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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmTheWalrus View Post
    I'd rather leave things untouched, or at least have an option for leaving things untouched. I use this as a bug fixing and modern compatibility patch as I imagine most people do. This isn't really bug fixing, even if they could be construed as design flaws. Just my two cents.
    I'd agree about making non-bug non-compatibility fixes optional improvements. Changing light sources has the potential to affect how easy or hard a section can be to traverse, in comparison to how easy or hard they were intended/designed to be. Although I have no doubt the impact is trivial if any such changes have been made here.

    And it's all well and good someone deciding that only psychos would want to hear blackjacked NPCs responding to being hurt, but aside from personal judgments on what amuses other people, it can actually be useful because it lets you know if you've left them somewhere that is hurting them.

    The unofficial patches for all the games are great though, don't get me wrong. Just agree in principle that improvements should be dealt with separately. Although I suspect that of course it would not always be easy to make a particular one optional.
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