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Thread: Thief gameplay style for Mark of the Ninja

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    Thief gameplay style for Mark of the Ninja

    I had an idea after watching interviews with Eidos' inspiration over the Thief reboot (altho i'm not a fan of this reboot, the story hardly interests me there) and Thief The Role Playing Game, i saw that Eidos has mentioned some games, notably Mark of the Ninja, the Assassin's Creed series (great) and Dishonored (good too). So i thought again and said, how about changing Mark of the Ninja to make it act and feel more like the Thief series? This is my idea :

    NOTE : You do NOT need to read absolutely everything, just at least the Loadout itself is enough.

    Contents :

    6.Training of a Thief
    7.Experiences of a Thief

    1.Objective : Why play Mark of the Ninja like this?Altho i like the game experience itself, i found funnier to play the whole game as a Thief.

    2.Loadout : How to play the game

    3.Requirements :

    [ ] Mark of the Ninja (Obviously you taffer)
    [ ] Complete at least half of Mark of the Ninja
    [ ] Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC (To unlock the DLC level)
    [ ] Complete the DLC level (to unlock Path of Wisdom)[ ] Path of Wisdom (Garrett's outfit in T2)
    [ ] Spike Mine (Similar to the mines in Thief 1)
    [ ] Smoke Bomb (Similar to the Gas Bomb in T3)

    5.Introduction :

    Cynical and unenthusiastic about helping those in need, Garrett draws on his talents to lift from the wealthy solely for his own gain. To him, everyone is a potential victim who can help line his pockets and fuel the underground economy of the City. He’s a legend among his own kind, a reluctant anti-hero who wants nothing more than to be left alone to carry out his trade. But instead, his actions seem to always draw him into greater conflicts. The Keepers pull the strings behind the City, and lately, they’ve been paying close attention to Garrett. Too close, in his opinion. This secret organization drew Garrett into its fold early on, but he rejected their teachings at a young age and scorned them for their reclusive meddling. He went on to become a skilled thief —the best that ever was, in fact.

    The City sprawls, built over the course of centuries. Now it is an independent
    city state, ruled by a Baron, casually at war with a neighbor. In this Baroque
    and Dickensian urban sprawl, the chasm between the rich and the poor is vast.
    Life is cheap, the wealthy are bored and greedy, and corruption is prevalent.

    The other notable spectrum is religious. The Hammerite Order is powerful; a
    conservative, bearded patriarchy worshiping the Master Builder, ruled by the
    Architect and his Masons. This conservative, rigid, merciless church is harsh to
    those who follow its tenants, and cruel to those who trespass against them. They
    use hammers to combat foes, and also build with hammers to combat chaos. The
    Builder gives them what they need to do for themselves, with a very Protestant
    Puritan work ethic. The Builder gives them trials to purify them. Their speech
    is cadenced with King James Bible conventions. Mercy is a flaw, for a lapse in
    vigilance can destroy everything they’ve built. For most of them, life is spare,
    rough, dark, lonely, and strict. For those at the top, the temptation of riches
    can be too much to bear. The beauty they cherish is workmanship, worship, and a
    life tested but pure.

    In the shadows of the city’s stonework, and beyond the walls in the overflowing
    darkness of the forest, the pagan gods lurk. Before the Hammers and
    civilization, there was another religion here; a religion with much more
    tangible, local gods. They have the gifts of elemental magic, the favor of the
    dark things in the woods, and a burning hate of the order that imposes itself by
    crushing the lush chaos of nature. Those who give themselves to this alien
    worship usually find the price higher than they expected, when it is too late to
    back out. Still, it’s easy rebellion, beckoning the jaded and wealthy as well as
    those so poor they think they have nothing left to lose. Only when they leave
    civilization’s laws do they realize that the alternative is joining the food
    chain. Their speech has the silliness over cruelty typifying the heartless
    games of children. They cherish the beauty of energy, wild uncontained life, and
    crumbling constraints built to pen up or break the natural order.

    Behind those shadows, below the religious disputes and secular power struggles,
    the Keepers watch. No one knows of this secretive order. They have mystical
    powers of stealth. Their focus is on the Balance, keeping supernatural and
    mortal powers arranged to check each other so no one gains too much influence.
    They revere glyphs, a semi-sentient writing system that is bound up in magic, in
    prophecy, and in fate. Selfless to the point of being alien, the Keepers cling
    to their role because they give up all other identity. They recopy books through
    centuries, marking the signs of the times and feeling a strange helpless
    desperation as they are paralyzed by indecision; when and how can they act to
    affect the Balance without being drawn into its struggles?

    6.Training of a Thief :

    A thief, being trained in many arts, is just just about stealing, but also about
    how you steal it and what you steal, and how much. Thieves need to be aware of:

    Noble Politics. Characters are nobles, or serve nobles. As they work for their
    patron’s best interests they are pulled into a murky world where family
    allegiances tie back into supernatural allegiance.

    Fight the Faction. A radical subgroup rises and threatens the balance. Suppress it before its master plan is implemented, likely with widespread death and chaos (no matter which faction.) Nobles might plan a bloody coup followed by military rule, pagans may plan to moss-bomb the city, hammers might be gaining steam for an inquisition, keepers may be trying to get at dangerous lore hidden long ago for good reason, etc.

    Strange Balance. A keeper PC is on the edge of going rogue, trying to gather a group that can actively work at the balance more forcefully than the nudges and breaths the keepers exert on the scales. Whether this is a good idea or not, desperate times and wild imbalance call for new approaches. So much the better of this “task force” can bring balance when representing various opposed factions.

    Detectives. Characters are with the town guard, solving a string of crimes that point towards something bigger (covered up by powerful forces) that could be a real problem.

    Crime Pays. Working with guilds and fences and corrupt guards, a band of criminals scrapes out a living in the city—until they brush against something big enough that those behind it want them dead. Or, until they are hired on by a shadowy figure who gives them juicy scores.Then they begin to see a pattern behind the work. Or, they are sent to assassinate someone who manages to plead
    with them, and has a weird story to tell about why people want him shut up.

    7.Experiences of a Thief :

    Awareness Alertness, perception, insight Notice things. Starting languages.

    Brawn Size, physical intimidation Carry heavy objects, wear armor.

    Charm Social aptitude, ability to inspire, persuasion Persuasion, likeability, leadership.

    Commitment Devotion, intensity, resisting magic & suggestion Strength of will.

    Cunning Trickery, sneakiness, lying, stealth, theft Stealth, deception.

    Daring Courage, reflexes, managing risk Reflexive dodging.

    Thank you for reading my guide on how to make a game with seemingly nothing to do with Thief to instantly make it look like Thief! Hope you enjoyed it, and if you found it too long, well, too bad.

    Other Thief game guides :
    Thief to Assassin's Creed 3
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    These guides you are making are QUITE SOMETHING! You don't mind if I do one of these myself do you?

    Thief style gameplay for Euro Truck Simulator 2

    -Don trucker cap (Garrett's hoodie)

    -Get in Volvo FH13 truck (Burrick)

    -Drive to Brussels (Shalebridge Cradle)

    You now have Thief gameplay in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

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    It's not a real trucking simulator unless you have a bound and gagged sex midget in the back of your cab, Henke.

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    henke wins the thread.

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    That's a lot of italics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    henke wins the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    These guides you are making are QUITE SOMETHING! You don't mind if I do one of these myself do you?

    Thief style gameplay for Euro Truck Simulator 2

    -Don trucker cap (Garrett's hoodie)

    -Get in Volvo FH13 truck (Burrick)

    -Drive to Brussels (Shalebridge Cradle)

    You now have Thief gameplay in Euro Truck Simulator 2!

    Let's bet on how many episodes you need for a lets-play series. Start in Stockholm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Loup View Post
    NOTE : You do NOT need to read absolutely everything, just at least the Loadout itself is enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Loup View Post
    2.Loadout : How to play the game

    (and LOL)

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