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Thread: What are you making?

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    Middle one works for me, what with it looking like an actual headline and the visual counterpoint of the text slapped against the dude's head.

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    Depending on where you're planning to put this game, the logo should probably be clearly visible and decipherable at very small sizes. I'd keep that in mind when choosing.

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    If going fancy is of interest, might be good to have the TV be animated with the static etc.

    If you've seen the 80s movie "Poltergeist", would draw some parallels. Having something as simple as an animated menu screen just adds that extra layer of polish.

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    NV - yea I'm thinking of using bottom for big version and top one for smaller one maybe

    ice - yup, gonna do that for the main menu + trailer :]

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    NOW we got ourselves a proper festival

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    I've been working on this.

    I spent far too long making it, since I first needed to learn how to do a lot of the things I needed for it, such as how to make proper skeletal mesh animation, how to use Substance Painter, and how to hook it all up together.

    The skeletal mesh is rather convoluted, and I had to try various different setups before I got one that looked right. It basically has two lines of bones for each stack of pages, one for the top of the stack and one for the bottom, and both bend together to give the effect of the page stack spreading out as the book opens (the actual book stacks are basically textured cubes, given shape solely by the bones animating.)
    There's one loose page which is moved about to turn the pages, and that has its own set of bones (including some side bones to let the corner curl a little during the animation.)

    The pages textures are dynamically generated from UMG widgets as needed - those widgets are basically simple GUI layouts that can consist of text, graphics, etc. laid out as needed, and get applied on top of the page texture and baked, then assigned to the model.

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    Wow, that looks terrific. ...Maybe consider selling it in an asset store? Lots of games need a really good book.

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    Wow that's really cool NV! Cleverly set up. Only flaw I see is that when the new pages are generated at 0:12 they're a bit brighter than previously. Maybe because the lighting that gets baked in is at a different angle than the previous set? Perhaps having seperate lighting that only affects the pages might help here?

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    Working on a new trailer, video feedback welcome

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    Wow, now I want to play that game. Wait, I have played that game, lol.

    The latest Jimquisition makes an interesting point: By forcing developers using the free version to display their logo (while builds from the professional version do not), Unity ensures that end users overwhelmingly associate their engine with low budget products.

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    Putting it up in the UE4 Marketplace is an interesting idea, but I don't quite know how that would work with regards to triggering it - I can turn the pages here because it's hooked up to my "usable objects" system - though I guess I could just leave triggering the page changes functions for the person buying them to worry about.

    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Only flaw I see is that when the new pages are generated at 0:12 they're a bit brighter than previously.
    Argh, it took me so long to figure out what was causing this. I tried changing everything, until finally someone suggested that lighting on those vertices wasn't being updated because they weren't actually moving with the bone - and, right enough, that was the problem. The very centremost verts on the page were not attached to any bone, and so they got "left behind" by the lighting system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    I've been working on this.
    This looks really nice !
    I planned to do something similar but I think that task ended in the black hole of feature creep.

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    Grinding away on Glade Raid watercolor environments. Here's the new dirt and grass hexes - third painted iteration of each:

    Each terrain type has four variants, now. They're distributed such that the same image is never adjacent to itself, without forming a pattern (you can do the former with just 3).

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    oh nice. I can still tell the hexes apart but it carries a nice painterly feel to it

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    Thanks, 'Koob. Needed an encouraging word.

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    So I'm brainstorming some new project ideas and right now trying to think of a good spoof of the typical hacking minigames we see in immersive sims. I looked up the tropes page and most boil down to some variant of:
    * Pipe dream (BS)
    * Connect dots/circuits to create connection from start to end (SS)
    * Scan garbled code for words/numbers (Fallout 3D)
    * Discern a set of values, figure out the pattern, fill in the remainder

    I feel like doing just another clever minigame would be less of a spoof than just a minigame proper, so trying to think outside of the box. One idea is the very concept of gamifying hacking, so I could take it to extreme. Doing a full blown roguelike RPG thingy would be neat but way too much work / time spent just to hack something. I was thinking maybe a simple Final Fantasy style battle where enemies represent hacky things ("Poorly Optimized Database", "Login Screen") which you can attack with various skills ("Brute Force", "MySQL Injection", "Buffer Overrun") and different enemies have different weaknesses.

    But I'm trying to think of something simpler, and more spoofy of the whole concept of hacking minigames.

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    SS2's hacking minigame is like a retrospective spoof of the genre.

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    For those who want some reading material for their development efforts in Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 5, the current Humble Book Bundle looks like an amazing deal.

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    So, apparently Vulkan is a thing now ... looks interesting. Too interesting for my tinkering hands to ignore. After reading tutorials / spec managed to make my own Hello Triangle ( ) - ie. validation layer finally shuts up and the darn triangle shows up.

    So far the wrapper-lib i am making (Vulkan is a GIGANTIC [!] unreadable / unmanageable mess without one) looks promising. Has quite a few things the tutorials do not touch or implement in a non-scaleable/extendable way. Still much to do: most importantly - memory management which is very tricky, but i think i figured out a way to do it.

    Can not think of any sane reason (besides curiosity) why anyone would write Vulkan code - but it does not hurt to ask. Anyone else trying out Vulkan?

    Non-wrapper-lib source code for a Hello Triangle looks like this now:
    GlwPipeline g_pipe;
    GlwRenderPass g_pass;
    GlwShaderModule g_fragment, g_vertex;
    GlwLayout g_layout;
    GlwSemaphore g_imageavailable, g_renderfinished;
    void vk_init() {
        //GlwCore::reqFeatures.geometryShader = true;
        // shaders
            #version 450
            #pragma shader_stage(fragment)
            #extension GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects : enable
            layout(location = 0) in vec3 fragColor;
            layout(location = 0) out vec4 outColor;
            void main() {
                outColor = vec4(fragColor, 1.0);
            #version 450
            #pragma shader_stage(vertex)
            #extension GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects : enable
            out gl_PerVertex { vec4 gl_Position; };
            layout(location = 0) out vec3 fragColor;
            vec2 positions[3] = vec2[]( vec2(0.0, -0.5), vec2(0.5, 0.5), vec2(-0.5, 0.5) );
            vec3 colors[3] = vec3[]( vec3(1.0, 0.0, 0.0), vec3(0.0, 1.0, 0.0), vec3(0.0, 0.0, 1.0) );
            void main() {
                gl_Position = vec4(positions[gl_VertexIndex], 0.0, 1.0);
                fragColor = colors[gl_VertexIndex];
        // create renderpass
        GlwRenderPass::Desc i_pass;
        // create pipeline layout
        GlwLayout::Desc i_layout;
        // create pipeline
        GlwPipeline::Desc i_pipe;
        i_pipe.bind(&g_fragment).bind(&g_vertex).bind(&g_layout, &g_pass, 0);
        i_pipe.viewport(GlwContext::scrWidth, GlwContext::scrHeight); //.dynamic(VK_DYNAMIC_STATE_VIEWPORT);
        // create framebuffers
        GlwFramebuffer::Desc i_fbuf;
        i_fbuf.bind(&g_pass, GlwContext::scrWidth, GlwContext::scrHeight).bindSwapchain();
        // create semaphores
    void vk_loop() {
        // start a new frame
        auto frame = GlwContext::getNextFrame(g_imageavailable);
        // new command buffer (always rerecording just to test buffer cache and reclamation code)
        GlwCommandBuffer *cmd = GlwCommandPool::getBuffer(); // default params: buffer is for graphics queue, resettable and transient
        GlwCommandBuffer::Clear clear; clear.setColor(0, 0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);
        cmd->begin().beginPass(false, &g_pass, frame.frame, GlwRect(), &clear);
        cmd->bind(&g_pipe).draw(0, 3);
        // populate queue
        GlwQueue::Work work;
        work.patch().wait(&g_imageavailable, VK_PIPELINE_STAGE_COLOR_ATTACHMENT_OUTPUT_BIT).commands(cmd).signal(&g_renderfinished); // default param: 'cmd' will be automatically reclaimed when done using it
        // render
        // present
        frame.present(g_renderfinished); // currently does vkQueueWaitIdle also ... probably should get rid of it or something :/
        // check for callbacks

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    Adding terrain types, one by one. It's slow going between the painting, the scanning and processing (and then the re-painting and re-scanning and...). Here we've got water, mud, deep mud, and low brush. (The water is animated, though I plan on doing more with the animation.)

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    I saw on FB and was meaning to comment - you should add a shoreline or something to blend the water a bit better.

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    Yeah, it would definitely help. I haven't worked out a good way to actually do it, though. Transitions are hard because they're fundamentally exponential; there's thousands of them in Glade Raid without even counting the three-way corners. So far I'm relying on the "fish scale" arrangement and a small number of sorting layers to work it out without having dedicated transition sprites at all.

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    So I had this idea for an adventure game. graphically, it'd be somewhat in the style of a Night in the Woods, though the tale would be considerably less deep and poignant. The whole thing would be a weird night out on the town for a bunch of kids sneaking out of the house to roam around.

    But I had this idea for another group of characters that'd you'd run into on occasion. They'd be referred to as The Weird Kids, and they're having their own weird night, one that's actually more interesting than yours. You'll occasionally see explosions off in the distance, hear sirens going off, helicopters coming in for rescue operations, and The Weird Kids would always be involved somehow. You'd run into them during random points in the game to see them talking about their latest adventures.

    Their ringleader would be the weirdest kid of all. He'd never say a word when you interacted with him. All he'd do is stare at you with these blank, moony eyes, and breathe heavily at you. The only movement you'd ever see from him is him tracking you with his eyes, while he EEEHHH HEEE EEEHHH HEEE. Yet despite this, his friends talk about him like he's the funniest, bravest guy around, possessing this razor sharp wit, and bravery that knows no bounds. Random people would treat him like a hero.

    ...and so, loving the idea, and figuring I needed some practice in making characters, I decided to design him first.

    I call him Finster.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is fun.

    Attachment 2373

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    ...they're having their own weird night, one that's actually more interesting than yours.
    A notoriously dangerous narrative device. You don't want your player thinking "I wish I was playing that game!"

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