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Thread: Forums slow...or is it just me?

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    I experienced slowdowns too, eventually i couldn't even get into the site. It seems OK now.

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    There was a massive 1&1 network outage earlier today which affected pretty much all of their dedicated server hosting in the USA and Europe. TTLG was one of the victims from the looks of things.

    Edit: 1&1 have a reputation for having cheap hosting but dreadful customer service. Although I have one of their dedicated servers I've never had a real issue since I've managed it myself and never had to rely on their support (other than to tell their sales reps that no, I don't want Exchange server). After the initial problems, the network went down again this evening. According to 1&1 "The problem affects only customers using a 1&1 dedicated, cloud or virtual server." - i.e. those customers who actually pay a reasonable amount of money for their service. Their status page ( appears to have been written by the Iraqi Information Officer and has reported "All systems functional" throughout the day.
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    Its you that is slow

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    Wow. How long did it take you to come up with that one? And did you manage to do it all by yourself?

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    @F420; do you always join a forum site and then proceed to randomly insult long-time members? Or are you just an idiot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever420 View Post
    Its you that is slow

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    Submitting a post in the Frozen Synapse thread didn't progress to the page that says your post came through, it just stayed loading for the few minutes I left the tab open.
    Now the thread hasn't been bumped, and it still says the previous post is the latest. The post itself is there, however.

    EDIT: bumped it by doubleposting. Probably no cause for concern. Weird that the database inserts/updates are not done in a single transaction though.
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    Seriously... is this not being investigated or anything? It's been terrible for as long as I can remember...

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    I haven't had a problem with TTLG for the last six months, oddly enough

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    Posting replies seems to take forever... It'll hang for ages. Both at work and at home and on my iphone etc.

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    Should probably do some sensible bug reportage too.

    Yeah, I get the same thing about half the time. You post and it just sits there and sometimes times out. Interestingly, after about thirty seconds, if you load up the forum in a new tab the post has gone through. It could be a coincidence but this also seems to wake up the other tab to the idea that it's time to update.

    Another weird thing happens to me a lot. If I take too long composing a reply with quotes or a new thread (long enough for my login to expire) when I post and have to log in again along the way, I'll get an error (which I can't quite remember) saying I have to back up to the post page and refresh then try and post again. Do this however and I get the same error no matter what. The only way to complete the post is to copy the text and start over while logged in.

    Yeah, if I just auto logged-in it'd probably be ok. But this still seems like something is slightly busted, no?

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    Same here. Occasionally, like tonight, it can be reasonably quick. But most of the time, it hangs for anywhere from 30 sec. to a couple minutes when logging in or posting. And trying to post from my phone is nearly impossible due to the bug Muz mentions.

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    Is it a related thing that I cannot see my latest post in GenGaming's Frozen Synapse thread, though it is shown as the last post on the subforum page?

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    It may appear later - same thing happened in another forum couple of days ago.

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    Yup, just like with Jeshibu it appears now that Alchie has also posted.

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    Wow consistency issues? What the fuck is going on?

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    I find it more worrying that there's been no response to these posts since July. I wanted to change the thing under my name and offered more money to do it. No response to that either.

    I hope that David, I guess, who deals with this stuff is OK.

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    David is alive, but my best friend's brother's cousin's boyfriend's uncle said he was seen counting grains of salt in Bonneville. Some say he's been working out there for three weeks without sleep or water.

    Hmm. I wonder if it might be to do with when we actually 'physically' delete spam as the database will need to do an actual delete which can be quite costly. I've noticed removing spam takes longer than anything else which could then be slowing it down for everyone if it's locking tables. (I'm applying SQL Server expertise to VBulletin / MySql here, could be barking up the wrong tree)

    I'll try 'soft' deleting it only next time and see if that's any quicker to respond.

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    The problem is vBulletin4. Each board I know that’s „upgraded“ to vBulletin4 is a mess. Why not downgrading to the old one?

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    fibanocci. does that go like:

    0, 1, -1, 0, -1, 1, 0, 1, -1, 0, -1, 1, 0, 1, -1, 0, -1, 1, 0, 1, -1, 0, -1, 1, ...

    ps right now the forums are faster than they've been in days - did somebody do something
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    Previously Important
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    goddamn its a tight fit in here
    i can't find my keys

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    You can drink your pee its gonna be okay

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    sun's goin down

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    how's it going? kangaroo jerky is in the poast

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    wtf things are totally balls today. I just opened and replied to this thraed while my reply to the Thing thread in CC was processing...

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