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Thread: How to get Fallout 3 looking good!

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    Thanks for posting this, if I can ever be arsed to reinstall Fallout 3 I might give it a go. Not sure about the street lights though, they look all weird and solid, and I thought we weren't supposed to have electricity through the streets of DC anyway. Edit: I had a look at a Youtube video of the ENB you linked to, and one of the comparison segments in there does seem to suggest that it's the ENB that's giving the light shafts such a high-contrast, solid appearance.

    Oh, and if you're getting tired of the vanilla Fallout 3 soundtrack you could try and complement those visuals with some nice S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ambient instead. I felt it changed the mood of the game quite a bit, your mileage may vary, but after playing for so long I was rather tired of the original tracklist.
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    I found Bethesda's choice of music for Fallout odd tbh, since it just felt like TES:IVa Fallout if you closed your eyes.

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    I'll try the STALKER music. I've never been a fan of FO3's music either.

    The thick light beams are from the ENB's bloom. It doesn't bother me personally but I suppose you could most likely tweak it in the ini files if you really wanted to.

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    nerd bullshit tl;dr ahead

    Below is a (very small) selection of the music I use (in addition to the default, mind) -- and I'm always making revisions. Note that I use some music from other games, namely Manhunt and Stalker; this list doesn't include that. (And if not using music from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for Operation Anchorage is wrong I don't wanna be right.) I use quite a bit of music -- several dozen tracks for the base Fallout 3 alone, and that's cut down from several years ago.

    Battle music:

    Ah Cama-Sotz - Vio-Lence and Vivi-Section (if youtube fucks up, it's the bit at 36m32s)

    Dungeon music (almost universally large building interiors, metro/sewer tunnels, and caves)

    Desidirii Marginis - Solemn Descent

    Atrium Carceri - Maintenance Tunnels

    Explore music (everything that isn't dungeon or town music):

    Robert Rich and B. Lustmord - Undulating Terrain (actually the whole of the album this is from makes great dungeon and explore music)

    Aphex Twin - Windowsill (given that Fallout 1's soundtrack is basically a knockoff of Selected Ambient Works II it's only right that it be included here)

    Public (any town that has its own interior, like Megaton, as opposed to being open-air like Arefu):

    Desidirii Marginis - Still Life


    Of course, I have a selection of music for some of the DLC as well. I usually swap them out when I make the trip.

    For example, for Operation Anchorage I use dreamSTATE's White Winter Moon. Point Lookout gets tracks like Aphex Twin's Grey Stripe and Rich/Lustmord's Elemental Trigger. The Pitt makes very little use of music, and what I do use tends to be slightly on the darker, more industrial side, like Desidirii Marginis' A Bolt out of the Blues. And while Broken Steel mostly runs off the base Fallout 3 setting, the AFB at the end is a good place for tracks like Sophia's Sigillum Militum IX.

    I don't bother with Mothership Zeta.

    If anyone's interested I'll provide a full list of everything I use, bearing in mind I only update it every 2 years and it's an off year.

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