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Thread: Escape Hammer Hill Revised Edition Aug.3rd 2010

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    Escape Hammer Hill Revised Edition Aug.3rd 2010

    Here is the Revised Edition of Otto's SV Contest: Escape Hammer Hill

    The Revised edition is at, Get it here:

    Get here for the time being :
    The link prior to this one, I downloaded and found corruption, so I replaced it. Use the one above for any mirrors please.

    And here if the above fails:

    The loot list for Expert difficulty here:

    The Revisions are mentioned here:

    And more mention of Revision here:

    Whats New ? Some Texture changes and work, along with some new objectives that are designed to help tell my Story alittle more. Some new Terrain, follow the Readables and listen to the Voice Overs for clues. It is still a Simple mission to win. Nothing is hidden, which cant be seen directly while looking at it. no hidden loot so to speak. It is still 100 percent ghostable on Expert difficulty. The loot is the same except for 100 loot placed in the Revised loot list a while back and you can download it using the link above.

    Basso and Garrett now converse before Basso heads out. Random_Taffer and Sly Foxx are the Great Voice Actors, and I thank you again! { * Dont show any weapons to your friend Basso !*}The only exclusion !
    Some new Voice Overs, that help direct and give some clues to what to do, where not to go, ect. Use your imagination !
    I placed a bunch of "Optional Objectives" that dont relate to the Primary Goals.
    Jennivere will ask a favor of you, and this favor must be completed to end the mission sucessfully.
    This is fully described in game, so you wont be left without knowledge of it. I reccomend reading the few scrolls there are in the game.

    I fixed, repaired all that I could with the limitations of the size of the map. It is packed !
    Some technical issues, but no big deal : Very high Resolution wide screens may cause objects to disappear, as expected. I reccomend Vista Window users to use DarkLoader 4.3 so all objectives will tick off correctly. This has been discovered in beta testing several times, different fms, using thief script.
    The Prison was built on top of oblong cylinders, and there are a few places in the stairwells where you might get hung up, just backup, and go forward to proceed. No fix for this !

    I have to get back to RL matters now, and most Fans are Great at figuring things out. Good luck, and thanks for playing my fms. Long Live Thief, and it's Fan's !
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    What? Even Better?


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    Cursed work place proxy settings... Grrr....

    Mirror, please!

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    Thanks Downloading...

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    @Summer : Try this, and it is also posted in the start of the thread:

    I know some of these free sites want something, or they dont always work.

    And thankyou Sticky Fingers and Clearing for playing again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsLair View Post
    @Summer : Try this, and it is also posted in the Main Thread Header: Note, I am changing links.
    Still no go

    My office proxy settings have always had a problem with Mediafire - that's basically the reason why I asked for mirrors. Sites like Cheap Thief Missions or Southquarter haven't made the IT department's list for "access denied" sites... yet.

    But can't wait to play And thanks, darthslair, in advance for your winning mission

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    @Summer : Try this one:

    Thankyou, hope you enjoy the revised version.

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    Mediafire and Rapidshare were no go for me (sucks being behind proxies at work), but the Filefront link worked - so today I'll play the revised version

    Thanks, darthsLair, for the mirrors and the help

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    At the sewage station the scroll suggested that hammerites shouldn't eat rat poison pellets, used throughout the jail territory. I decided to bring the bottle with rat poison to the kitchen, expecting bonus objective to poison all hammerites will be checked. Wonder why it wasn't done.

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    A great mission gets even better? Can't wait to play it!

    Edit: Finished successfully on Expert in about 40 minutes (just played this one a few days ago) and I have to say I really like the changes. The new areas were nice, and overall the flow of the mission is even better.

    Could someone spoiler the new optional objectives for me? I didn't seem to be able to find any.
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    Reasons for Optional Objectives

    Thankyou Jack, Glad you liked the improvements . Sure I will spoil the Optional Objectives:
    I made these objectives optional so the player could go in and replay in different difficulties without having to repeat each one over and over.

    1.(Optional) Fingers Finnigins Treasure Map
    2.(Optional)The Wardens Prized Medallion
    3.(Optional)Discover more information on the Relationship between Malcomb Magee and Fingers Finnagin
    4.(Optional)Basso forgets to take his letter that he had written to his sweet love. Take it with you !

    5. Not optional :A friend of Jenny "Leah" dies in Cell no.2 and leaves Dew Drop. This is the favor mentioned in the read me, and in Jenny's letter to Garrett.

    I made these optional because I didn't want the player distracted from the main objective: Release Basso !
    Number 2.I made this optional, because it is unknown, until Garrett reads Malcolmbs Last Words scroll.
    Number 3. I made this optional because if Garrett doesn't have time for it, then understanding it would be insignificant
    Number 4.I made this Optional because It is only a favor to Basso and Jennivere from their friend Garrett. Some players would think" Basso forgot it, so it is his problem.

    a time capsule:A time capsule has been placed somewhere in the mission. Accessed by an Innovative beta-tester. It was to remember the date of the discovery, and is dated, along with the name of the beta-tester. I will just wait for someone to report it in the future. Until then, it will remain a secret. It will be interesting to discover how long it will take for another to be as innovative in his/her exploration techiniques as this tester was.
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    Great, thank you! Oddly enough I had completed all the optional objectives but one (Basso's letter) so I'll get that on my next playthrough. Now I need to go look for the time capsule!

    I have to say that this honestly is the only prison escape mission I've ever had fun playing - thanks in part to having access to a blackjack replacement early, thankfully. Also - the lockpicking was short and simple and never broke the flow of the mission. Prison break missions normally aren't for me, but I really love playing this one. Impressive stuff and alot of fun.

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    Revised edition at thiefmissions

    Hate to bump my own thread, but Jason, at thiefmissions has archived the Revised edition, and he has reformatted the loot list to make it more ledgible.

    Here is the link:

    Thanks Jason !

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