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Thread: Arx Fatalis Finished

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    Arx Fatalis Finished

    After 24 hours i finished the game. So i must say that i loved playing this game, the gamepay is very good but hard sometimes, the design is superb! The soundtrack is nice, though i think there should have been more musics , the storyline is very good and very captivating. Arkane studios knew how to make a great game to remain in history

    If anyone knows of a similiar game to arx Fatalis please let me know. i already know the gothic series, Morrowind, Oblivion and Risen...What am i missin?

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    Both Ultima Underworlds are the inspiration for Arx... gameplay is very similar. If you don't mind dated graphics, sound and interface they should be your next stop.

    If you particularly liked the atmosphere of Arx than you could check out Arkane's follow-up title Dark Messiah. It is a very different type of game, linear and action orientated, but in the atmosphere department it is similar.
    I always hoped for an Arx2 with all the elements of Arx but with the visceral action of Dark Messiah..
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