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Thread: Fallout New Vegas Has Landed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaUnit02 View Post
    Yes. There's been at least one 200MB patch since release.
    200mb!!! then i guess iŽll have to change this game for the game "singularity" or wait a while untill arcania gothic 4 arrives.

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    Christ, I thought everyone got over their Steam-phobia around the time the Orange Box came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Christ, I thought everyone got over their Steam-phobia around the time the Orange Box came out.
    Not even close.

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    Eh, has he even tried Steam? I was really sceptical until I actually tried using the thing, now I really like it. I'm actually to the point of being happy that the game uses Steamworks, it means I'll be able to redownload it freely in case anything happens to the disc after I buy it. Plus Steam achievements. Plus scary statistics such as how many hours I've spent in the game. Plus being able to easily use the Steam overlay (though that works with non-Steam games just as well.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardia1 View Post
    I got this game today as a birthday gift, when i check the back of the jewel box i saw one of my worst nightmares :" needs steam activation"
    steam - the holocaust of video games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    Plus a scary statistics such as how many hours I've spent in the game.

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    60 hours, hit the level cap around 50 I think. Every location discovered, haven't actually entered the strip yet though. Still more quests to do first.

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    Earlier today, my internet was down, so I figured I'd download my copy of Dragon Age off steam to play in the meantime. All I can say is thank GOD my internet was down, so I could have my eyes opened and set upon the truth that is this stinking engine of hate and fascism Valve has set upon the earth.

    See, apparently Steam doesn't think it's in my best interest for me download the games I paid good hard earned US dollars for without an internet connection. Pretty stupid, huh?

    I hate Steam. Hate it.

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    I personally hate Google. If, for whatever reason, my internet goes down, they won't let me search for why my internet isn't working.

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    This is in contrast with TTLG which, even when your internet is down, will still pop up and question your sexual orientation.

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    Oh wow, is the changelog for this new patch bloody long. I like the sound of those improved optimisation changes.

    I bought DLC#1+2 in the Steam sale and was going to play through them soonish, but now I think I'll for the inofficial fan patch to be updated to accommodate the new official patch.

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