minutes, but this mission looks amazing! the use of light and sound alone has gotten me creeped out a couple of times already, and I don't think I've seen 1/4 of it!

    I'm in the large pagan manor and am stuck with two locked doors (one in the room where the guards have a conversation about street sweeping, another downstairs). where are the keys? I'd like to get in before I leave, but this might be a "revisit later" type of thing

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    Thanks a lot man!

    PD: a curious name for a mission released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMunkeepants View Post
    I'm in the large pagan manor and am stuck with two locked doors (one in the room where the guards have a conversation about street sweeping, another downstairs). where are the keys? I'd like to get in before I leave, but this might be a "revisit later" type of thing
    One key you pick up elsewhere - so yes, you will have to revisit. The other is being taken care of by someone in the mansion.

    . . .I love writing clues.

    Look in the room where the woman is sleeping.

    I believe most of the doors can be picked. So unless I'm forgetting something there are only the two keys.

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    Congrats darkmax for the release and i've got say you taffers will like this fm

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    nice mission so far...Love the roof top/pipes climbing etc and the look of the mission is nice..Thank you.

    The only thing I have been disappointed by,isthe lack of response from some of the AI...bartender in Pub does not alert when you enter the pub,or do anything when you knock out the two customers..and neither do the customers react .and even when you turn a corner and meet a guard quite near, it is some while before he goes into alert

    maybe they arent supposed to?

    I also miss not getting an arrow when I KO bowmen..only a small gripe,nothing to cry about,just miss the sound when you grab the arrow.I know I cant use them for kill on expert,so theres no need to put them in, but I use them as noisemakers too sometimes.

    on with the mission...
    The beating of my fearful heart : Thump...Thump...Thump...

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    Mirror here:

    I'm simply amazed I much enjoy your architecture. It reminds me of Thief: TDP

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    wow, thank you DarkMax! Nice present! Will play it just as soon as i finish to eat my birthday cake :P

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