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Thread: T2 Fm - The Last Lighthouse Keeper (Updated 03/22/2011)

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    Registered: Aug 2006
    Location: France (Saint-Gobain)
    i found some plates on the stairs , dammm those are hard to see

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    Registered: Jul 2008
    OK, glad you found it.

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    Registered: Apr 2006
    Location: France, Paris
    I've finished this wonderful FM but I had a bug. Ricebug walkthrough says : "Wind around into the farther room until you find a gate with blood stains on the floor. Walk through the gate."

    For me the gate stay closed, I don't know if there anything specific to do to open it ?
    (I had to lean forward and use command unstick_player to pass this gate...)

    (By the way, I've made a french translation of this FM)

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    I did a reply to Apiai's problem but now it's been deleted or moved.

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    Registered: Jul 2008
    Not deleted nor moved. You didn't post in this thread. You posted in this thread.

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    Ahh, two threads with the same message and disaster awaits! Heh-heh

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    Registered: Nov 2006
    Location: New Jersey
    I don't know how I missed this mission over the past few years, but I have to say I just played it through on the hardest level and have to say it was fantastic. I accomplished all side optional missions, got all loot, and somewhere missed a secret, though it wasn't a loot. I love missions like this and hope to see more in the future with added objectives as you move on in the game along with the whole ghost theme. Hats off to you.


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    Stunning mission.

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    I replayed after some years this excellent mission and firstly I have to say -again- congratulation Eternauta... it was a gem then, it is still a gem now. What made me post is the count of secrets at the stats screen. It says 3/4 secrets in expert dif. and except for one user in one of the later posts asking about the forth one (and Tannar trying to remember and saying it might be at the room with the cuckoo clock but maybe he remembers the entrance to the attic that does 't count as one ) none else in the thread asked about that 4th secret .Everyone speaks about 3. Is there another one or is something wrong with the count screen? I would like to find it if it is there otherwise not to search in vain all of the 2000 rooms..!!

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    Location: Nampa, Idaho
    There are 3 secrets. Sometimes, if the author didn't setup the FindSecretTrap correctly, Dromed will count one secret as two.

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    Location: North Carolina
    Having finished this very entertaining mission (suggested by Tannar for someone like me who loves story development), I did have a question about the storyine. The murder appears to have been done by "Darko", if I remember the name correctly. Does the storyline explain what happened to him? If I understand it right he was masquerading as the assistant cook in order to poison the lighthouse keeper and then kill Anita, and there were ghost guards outside his room, but I don't remember ever learning anything more about him. Was he caught or killed? Were the ones who hired him caught or killed? Or did everyone get off scott-free and leave Garrett with the blame?

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    Good mission.
    Beautiful design and texture work.
    I liked the who-done-it, discovery game play.
    Intelligent puzzles.
    Very enjoyable and intriguing.

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    just replayed this and wow its truly amazing mission,along with "when still"

    so hope they make more missions

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