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Thread: What are you making?

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    Well, that should teach you. No pizza, no sandwich? No impressions.

    Seriously, though, I liked the video, but I only watched it very quickly at work, without sound. Will make sure to watch it again and give you some feedback. Two immediate reactions I had: 1) the trailer and especially the captions gave me the impression that the game is a combination of Papers, Please and Westport Independent - is there any way you can stress what makes this unique a bit more?, and 2) those little armoured troopers looked like they were out of a different game, aesthetically.

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    I'll admit. I didn't initially comment on Yak's video because it wasn't food.

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    It's a good trailer, Yak. The music you've used is great, and it works in concert with the visuals to make me say, 'I wanna see where this is going' at the end.

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    Here's a bit of update on my progress and plans:

    HEADLINER Exhibit at iFest and Release Plans

    My next experimental adventure game about controlling the news, swaying public opinion and impacting your family, had its first public showing.

    Continue Reading ->

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    Can't embedd this coz it's a twitter video, but it's about what it's like releasing a game as a solo dev and it made me laugh.

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    Heh. I just put "by Michael J. Callahan" and then note any other roles.

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