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Thread: What are you making?

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    Thanks, henke. Yeah, there's a chance each move that a cloud (or any wind-borne object) goes one hex off from the prevailing wind direction. I dunno, I prefer it this way? The minimum 60 degree turn is a bit distracting, I agree, but having all the clouds move in a straight line without spreading out/diffusing/billowing looks unnatural, IMO. It would also mean that fires only spread in one direction instead of expanding as they go.

    Do you think it would help to smooth out the turn or something?

    Random debugging woes: I've been trying to figure out why the smoke cloud at the top vanishes without fading out first. I put in some debug info and poked around and was able to solve a different bug (the one near the middle where a cloud "pops" back in for a single frame after fading out), and now I can't explain or replicate the "disappearing without fading" bug. Hmm. Maybe it's gone. Or maybe if I took some more video...
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    Alright, time for some transition prototypes. These are strictly quick prototypes, any "real" versions would be hand-painted, smoothed out, and varied instead of copy-pasted. Also, no shorelines yet.

    Here's a section in the game as-is:

    In this approach, border hexes get some bits of rock or grass from adjacent hexes all throughout the hex. The direction of adjacency is ignored:

    Here, the approach is similar but the direction of adjacency is taken into account:

    Finally, in this prototype, we're smoothing out the corners when two hexes are the same but the third is different, reducing the jaggedness of "straight" lines:

    I would really appreciate any opinions on which approaches you think work best! Thanks.

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    Third one looks more natural to me.

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    Yeah, the one with adjecency taken into account looks alright.

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    Tbh I found the transition so subtle I actually had to spend a few seconds trying to find what is transition to what :/ I'd make it much more explicit.

    On my end, I wrote a one-year retrospective on moving to Seattle for indie game dev:

    Considering Moving to Seattle as an Indie Game Dev? My one Year Retrospective

    If you want to move to Seattle to pursue indie game development, I’m now you one year into the future. Looking back at my experience, I have attended many more gaming events than before, met countless developers in my shoes, fostered promising business connections, and got a chance to showcase my upcoming game frequently. But there are some disappointments as well, such finding a flourishing social life like I had before. Here are all the pros, cons and what I learned from living in Seattle for a year.

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    Tbh I found the transition so subtle I actually had to spend a few seconds trying to find what is transition to what :/ I'd make it much more explicit.
    Hmm. Making the transitions less jarring was exactly what I was going for. I'm not quite sure what you mean, honestly, but I can't afford to make separate transitions for different types, by and large. I'm already at 96 sprites for the strategy I'm pursuing, which is about the same as the rest of the terrain system put together.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    Perhaps I got lucky, but I built a pretty big friends network in LA, in 3 completely different circles – something I have yet to even get close to doing here. I do not miss the “always-hour-late” and last-minute flakery of many LAlites, however.
    I would swear these is a world-wide cultural correlation between friendliness and tardiness. It's like you can either stop and chat or get to your next appointment on time, but not both.

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    Grass transition paintings were quick to do. I hope they look as pretty in game as they do on paper:

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    Basic grass transitions in-game. Way more work to import and setup than they were to paint!

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