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Thread: Tough Guy 2012 - a dare

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    Tough Guy 2012 - a dare

    previously on TTLG Sports News

    Okay so after totally failing at training on my own, I decided in a brief moment of sanity to sign up at a local gym and start running and training again in a more organized fashion, on a year-long plan to run the Tough Guy 2012 Challenge. (That's where the sanity stops.)

    While I'm completely discarding the 2011 run, as I'm nowhere near fit enough for the whole thing, I'll kick off the festivities with Barcelona's Buff Epic Run* on the 19th to see where I'm at. (read: wreck myself physically and emotionnally. )

    So to the previously interested parties, we're doin' it or what? WHAT SAY YOU, SONS OF GONDOR?

    * sorry, the site doesn't seem to exist in English, only ES and CAT
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    Dude, you know I'd love to but my epic failure the last time has left me in even worse shape than before. Yeah, it's a year away and yes if I'm ready for it I'll go for it. I am working towards it but, meh, the chances are slim.

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    I know what you mean, I also had to recover from a few mistakes before thinking about starting again...

    One year is a long time, we'll see how it goes

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    I just saw an Episode of Viva La Bam where Bam Margera and the CKY boys tried this. If you get a chance to catch the episode, it's a good way to check out this sucker for those of us too far away to watch or participate.

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    They tried Tough Guy? This I must see.

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    You want to do this?

    I'm good, thanks.

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    Errr, yeah.

    Them be girls there.

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    I need to get in shape otherwise I'll be dead or wishing to in a couple of years....meep!

    Trying my best, bossman...

    And good to you, raphy

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    Cheers The rationalization is that I need to get in shape anyway, so I might as well do it with style

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    Why do you all need to get in shape all of a sudden, when we're closing in on christmas? Eat more lebkuchen, damnit. Get fat and cosy. Then mourn your sins and swear to be better as the new year begins.

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    Oh I eat my share, dontcha worry 'bout that

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    BINGE AND PURGE! BINGE AND PURGE! That's what the holidays are all about. Course I don't have to do that this year, considering I got sick during Thanksgiving, and my family ate all the leftovers while I was convalescing. All I got was orange juice and halfhearted sympathy. The bastards.

    Also why the hell would anyone want to do an obstacle course in the winter? That's stupid. Everyone knows you save this stuff for the summer, so you can watch more people pass out from heat stroke.

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    Mmmmk, we'll do it in winter you do the summer one Renz. When it's called Nettle Warrior for good reason and you have to do part of the course twice.

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    At least I'll be warm.

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    As far as I'm concerned Summer is best spent poolside sipping mojitos

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    As opposed to hypothermia? Claw me up a bit, hell, you are going to get bruised slipping off wet logs and burned from an electric fence double what would stun a bull anyway right? If you are not allowed kneepads or elbowpads then you will get some scabs on the Viet tunnels and tires. Cold water man, ugh. Not to mention blisters and the fact I will gnaw my way through anything in my way should I get the tunnel with a blocked exit. Claustrophobia would blind me. Nothing personal.

    It should be a playground once you get your legs under you. They try to take those first you have noticed. That's what weeds out the unfit and clears the field for the later obstacles. Start with a mile a day run for a week then up it a half mile every week thereafter to train. Endurance is key so pace yourself and make it steady with no excited bursts which drain particularly during the actual course. Also use your arms on the ropes rather than struggling with tricky balance which will drain energy. After you get your legs and lungs it will be fun.

    I kid myself I could do this now with no training but I would kill myself. Train. It's like basic military training where incremental steps all add up and within a few months you are superman. Run. Some situps and pushups wouldn't hurt but you need the lungs and legs most.

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    Managed 5 km this morning, one week to the event.

    I'm starting to think I can make it alive.

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    Well that was fun 9km down and up the Montjuic hill, crossing mud ponds, wire traps, haystacks and stuff. Finished in 56 minutes, which makes me pretty happy as my objective was to finish within an hour.

    Very fun, and as a sample for TG, learned pretty useful stuff regarding what I should work on...

    So, next year, repeat. Then 2012

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    That looks awesome, we need something like that here!

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    My town just started doing a Halloween Mud Run this year (I don't think it's nearly as hard core as Tough Guy or even Buff Epic. No barb wire, just mud pits, tunnels and hay bales. And the obstacle courses are all in the park, not the mountain trails).

    I didn't participate, but I think I'll try to get myself in shape for the 10k next year.

    [edit]Went over the old thread and found Starr's Warrior Dash. The SoCal one is in Lake Elsinore in April. It's only three miles, I could probably get in good enough shape for that by April.
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    We should form a TTLG Mental Course Kru and run THE WORLD!

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